Lugia Melody

  • Melody - lugia song

    Melody - lugia song MP3

    mi 2º video =)

    Tags: Pokemon

  • Beautiful Video Game Music: Lugia

    Beautiful Video Game Music: Lugia's Melody MP3

    Lugia's theme from the movie, Pokemon 2000.

    Tags: Lugia, song, Pokemon

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song by Melody MP3

    Lugia's Song by Melody.
  • Everstone - Lugia

    Everstone - Lugia's Song (First Melody Cover) MP3

    Please check out my brand new music channel: Download my debut EP "Monarch" here ...

    Tags: Everstone, The, Offering, Song, Sad, music, Gothic, dark, adrian, von, ziegler, neo, classical

  • Pokemon - Lugia

    Pokemon - Lugia's song MP3

    edit:i added a lock so that comments will appear after my aprovel,but if you're a friend,it will add automaticly. this was random because i had the song.i don't ...

    Tags: pokemon, lugia, song

  • melody plays lugia

    melody plays lugia's song MP3

    this is from pokemon 2000.
  • Ocarina Tutorial #1:  How to play "Lugia

    Ocarina Tutorial #1: How to play "Lugia's Song" on the New STL Melody Ocarina MP3

    Scores and tabs are in the description below***** Hi everyone! Today's a new concept. I decided to make a tutorial in which I teach you how to play the famous ...

    Tags: Ocarina, STL, Zelda, Music, Classical, Video, games, Melody, 2000, Lugia, Song, Flute, Tuto, Play

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (Full) - Pokemon 2000: The Power Of One MP3

    the full version of lugias song which melody plays in the movie. screenshots from the movie also included. hope you enjoy. no copyright intended, this movie ...

    Tags: pokemon, melody, lugia, pokemon 2000, lugias song

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Melody in Metal [ ZeraxiaRS ] MP3

    The real song: Name of it: Pokémon 2000 - Lugia's Song (Rock/Metal Cover) I've uploaded the song, cause I ...

    Tags: Lugia, Metal, ZeraxiaRS

  • FBR: Lugia

    FBR: Lugia's Melody electronic cover MP3

    Feel free to use this track for whatever. I've left this channel and moved to - I don't upload much, and music isn't something I'm ...

    Tags: Lugia, Aero Blast, Electro, Electronica, Electronic, Ambient, remix, Nintendo, CaffeineSoul

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Melody MP3

    Yes I have done this song before but I wanted to do this one because I wanted it to be alone.

    Tags: alternative

  • Pokemon 2000 Lugia

    Pokemon 2000 Lugia's Melody BmanP Edition MP3 BMProductions Pokemon 2000 Lugia's Theme ReMix Prod. By M.BeatZz&BmanP Arranged By BmanP.

    Tags: Lugia (Fictional Character), Pokemon, Edition, Remix, BmanP, Lugia

  • The Melody of Lugia ( played with Ocarina )

    The Melody of Lugia ( played with Ocarina ) MP3

    The melody of the famous first film starring weblog Pokemon Lugia..

    Tags: melody, music, lugia, pokemon, anime, cartoon, film, Film, est, Tokyo, Japan, video, America, USA, legend, legendary

  • Symphony of Lugia

    Symphony of Lugia MP3

    4.2.2015: holy shit 100 000 views, thank you people. Epic orchestral arrangement (remix/cover) from Lugia's Song from the Pokémon movie 2000 -The Legend ...

    Tags: lugia, Video Game (Industry), remix, cover, piano, orchestra, orchestral song, epic, pokemon x and y, gameplay, music, 97sakke, Ocarina

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song from Pokemon on STL Ocarina MP3

    Follow me on Twitter: and facebook: I finally had a chance to record this famous song.

    Tags: stl, stlocarina, ocarina, triple, purple, clay, pokemon, 2000, lugia, song

  • Pokémon - The Power Of One - Lugia

    Pokémon - The Power Of One - Lugia's Song [Melody Cover] MP3

    I'm singing Lugia's Song out of Pokémon :) I only sing the melody ^^ My voice is not perfectly clear so please don't be that hard with me (:

    Tags: Lugia, The power of one, movie, second, fancover, fansung, melody, Melodie, cover, covered, singing, singer, sung, sang, sing, Anime, Manga, Japan, japanisch, japanese, Asien, asia, asian, asiatisch, Pikachu, Ash, Misty, Rocko, Team Rocket, Mewtu, Mew

  • Pixelmon Lugia

    Pixelmon Lugia's Cry MP3

    So, Lugia was added into Pixelmon already? Well, in an earlier build of the mod I found Lugia's cry. I don't know why it doesn't use it in the current mod but ...

    Tags: Lugia (Fictional Character), Pokemon, Pixelmon

  • Melody

    Melody's Escape [11] - Symphony of the Lugia MP3

    This is just me playing a game called Melody's Escape. Enjoy and remember I take suggestions on what songs I play on it! just drop me an e-mail titled with the ...

    Tags: Jesse, Faust, Jesse Faust, Melodys Escape, Melody, Escape, Epic, Arttie, Ashok, Ashok Faust, Arttie Faust, Arttie Ashok Faust, Fail, Noob, Symphony of The Lugia, Lugia (Character Species)

  • Pokemon [Lugia

    Pokemon [Lugia's Song] - Video #21 MP3

    200000 views, wow! That's incredible!! I wasn't expecting even remotely this many views!! Thanks for watching and let me know if you want me to upload ...

    Tags: Music Video, Pokemon, Song, New