Lotro Dances

  • LOTRO Dances

    LOTRO Dances MP3

    A video displaying all the dances available in LOTRO as of January 2011. For full details on how to earn these titles in game see our post on our blog: ...

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  • Elf Dance (LOTRO)

    Elf Dance (LOTRO) MP3

    Эльфийский концерт по мотивам игры Властелин колец онлайн.

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  • All LOTRO Dances

    All LOTRO Dances MP3

    This Video shows all the female character dances (both standard and festival) from Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO)

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  • LotRO Festival Dances

    LotRO Festival Dances MP3

    A video showing the LotRO summer festival dance steps for men, hobbits, dwarves and elves.

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  • Safety dance Lotro

    Safety dance Lotro MP3

    A 5 man band playing Safety Dance in Lord of the Rings Online.

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  • LOTRO Four Racial Dances

    LOTRO Four Racial Dances MP3

    Was bored, so quickly made a movie of my hobbit preforming the four /dance_race emotes. http:/jeu.darkwinter.net/ Music by DJPlaeskool (djplaeskool.com), ...

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  • LOTRO - Hobbits Syncronized Elf Dance

    LOTRO - Hobbits Syncronized Elf Dance MP3

    dance_elf is the emote used here, which is obtained by participating in festivals, and doing the dances. * There was no audio to begin with, so I did the ...

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  • LotRO Man Dance 3

    LotRO Man Dance 3 MP3

    This is the.. buggy (cause it doesn't loop and has a skippy animation as you can see) new dance that you can get from Algraig reputation. It's the only new emote ...

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  • Lotro: Hobbit Female Dances.

    Lotro: Hobbit Female Dances. MP3

    dance3 /dance2 /dance1.

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  • Lotro Co-op Episode 14: Dances with Hobbits

    Lotro Co-op Episode 14: Dances with Hobbits MP3

    Summer festival special episode! Caleb is pretty bad at finding things in the shire. Play LOTRO for FREE at www.lotro.com.

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  • Let

    Let's Play LOTRO - BBB - Dance the Night Away - 1-2-2016 MP3

    Freemark sang a song called Dance the Night Away with the B.B.B. This was my third attempt to sing with lyrics ingame and this was very, very fun. The entire ...

    Tags: BBB, Beorbrand, Freemark, Dance the Night Away, CEC, Lonely Mountain Band, TimCoolish, rpg, Rechazar Nazgul, Lord of the Rings Online, LOTRO

  • lotro summer Festival Dwarf dance.wmv

    lotro summer Festival Dwarf dance.wmv MP3

    Summer festival in Lord of the rings, it happense once a year for about a month, ending on the 26th of july. you can do many things during these festivals. most ...

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  • LOTRO Hobbit Dance

    LOTRO Hobbit Dance MP3

    New Hobbit Dance.

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  • LOTRO - Freemark RP

    LOTRO - Freemark RP's and dances with RN kinship members at the Prancing Pony MP3

    Some RP time!
  • LOTRO Dancing

    LOTRO Dancing MP3

    Just something i put together ^^ http://www.wiki4mmo.com.

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  • LOTRO - the dancing horse

    LOTRO - the dancing horse MP3

    I was near hobbiton searching for some tin ore when i noticed this one guy on a horse. He was running against a stone fence and looked so miserable that i ...

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  • LOTRO Dancing Dwarves

    LOTRO Dancing Dwarves MP3

    Just an amusing scene I came across on my first day playing LOTRO for a course I am taking in new media.

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  • LOTRO music - "John Dunbar Theme" from Dances with Wolves (solo)

    LOTRO music - "John Dunbar Theme" from Dances with Wolves (solo) MP3

    By Joun Barry, transcribed by Palastine of Silverlode (solo version)

    Tags: john, dunbar, dances, with, wolves, barry, abc, rohirrim, lotro, music, song, video, lord, of, rings, palastine, game

  • LOTRO dance hobbit.

    LOTRO dance hobbit. MP3

    Avicii - Levels.

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  • Lotro Eldar Dance!

    Lotro Eldar Dance! MP3

    Got Bored, Thanks to all who came to Dance in Galtrev :)

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