Logic As I Am

  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

    Sick song off the "Young Sinatra Mixtape" Go check out his livestream! He'll answer questions, talk to the fans and sometimes will leak new content! He is an ...

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  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

    Subscribe to SwagyTracks for more music daily ! http://bit.ly/SubscribeSwagy ......... • Logic - https://twitter.com/Logic301 http://www.facebook.com/mindoflogic ...
  • Logic - As I Am (Lyrics)

    Logic - As I Am (Lyrics) MP3

    Logic - As I Am I love this song, so I decided to make a vid. Hope the timing's right, if not, write a comment. Feedback is welcome! Enjoy! :D.

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  • Logic As I Am - Lyrics

    Logic As I Am - Lyrics MP3

    Logic As I Am Lyrics. All rights & credit goes to Logic. Amazing song. Hope you guys enjoy(: Here's some lyrics :P  I know what it's like to be all, all depressed ...

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  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

    I joined Maker Studios & so can you! Click here to see if your channel qualifies for RPM Network/Maker Studios http://awe.sm/p3uQF Thumbs up & Favorite for ...
  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

    A new song brought by Logic off of his new mixtape Young Sinatra. Download at ThisSongIsSick.com. I have no rights to this song.

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  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

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  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

    Heard this old song on a Faze episode, made me smile haha . I hope Logic drops a new mixtape soon because he hasn't uploaded shit for ages. Enjoy.

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  • Logic As I am Clean

    Logic As I am Clean MP3

    I got a request from Mrcowsmaster to make a clean version of this song so here it is. Please like favorite comment and sub :D.

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  • Logic - As I Am Lyrics (Thanks for 500 subs!)

    Logic - As I Am Lyrics (Thanks for 500 subs!) MP3

    READ Thanks for 500 subs! From now on lyrics will be in the video! *DISCLAIMER* I do not own this song. It is by Logic. This is a single off...

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  • Logic as I am (Audio)

    Logic as I am (Audio) MP3

    Dieses Video wurde von einem Android-Telefon hochgeladen.

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  • Logic - As i am

    Logic - As i am MP3

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  • Logic - As i Am (Lyrics)

    Logic - As i Am (Lyrics) MP3

    I know what its like, To be all, all depressed, And never wanna go out and, Live life but, Its unhealthy man, You cant be living like that, Whats wrong with you.

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  • Logic as i am cover

    Logic as i am cover MP3

    By muizz.
  • Logic - As I Am español

    Logic - As I Am español MP3

    Video resubido por varios motivos , el primero es que he mejorado mucho la traducción y el segundo es que he puesto la letra en el vídeo , para que os sea ...

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  • Logic "As I Am"

    Logic "As I Am" MP3

    Logic "As I Am". New music from his new "Young Sinatra" mixtape. Download the mixtape for free on DMVLIFE.com. DOWNLOAD: ...

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  • Logic  - As I Am (Instrumental) (Download in Desc.)

    Logic - As I Am (Instrumental) (Download in Desc.) MP3

    PRESS READ MORE! Download To Instrumental: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B73wZsnrzy11OXRGTndBUkZUdUU Sample Credit (original version of ...

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  • Logic as i am sniper montage

    Logic as i am sniper montage MP3

    WOW a new video well done geedog lol song Logiac as i am https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-cjpOWyjcU.
  • Logic - As I Am

    Logic - As I Am MP3

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  • Logic - All I Do (Official Music Video)

    Logic - All I Do (Official Music Video) MP3

    The official music video of Logic's "Buried" track which is out now on Visionary Music Group / Def Jam. Download the Young Sinatra Mixtape: http://bit.ly/oHtz9Z ...

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