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  • Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

    Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie) MP3

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    Tags: Jon Lajoie, commercial song, comedy, music industry, consumerism, music licensing, royalties, satire, Funny, Parody, song, struggling musicians, indie band, lajoie, target audience, why are you reading these tags, musician

  • F**k Everything (Jon Lajoie)

    F**k Everything (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    TO BUY MP3 ON ITUNES CLICK HERE: Written and directed by Jon Lajoie Produced by ...

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, Fuck, Everything, song, Show, me, your, genitals, everyday, normal, guy, wtf, collective, rap, funny

  • Pop Song (Jon Lajoie)

    Pop Song (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    A song about pop music by Jon Lajoie. Voyous Films Director: Julien Demers-Arsenault DOP: Van Royko Choreography: Mabel Palomino Stylist: Patricia McNeil ...

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, pop, song, popsong, show, me, your, genitals, everyday, normal, guy

  • Started as a Baby (Jon Lajoie)

    Started as a Baby (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    Buy MP3 on iTunes: Buy MP3 on Amazon: Make a remix! Download the vocal track here: ...

    Tags: Jon Lajoie, Lajoie, new song, started as a baby, now look at me, show me your genitals, taco, normal guy, hip hop, funny, i kill people, you must be bored, song, musical comedy, Drake, started from the bottom, rap

  • WTF COLLECTIVE (Jon Lajoie)

    WTF COLLECTIVE (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    Step aside Wu-Tang, G-Unit, NWA, D-12... There are some new kids on this block.

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, song, funny, rap, genitals, collective, normal, guy

  • The Best Song  (Jon Lajoie)

    The Best Song (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    Pretty much the best song ever made in the world. By Jon Lajoie. Thanks to Brandon Dermer for being a very convincing male prostitute, and ...

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, song, new, best, ever, show, me, your, genitals, everyday, normal, guy, kill, people

  • Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie)

    Dating Service Commercial (Jon Lajoie) MP3 starring Erin Stack and Jon Lajoie written and directed by Jon Lajoie camera by Brandon Dermer.

    Tags: Jon Lajoie, Lajoie, commercial, funny, show me your genitals, normal guy, why are you reading this, dating

  • The Best Christmas Song (Jon Lajoie)

    The Best Christmas Song (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    The best Christmas Song ever. Period.

    Tags: The, Best, Christmas, Song, for, web

  • WTF Collective 2 (Jon Lajoie)

    WTF Collective 2 (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    BUY THIS SONG ON iTUNES HERE: Thanks to Brandon Dermer ( ...

    Tags: jon, lajoie, wtf, collective, kill, people, show, me, your, genitals, normal, guy

  • Show Me Your Genitals

    Show Me Your Genitals MP3

    A song for the ladies by Jon Lajoie.

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, genitals, genitalia, song, funny, everyday, normal, guy, two, girls, one, cup

  • Jon Lajoie

    Jon Lajoie's Kickstarter MP3

    DONATE HERE: Please help me raise 500 million dollars so that I can accomplish my dream of becoming SUPER rich.

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  • Everyday Normal Guy

    Everyday Normal Guy MP3

    A rap song by comedian Jon Lajoie. For the free MP3 visit

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, rap, song, everyday, normal, guy, girls, cup, high, as

  • I Kill People

    I Kill People MP3

    He is back, and he's going to kill you.

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, song, guns, kill, people, genitals, normal, guy, funny

  • Monsanto Commercial (Jon Lajoie)

    Monsanto Commercial (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    A short commercial for Monsanto by Jon Lajoie. If you were completely honest with yourself, you'd realize that you are a terrible person.

    Tags: Jon Lajoie, commercial, funny, Monsanto, show me your genitals, everyday normal guy, wtf collective, Lajoie, I kill people, why are you reading this

  • Miley, You

    Miley, You're a Good Girl (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    A quick song I wrote for Miley Cyrus. Lyrics: We want topless women in our music videos We want pop stars acting like they're in a porno ...

    Tags: Miley Cyrus (icon), Robin Thicke (Musical Artist), VMAs, Jon Lajoie (Musical Artist), Blurred Lines, song, MTV (Organization)

  • Broken-Hearted (Jon Lajoie)

    Broken-Hearted (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    To buy this song on iTunes: A song about breaking up in the ...

    Tags: Jon Lajoie, song, funny, broken hearted, cucumber, Lajoie, Jon, Show me your genitals, everyday normal guy, tags are fun to read

  • In Different Ways (Jon Lajoie)

    In Different Ways (Jon Lajoie) MP3


    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, no, penis, song, kill, People, In, Different, ways, Show, Me, Your, Genitals, everyday, normal, guy

  • "The League" Birthday Song (Jon Lajoie)

    "The League" Birthday Song (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    Starring Mark Duplass, Steve Rannazzisi, Nick Kroll, Paul Scheer, Katie Aselton, and Jon Lajoie. Created by Jeff Schaffer and Jackie Marcus. Thursday nights ...

    Tags: Jon, Lajoie, The, League, FX, birthday, song, Kroll, Scheer, Duplass, Rannazzisi, Aselton

  • Sexpenze Commercial (Jon Lajoie)

    Sexpenze Commercial (Jon Lajoie) MP3

    A new product for men who are struggling with a healthy sex drive and long lasting erections. I shot this for my live show, but decided to ...

    Tags: Jon Lajoie, Commercial, funny, extenze, Lajoie, Show Me Your Genitals, WTF collective, pedophile beards