Magic School Bus Bootyhole

  • Magic School Bus ~ "Gurl that

    Magic School Bus ~ "Gurl that's a Booty Hole" MP3

    In this funny 15 sec video clip, we learn something new about what Booty Holes look like up close! I DON'T OWN THIS VIDEO.
  • Gurl, That

    Gurl, That's a Booty Hole! MP3

    Originally Uploaded January 13th 2008. Yes, I did the voice over for Kiesha. I took this video down a long time ago when I quit doing YouTube. But some fans ...

    Tags: TheSharolaidZone, SharolaidZone, TSZ, The, Sharolaid, Zone, Gurl, Girl, Magic, School, Bus, tifrisunavailable, RayWilliamJohnson

  • Magic School Bus Niggas

    Magic School Bus Niggas MP3

    Hector's sick, so the magic school bus niggas decided to infiltrate his body. Download Justice Niggas here

    Tags: Magic School Bus Niggas, Liz, Super Nigga Bros, Recessive Niggas, Powerpuff Bitches, Corneilus08, Sham Nigga

  • "Girl That

    "Girl That's A Booty Hole!" - Remix MP3

    So I have been meaning to do this for YEARS but never had the decent amount of skills to do so until now. So this is my remix to "Girl That's A Booty Hole".

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  • Girls that

    Girls that's a booty hole MP3

    Originally from magic school bus but it is an edited scene.
  • Gurl that

    Gurl that's a bootyhole parody Magic School Bus MP3

    Parody of the parody of Magic School Bus.

    Tags: Schoolbus, Magic

  • Ghetto Magic School Bus 1 [EXPLICIT]

    Ghetto Magic School Bus 1 [EXPLICIT] MP3

    Keisha stumbles upon one of Ms. Frizzle's PPs and her boyfriend, Arnold, is not too happy about it. Wanna see more voice-overs? GHETTO MAGIC SCHOOL ...

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  • Tropical Storm - B Hole

    Tropical Storm - B Hole MP3

    All props go to the original creator TheSharolaidZone on youtube! Twitter Us @Dormtainment Stalk us on Instagram @Dormtainment Stare at us more on our ...

    Tags: Tropical storm, funny, dormtainment, life after fame, b hole, magic school bus, Lightning, Thunder, Tropical Cyclone (Disaster Type), Storm

  • Ghetto Magic School Bus 2 [EXPLICIT]

    Ghetto Magic School Bus 2 [EXPLICIT] MP3

    Toyota has a crush on Demetrius and asks her mom for some advice on how to charm him. Roripop Song Ryrics: roripop roripop oohh rarararari roripop roripop ...

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  • The Magic School Bus For Lunch (upload)

    The Magic School Bus For Lunch (upload) MP3

  • (Nov, 2012) DOG HAS SUPER POWERS

    (Nov, 2012) DOG HAS SUPER POWERS MP3

    SUBSCRIBE & JOIN THE DARK SIDE! :D --------------------------------------------- MY TWITTER: MY FACEBOOK: ...

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  • Magic School Bus Mashup

    Magic School Bus Mashup MP3

    Magic school bus travels through body mashup. A lot of people ask how we were able to download these Vine videos. We use a web browser called ...

    Tags: magic school bus, mashup, body, funny, magic, creative, lol

  • girl that

    girl that's a booty hole vine MP3

  • Magic school bus girl that a booty hole!

    Magic school bus girl that a booty hole! MP3

    Ha ha the way she says it.
  • Re: Magic School Bus - Booty Hole

    Re: Magic School Bus - Booty Hole MP3

    Video Cam Direct Upload.

    Tags: magic, school, bus, stomach, keisha, black, girl, asshole

  • gurl das a bootyhole

    gurl das a bootyhole MP3

    lol from the magic school bus xD.

    Tags: xDOMINICC

  • Booty Holes Prank

    Booty Holes Prank MP3

    Follow me on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat: @MysticGotJokes SECOND CHANNEL:

    Tags: booty, holes, prank, mysticgotjokes

  • girl thats a booty hole

    girl thats a booty hole MP3

    Magic School Bus- Girl Dats A booty hole.

    Tags: girl, thats, booty, hole, Magic, School, Bus

  • Gurrrl, That

    Gurrrl, That's A Bootyhole! MP3

    gurl thats a bootyhole.

    Tags: botty, hole, butt, magic, school, bus, poop, youtube, kiesha

  • Gurl Thas A Booty Hole!!

    Gurl Thas A Booty Hole!! MP3

    The Magic School bus parody, I liked it a lot so I said to myself, I said "Self", myself said "huh", I said uh uh uh uh to the mountain of GOD!!!!!! Thas a booty hole!

    Tags: magic, school, bus, miss, ms, frizlle, gurl, thas, booty, hole, haitti, earthquake, tiger, woods, illuminati, pizza, big, girl, black, ghetto, funny, skit, sharoliad, barbeesha, derrick, comedy, college, humor, niga, higa, miley, cyrus, baby, mama, london, lauren, lil, wayne, falls, tumble, slo, mo, sped, up