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  • 赤西仁 Jin Akanishi - Lovejuice (vocal only ver.)

    赤西仁 Jin Akanishi - Lovejuice (vocal only ver.) MP3

    赤西仁 (Jin Akanishi) Lovejuice 아카니시 진 - Lovejuice #JinAkanishi #赤西仁.

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  • Jin Akanishi "Love Juice" rehearsal

    Jin Akanishi "Love Juice" rehearsal MP3

    Rehearsals Circa '10. First and Second day of rehearsals for Japanese superstar Jin Akanishi, creating "Love Juice" with choreographer Shin,for the Nokia Live ...

    Tags: Jin, Akanishi, Lala, Escarzega, Love, Juice

  • Jin Akanishi-Lovejuice karaoke

    Jin Akanishi-Lovejuice karaoke MP3

    hope you like it ^.^

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  • Akanishi Jin - LOVEJUICE [Girl Ver.]

    Akanishi Jin - LOVEJUICE [Girl Ver.] MP3

    I was messing around with the pitch of DON'T U EVER STOP and found that Jin sounds a lot like a girl when his pitch it tweaked a bit. So I did the same to his ...

    Tags: KAT-TUN, Akanishi, Jin, LOVEJUICE, EVER, STOP, girl, pitch

  • jin akanishi haha

    jin akanishi haha MP3

    I love this song jin is so hoy *_*

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  • Jin Akanishi-LoveJuice Lyrics

    Jin Akanishi-LoveJuice Lyrics MP3

    I do not own song in any way but i hope you enjoy! PLZ RATE AND COMMENT!

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    Akanishi Jin - PINKY.
  • Love Juice (Instrumental Version)

    Love Juice (Instrumental Version) MP3

    Enjoy~ Love Juice- Akanishi Jin Instrumental Version.

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  • Jin AKanishi Love Juice

    Jin AKanishi Love Juice MP3

    Yellow Gold Tour 3010 sorry for the bad quality this was recorded from my cell and vids werent really allowed.

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  • akanishi jin - love juice

    akanishi jin - love juice MP3

    heres a video of my brother inlaw, this is somthing i wake up in the middle of the night to..... this is a constanst affect of being annoyed, just wanted to share with ...
  • Darth Vader - LOVEJUICE

    Darth Vader - LOVEJUICE MP3

    Darth Vader takes it J-Pop with KAT-TUN member Akanishi Jin's solo song, 'LOVEJUICE'.

    Tags: slow motion, slowed down, akanishi jin, akanishi, jin, bakanishi, kat-tun, darth vader, deep voice, slow, jpop, darthvaderco, kattun, star wars, deep, voice

  • Jin Akanishi - Temporary Love

    Jin Akanishi - Temporary Love MP3

    TEMPORARY LOVE song belongs to the #JUSTJIN's album. Video are from the Jin Akanishi Jindependece Tour 2014's DVD. Buy products and support Jin ...

    Tags: Jin Akanishi (Musical Artist), TEMPORARY LOVE

  • Akanishi Jin - LOVEJUICE (Cover)

    Akanishi Jin - LOVEJUICE (Cover) MP3

    Originally by Akanishi Jin. Cover by Nichi-kun~ o/ Hope you guys like it!!^^

    Tags: Akanishi, Jin, LOVEJUICE, solo, Queen, Of, Pirates, KAT-TUN, Ever, Stop

  • Jin Akanishi 赤西仁 ~ BAILA ~ [SUB ESPAÑOL]

    Jin Akanishi 赤西仁 ~ BAILA ~ [SUB ESPAÑOL] MP3

    Jin Akanishi 赤西仁 ~ BAILA ~ [SUB ESPAÑOL] Jin Akanishi 赤西仁 ~ BAILA.

    Tags: Baila, lyrics, letra

  • jin akanishi beatbox3

    jin akanishi beatbox3 MP3

    love juice.

    Tags: lovejuice, kat-tun, bear, beatbox

  • Akanishi Jin - Lovejuice (cover)

    Akanishi Jin - Lovejuice (cover) MP3

    And that's from me.. IT'S EPIC FAIL! *cry*

    Tags: epic, fail, lovejuice, jin, akanishi

  • Johnny

    Johnny's Wonderland - Love Juice cover dance sample by Midori MP3

    Midori es nuestra nueva colaboradora, este es un pequeño adelanto de lo que nos bailará muy pronto. Muchas gracias a ella por querer participar y a todos ...

    Tags: sample, midori, Love Juice, Jin Akanishi, cover dance