Lugias Theme

  • Pokemon 2000 Lugia

    Pokemon 2000 Lugia's Theme Song MP3

    I Do Not Own Any Copyright Of This Song! Please Enjoy! Pokemon 2000 Lugia's Theme Song!

    Tags: Pokemon, 2000, Lugia, Theme, Song, Silver, Opening

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (Original) MP3

    Lugias Song...

    Tags: Pokemon, movie, Song, Lugia

  • Pokemon 2000 - Lugia Theme (1080p)

    Pokemon 2000 - Lugia Theme (1080p) MP3

    From the movie Pokemon 2000 or The Power Of One. My personal favourite theme. I do not own the Theme or the Cover.

    Tags: pokemon, movie, 2000, lugia theme, lugias song, hd, 1080p, the power of one

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song 1 Hour Loop MP3

    1/18/16: can we hit 100k? THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE! POKEMON FOREVER 1/26/15: THANKS SO MUCH for all the views! this is my first pokemon video ...

    Tags: pokemon, 2000, movie, extended

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song (multitrack cover) MP3

    Finally! This is the most time I've ever spent making a video, but I'm glad to say that I enjoyed every second of it. This is Lugia's Song from Pokemon: The Movie ...

    Tags: Pokemon, lugia, Trombone (Musical Instrument), Horn (Musical Instrument), Flute (Musical Instrument), Clarinet (Musical Instrument), Oboe (Musical Instrument), Saxophone (Musical Instrument), Trumpet (Musical Instrument), Euphonium (Musical Instrument), Tuba (Musical Instrument), Percussion (Musical Instrument), Anime (TV Genre), Multitrack Recording (Invention), Cover Version (Literature Subject), Ocarina (Musical Instrument), Marimba (Musical Instrument)

  • Symphony of Lugia

    Symphony of Lugia MP3

    4.2.2015: holy shit 100 000 views, thank you people. Epic orchestral arrangement (remix/cover) from Lugia's Song from the Pokémon movie 2000 -The Legend ...

    Tags: lugia, Video Game (Industry), remix, cover, piano, orchestra, orchestral song, epic, pokemon x and y, gameplay, music, 97sakke, Ocarina

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song Remix MP3

    Download link available below ◁◁ ☆ iTunes ☆ ☆ Twitter ☆ ☆ Instagram ...

    Tags: GlitchCity, GlitchxCity, Thrive, HappyDragonite, Song, Pokemon, 2000, Johto, Arrangement, Sacred, Distance, Approved by Youngster Joey, Home to DJMander

  • lugia theme song 10 hours

    lugia theme song 10 hours MP3

    i do not own pokemon i listen to this to calm down and here is the 10 hour version.

    Tags: pokemon, 10 hours

  • Pokemon [Lugia

    Pokemon [Lugia's Song] - Video #21 MP3

    200000 views, wow! That's incredible!! I wasn't expecting even remotely this many views!! Thanks for watching and let me know if you want me to upload ...

    Tags: Music Video, Pokemon, Song, New

  • Ocarina 12 Hole-Lugia

    Ocarina 12 Hole-Lugia's theme MP3

    Lugia's theme from Pokemon as played by Melody..kinda..haha F.A.Q. about this vid: -Do you have tabs? sorry i don't have tabs or fingerings for this but i do ...

    Tags: Ocarina, Lugia, Pokemon, 2000, Melody, Movie, Nintendo, Music

  • Lugias Song

    Lugias Song MP3

    Lugia's song soundtrack from the Pokemon Movie 2000.

    Tags: The, Pokemon, Movie, 2000, soundtrack, Lugias, Song, music, IamFroslass

  • Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Lugia Music (HQ)

    Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire - Battle! Lugia Music (HQ) MP3

    Credit: Nintendo, Game Freak, Creature Inc., TPCi Original Composition : Junichi Masuda, Go Ichinose Original Designer : Ken Sugimori OST - Pokemon ...

    Tags: Pokemon

  • Pokémon 2000 - Lugia

    Pokémon 2000 - Lugia's Song (Rock/Metal Cover) MP3

    This is not a video game cover, but almost one. I have done covers of tv/movie-themes before, so it isn't something new from my side. Well, I love Lugia's Song ...

    Tags: 2000, Song, Metal, Rock, Remix, Cover, Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Piano, Synth, Line, Pod, Studio, UX1, CME, Novation, Remote, SL, Compact, Casio, CTK, Ibanez, Schecter, Diamons, Series, Canon, EOS, 500d, Sanyo, Xacti, CV-20, Dual, Monitor, Screen, Macbook, Pro, 13, Apple, Garageband, Anton, Norling, Lennartalsing, Lennart, Alsing, Sverige, Sweden, Video, Game, Music, VGM, OCRemix

  • Pokemon the Movie 2000 - Lugia

    Pokemon the Movie 2000 - Lugia's Song (Synthesia) (Piano Arrangement) MP3

    Finally done! Hope you enjoy it! Series playlist: Sheets: ...

    Tags: Film (Media Genre), Arrangement (Composition Type), Transcription (Composition Type), Video Game Music (Musical Genre)

  • Vs. Lugia - Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Music Extended

    Vs. Lugia - Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver Music Extended MP3

    Pokémon Heart Gold & Soul Silver music that has been extended to play for at least 15.5 minutes. Developer(s): Game Freak Publisher(s): Nintendo, the ...

    Tags: Lugia, Heart, Gold, Soul, Silver, Music, Extended, Nintendo, Game Freak

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song from Pokemon on STL Ocarina MP3

    Follow me on Twitter: and facebook: I finally had a chance to record this famous song.

    Tags: stl, stlocarina, ocarina, triple, purple, clay, pokemon, 2000, lugia, song

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song - Pokemon 2000 [Flute Cover] MP3

    Dat Anime Month! *~*~*~*You can also find me here*~*~*~* Loudr Artist Profile: Facebook: ...

    Tags: music, trumpet, flute, cover, dan, band, geek, 8bit, 8bitbrigadier, stahrmie, pokemon, pokemon 2000, anime, lugia, articuno, Ash, Rocket, Team, Misty, Dawn, May, Brock, moltres, zapdos

  • Lugia´s Song (Deep Remix)

    Lugia´s Song (Deep Remix) MP3

    This is my Deep Remix of Lugia´s Song from the movie "Pokemon 2000 - The power of one" Hope you like it^^ Here´s the download link: ...

    Tags: lugia, song, deep, remix, pokemon, movie, 2000, power, of, one

  • Lugia

    Lugia's Song Piano Full Version MP3

    After some searching on youtube, I've noticed that there were no full piano version of Lugia's song. So using Trias133 and HollowRiku's sheet music, I made my ...

    Tags: lugia, song, piano, full, version, movie, great, guardian, lengend, comes, to, life, pokemon, 2000, theme

  • Pokemon 2000 // Lugia

    Pokemon 2000 // Lugia's Song // EPIC METAL VERSION MP3

    FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD: Visit the above link and click on 'Band Profile' to download Facebook: ...

    Tags: pokemon, metal, lugia, lugias, song, epic, version, 2000, movie, the