Lugia Song Mp3

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song Remix MP3

    Download link available below ◁◁ ☆ iTunes ☆ ☆ Twitter ☆ ☆ Instagram ...

    Tags: GlitchCity, GlitchxCity, Thrive, HappyDragonite, Song, Pokemon, 2000, Johto, Arrangement, Sacred, Distance, Approved by Youngster Joey, Home to DJMander

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (multitrack cover) MP3

    Finally! This is the most time I've ever spent making a video, but I'm glad to say that I enjoyed every second of it. This is Lugia's Song from Pokemon: The Movie ...

    Tags: Pokemon, lugia, Trombone (Musical Instrument), Horn (Musical Instrument), Flute (Musical Instrument), Clarinet (Musical Instrument), Oboe (Musical Instrument), Saxophone (Musical Instrument), Trumpet (Musical Instrument), Euphonium (Musical Instrument), Tuba (Musical Instrument), Percussion (Musical Instrument), Anime (TV Genre), Multitrack Recording (Invention), Cover Version (Literature Subject), Ocarina (Musical Instrument), Marimba (Musical Instrument)

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (Original) MP3

    Lugias Song...

    Tags: Pokemon, movie, Song, Lugia

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song - Pokemon 2000 [Flute Cover] MP3

    Dat Anime Month! *~*~*~*You can also find me here*~*~*~* Loudr Artist Profile: Facebook: ...

    Tags: music, trumpet, flute, cover, dan, band, geek, 8bit, 8bitbrigadier, stahrmie, pokemon, pokemon 2000, anime, lugia, articuno, Ash, Rocket, Team, Misty, Dawn, May, Brock, moltres, zapdos

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (Re-Orchestrated) MP3

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MANDY!!! *YouTube won't let me do the less-than-three-heart, so uh, welcome to Soviet Russia* By popular request I have reworked my ...

    Tags: HappyDragonite, LugiaDialga, GlitchxCity, PokeRemixStudio, Marriland, Pokemon, Pokemon The Movie 2000, Lugia

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song Ocarina MP3

    This is Lugia's Song played on Ocarina. No sheets all by ear and some improvisation. I changed it up a little so it's not exactly the same. One of My favorite ...

    Tags: Lugia, song, Ocarina, Synth, Pokemon, Movie

  • Symphony of Lugia

    Symphony of Lugia MP3

    4.2.2015: holy shit 100 000 views, thank you people. Epic orchestral arrangement (remix/cover) from Lugia's Song from the Pokémon movie 2000 -The Legend ...

    Tags: lugia, Video Game (Industry), remix, cover, piano, orchestra, orchestral song, epic, pokemon x and y, gameplay, music, 97sakke, Ocarina

  • The Legend Comes To Life (Lugia

    The Legend Comes To Life (Lugia's Song) metal cover MP3

    update: new mp3 link! I have seen this movie more times than I am comfortable admitting. The music is damn good, ...

    Tags: orbsonb, Lugia, Song, Legend, Comes, To, Life, Pokemon, 2000, movie, sexgod, manly, rad

  • Pokemon the movie 2000 - Lugia

    Pokemon the movie 2000 - Lugia's Song Relax Remix MP3

    hey guys, my speakers are being weird so i cant hear anything coming from my computer, i made this short little remix a while ago, thinking it would be good to ...

    Tags: pokemon, remix, battle, diamond, song, dance, singing, lugia

  • Pokemon 2000 // Lugia

    Pokemon 2000 // Lugia's Song // EPIC METAL VERSION MP3

    FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Visit the above link and click on 'Band Profile' to download Facebook: ...

    Tags: pokemon, metal, lugia, lugias, song, epic, version, 2000, movie, the

  • Pokemon - Lugia

    Pokemon - Lugia's Song (Piano) - The Legend Comes to Life MP3

    Original piano arrangement of "The Legend Comes to Life" wich is one of the most nostalgic and beautiful Pokemon movie soundtrack, it have also been ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Piano, Cover, The Legend Comes to Life

  • Pokémon 2000 - Lugia

    Pokémon 2000 - Lugia's Song (Rock/Metal Cover) MP3

    This is not a video game cover, but almost one. I have done covers of tv/movie-themes before, so it isn't something new from my side. Well, I love Lugia's Song ...

