Lugia S Song Ocarina

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song from Pokemon on STL Ocarina MP3

    Follow me on Twitter: and facebook: I finally had a chance to record this famous song.

    Tags: stl, stlocarina, ocarina, triple, purple, clay, pokemon, 2000, lugia, song

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song, Six Hole Ocarina MP3

    I do not own any of the material in this video*** Credit for Ocarina 'tab" goes to Archfeind2 I Pieced together the tab he showed in his video "Lugia's Song Notes ...

    Tags: Lugia, Ocarina, Flute, Pokemon music

  • Lugia

    Lugia's song ocarina tutorial (remade) MP3

    I really need to make tutorials, but right now I'm caught up making some VG Cats cartoons. My current project can be seen on VGCats Adaptation with no Name ...

    Tags: ocarinaplaya, ocarina, tutorials, lugias, song, of, time, vgcats, animated

  • Ocarina Tutorial #1:  How to play "Lugia

    Ocarina Tutorial #1: How to play "Lugia's Song" on the New STL Melody Ocarina MP3

    Scores and tabs are in the description below***** Hi everyone! Today's a new concept. I decided to make a tutorial in which I teach you how to play the famous ...

    Tags: Ocarina, STL, Zelda, Music, Classical, Video, games, Melody, 2000, Lugia, Song, Flute, Tuto, Play

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (multitrack cover) MP3

    Finally! This is the most time I've ever spent making a video, but I'm glad to say that I enjoyed every second of it. This is Lugia's Song from Pokemon: The Movie ...

    Tags: Pokemon, lugia, Trombone (Musical Instrument), Horn (Musical Instrument), Flute (Musical Instrument), Clarinet (Musical Instrument), Oboe (Musical Instrument), Saxophone (Musical Instrument), Trumpet (Musical Instrument), Euphonium (Musical Instrument), Tuba (Musical Instrument), Percussion (Musical Instrument), Anime (TV Genre), Multitrack Recording (Invention), Cover Version (Literature Subject), Ocarina (Musical Instrument), Marimba (Musical Instrument)

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song on the Echo Tenor Ocarina MP3

    I've been wanting to play this song for a while and this ocarina seemed the best to play it on! ^_^ You can find this and many other ocarinas at ...

    Tags: stlocarina, stl, legend, of, zelda, time, music, echo, blue, white, ocarina, 12, hole, tenor, linkinspirit, gamer, girl, video, games, nerd, nerdy, chick, nintendo

  • Pokemon [Lugia

    Pokemon [Lugia's Song] - Video #21 MP3

    200000 views, wow! That's incredible!! I wasn't expecting even remotely this many views!! Thanks for watching and let me know if you want me to upload ...

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  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song Ocarina MP3

    This is Lugia's Song played on Ocarina. No sheets all by ear and some improvisation. I changed it up a little so it's not exactly the same. One of My favorite ...

    Tags: Lugia, song, Ocarina, Synth, Pokemon, Movie

  • How to play Lugia

    How to play Lugia's song on Ocarina MP3

    I've been studying for my finals, so I've been a bit off as of late. I decided to do Lugia's song just cuz I felt like it. I'm also trying a new form of dictation that I saw ...

    Tags: ocarina, of, time, how, to, play, zelda, hentai, lugia, song, theme

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song w/ Lyrics MP3

    Hey everyone! This is Lugia's Song (a.k.a: The Power of One)! I added lyrics to the instruments, so the song doesn't have any actual words. Thanks to ...

    Tags: Lugia (Fictional Character), pokemon the power of one

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song on Dragon Tooth Ocarina MP3

    I apologize for looking all over the place during the video, I was right behind the main office of the apartment complex and the managers are a bit weird about ...

    Tags: Dragon Tooth Ocarina, Ocarina

  • Ocarina 12 Hole-Lugia

    Ocarina 12 Hole-Lugia's theme MP3

    Lugia's theme from Pokemon as played by Melody..kinda..haha F.A.Q. about this vid: -Do you have tabs? sorry i don't have tabs or fingerings for this but i do ...

    Tags: Ocarina, Lugia, Pokemon, 2000, Melody, Movie, Nintendo, Music

  • Pokémon 2000 - Lugia

    Pokémon 2000 - Lugia's Song (Intensity Remix 2.0) (DL Link in desc) MP3

    DOWNLOAD: A remake of my remix of the unforgettable song that was played on the ocarina ...

    Tags: Pokemon, 2000, Lugia, shadow lugia, pokemon XD, playthrough, intensity remixes and mashups, intensity, Remix, Ash, Rocket, Battle, Launch, Team, Dawn, Misty, May, Pocket, Dawn (newspaper), Dawn (spacecraft), Brock, Mix, Yellow, Episode, Monsters, Dawn (political Party), Feat, Advanced, Trainer

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song 1 Hour Loop MP3

    1/18/16: can we hit 100k? THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! POKEMON FOREVER 1/26/15: THANKS SO MUCH for all the views! this is my first pokemon video ...

    Tags: pokemon, 2000, movie, extended

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (3 hours) MP3

    3 hours of the incredible song.

    Tags: lugia, 10 hours, song, ocarina, flute, Pokemon

  • Unboxing and playing Ocarina Lugia

    Unboxing and playing Ocarina Lugia's Song MP3

    I ordered this Legend of Zelda 12 Hole Ceramic Ocarina off the website because I've always wanted to play one. So here's the unboxing ...

    Tags: Ocarina (Musical Instrument), Music Education (Field Of Study), Play, Playing, Pokemon, unboxing, Toy, failing, success

  • Pokemon - Lugia Song

    Pokemon - Lugia Song's and Oracion MP3

    Pokemon - Lugia Song's and Oracion.

    Tags: Lugia, and, Oracion, lugia, song, oracion, darkrai, pokemon, cancion

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song - Ocarina Cover MP3

    Os subo este pequeño cover a parte para quién no lo pudiera ver en cazabugs. espero que os guste.

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  • Lugias Song: Played on 12 hole Zelda tenor ocarina

    Lugias Song: Played on 12 hole Zelda tenor ocarina MP3

    Request from Carmelita. Finally found a nice location to record on. I got bit by like 30 mosquitoes but it was worth it to play this beautiful piece. I hope you all will ...

    Tags: ocarina, ocarina playing, 12 hole ocarina

  • Ocarina and Piano duet - Lugia

    Ocarina and Piano duet - Lugia's song MP3

    Firstly, appologies for the airy sound on this one, my polycarbonate mountain ocarina has been glued back together twice. :l So it struggles on the higher notes :( ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Piano, Cover, Song, ocarina, mountain, polycarbonate, plastic, tuned, in, Lugia, lugias, song, pokemon, silver, gold, duet, youtube, Keyboard