    Tags: 2000, Song, Metal, Rock, Remix, Cover, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Piano, Synth, Line, Pod, Studio, UX1, CME, Novation, Remote, SL, Compact, Casio, CTK, Ibanez, Schecter, Diamons, Series, Canon, EOS, 500d, Sanyo, Xacti, CV-20, Dual, Monitor, Screen, Macbook, Pro, 13, Apple, Garageband, Anton, Norling, Lennartalsing, Lennart, Alsing, Sverige, Sweden, Video, Game, Music, VGM, OCRemix

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (Pokemon The Movie: 2000) Guitar Cover MP3

    MP3 DOWNLOAD: This one goes out to xRegentx, who won a cover request for graciously donating to Operation: 1-UP's release party ...

    Tags: Swiggles, 1987, Guitar, Cover, VGM, Video, Game, Music, VG, Covers, Metal, Film (Media Genre), Anime (TV Genre), Acoustic, Pokemon, Soundtrack

  • Guardian of the Sea (Lugia

    Guardian of the Sea (Lugia's Song) Guitar Cover MP3

    This is me playing the Guardian of the Sea (Lugia's Song) on my guitar. One day when I was messing around with my guitar and I found out how to play the intro.

    Tags: Guardian, Sea, Lugia, Guitar, Cover, Pokemon, 2000

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song Extended 2014 *Download Links Included* FULL HD MP3

    Pokemon Lugia Song Extened Version. Download Link : or convert this video to ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Lugia, movie, song

  • Lugia´s Song (Deep Remix)

    Lugia´s Song (Deep Remix) MP3

    This is my Deep Remix of Lugia´s Song from the movie "Pokemon 2000 - The power of one" Hope you like it^^ Here´s the download link: ...

    Tags: lugia, song, deep, remix, pokemon, movie, 2000, power, of, one

  • ~Symphony of The Lugia~ Orchestral Lugia

    ~Symphony of The Lugia~ Orchestral Lugia's Song 2014 Update MP3

    Epic orchestral arrangement (remix/cover) from Lugia's Song from the Pokémon movie 2000 -The Legend Comes To Life mp3 download: ...
  • ~*Finalized*~ Lugia

    ~*Finalized*~ Lugia's Song (flute version w/echo) - Cover (2nd) MP3

    Please RATE & COMMENT*~ Transcribed & Played by: StarFire Song: Lugia's Song (flute version w/echo) / The Power of One Anime: Pokemon Movie 2000 ...

    Tags: Song, The, Power, of, One, flute, version, echo, Cover, Lugia, Guardian, Beast, Sea, Anime, Legendary, Poke, mon, Pokemon, Movie, 2000, First, Ash, Ketchum, Misty, Brock, Tracey, Team, Rocket, Orange, Islands, Shamuti, Island, Pikachu, Ocarina, Melody, Birds, Flying, Aritcuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Fire, Ice, Lightening, Water, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Diamond, Pearl, Emerald, Sapphire, Blue, White, Indigo, Red, Ocean, Chosen, Pocket, Monsters, Japan, Japanese, Satoshi, Pokeball, Played, by, Me, Playing

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song ~ Piano + Flute collab w/ 8BitBrigadier! (The Great Guardian / The power of one) MP3

    Buy my music in Loudr!: - Original songs and covers in iTunes!: - Facebook artist page!: - Twitter!

    Tags: lugia, hollowriku, sheet music, pokemon 2000, the power of one, articuno, zapdos, moltres, lugia piano, the great guardian

  • Vast Skies, Ocean Depths (Lugia

    Vast Skies, Ocean Depths (Lugia's Song) MP3

    vvDOWNLOAD LINK AVAILIBLEvv A beautiful composition, said to be sung by Lugia himself. This song will fill you with ancient memories of Lugia, with it's ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Music, Lugia, Sky, Video Game (Industry), Ocean (Geographical Feature Category), Clouds