Malay Shuffle

  • malay shuffle tutorial

    malay shuffle tutorial MP3

    sorry if this doesn't teach you anything. 250 subs for new tutorial(:

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  • Best Malaysian shuffle Girl 2012 (HD)

    Best Malaysian shuffle Girl 2012 (HD) MP3

    Follow me on Instagram @noizetistic Attention Read Please... 4000000 sept 11,2014/ 5000000 May 11,2015 Likes us on Facebook : https://www....

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  • Malay Trio Shuffle

    Malay Trio Shuffle MP3

    malaysian shuffle and also a trio shuffle follow our instagram @fuxkinfernyy13 @liddoaler.

    Tags: malaysian, trio, catdaddy

  • Good Malaysian Shuffling Songs ♥

    Good Malaysian Shuffling Songs ♥ MP3

    Here are some of my favorite Malaysian shuffle songs, some are oldies but still great :) Please leave a like and if you would like, Subscribe :D Follow me on ...

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    Aa Best malaysian girl shuffler^.^ Umm I know some of its from 2012 2011...but there's only like to sooo don't go crazy!!! meh option soo nooo hate/.

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  • Cali Style Malaysian Shuffle VS Melbourne Shuffle Ultimate Battle

    Cali Style Malaysian Shuffle VS Melbourne Shuffle Ultimate Battle MP3

    A battle between two controversial shuffle styles , which is better ? YOU DECIDE !!

    Tags: malaysian, shuffle, melbourne, battle, phat, pants, phd, hsk, hsa, sacco, rocky, mikki, bulldog, Boss

  • Hardstyle republic Rave and shuffle gathering in malaysia

    Hardstyle republic Rave and shuffle gathering in malaysia MP3

    some of the coolest shufflers and ravers!!!! the best part at 3:40.

    Tags: melbourne, shuffle, rave, malaysia, shuffling, gathering, hardstyle, republic

  • Malaysian Cali Shuffle Songs Exxplosive Miix!! DL Link In Description!

    Malaysian Cali Shuffle Songs Exxplosive Miix!! DL Link In Description! MP3

    Download: 0:00 Star Wars Theme Song (New Destruk! Remix) ...

    Tags: malaysian, cali, stomp, step, snapbak, new, era, rave, battle

  • Beginner Malay Shuffle Tutorial

    Beginner Malay Shuffle Tutorial MP3

    Pato and Sapo teaching you how to do the basics of Malaysian shuffling ADVANCED TUTORIAL WITH TRICKS AT 5000 VIEWS.

    Tags: Tutorial, Shuffle, malay, Malaysian, Learn, Gangnam Style, Kony 2012, Hurricane Sandy

  • Merdeka Shuffle 4.0 - Namewee 黃明志 @Plaza Lowyat

    Merdeka Shuffle 4.0 - Namewee 黃明志 @Plaza Lowyat MP3

    Namewee Official Page: Subscribe Namewee YouTube channel: ...

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  • Malaysian Shuffle Mix |B|orn |T|o |K|reate (Part One)

    Malaysian Shuffle Mix |B|orn |T|o |K|reate (Part One) MP3

    Longest Mix I've made so far. This is just part one .Show some love and don't hate. Troll comments will be deleted. And I know that alot of the songs are old and ...

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  • District 9 | Malaysian Shuffle | Quinceanera Surprise Dance | #baytowndancers

    District 9 | Malaysian Shuffle | Quinceanera Surprise Dance | #baytowndancers MP3

    Quinceanera Surprise Dance Malaysian Shuffling Dubstep Popping Cumbia.

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  • Malay Shuffle Session

    Malay Shuffle Session MP3

    malaysian shuffle and also a shuffle sesh and song is LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem (Spryte Remix)

    Tags: |MTK|, shuffle, sesh, leader, eddie, moves, that, kill

  • Malay Trio Shuffle 2.0

    Malay Trio Shuffle 2.0 MP3

    this is For the people that wanted to see the trio finished,, it took us a while to get it down because we havent done it in a long time well this was the full thing ...

    Tags: n3gativexx125, cs, malay, trio, shuffle, duo, shuffling, malaysian

  • Best Malaysian Shuffle Love Songs

    Best Malaysian Shuffle Love Songs MP3

    These are two of my favorite Malay Shuffle Love Songs (I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS THEY ARE JUST FOR ENTERTAINING OR FOR PEOPLE TO ...

    Tags: Malaysian, Shuffle, Song

  • ApEkWhuuT VS SpeedoDevo

    ApEkWhuuT VS SpeedoDevo MP3


    Tags: melbourne, shuffle, hardstyle, shufflin, shuffling, rave, raver, republic, gliding, hr, crew

  • KVS and A&S Shuffling Sesh Part 1 Vegas - Film by @Ryan_camposs

    KVS and A&S Shuffling Sesh Part 1 Vegas - Film by @Ryan_camposs MP3

    Follow me on Twitter @Ryan_Camposs!/Ryan_Camposs Hit me up on FACEBOOK ...

    Tags: KVS Shuffling, Shuffling Sesh Las Vegas, SDP, RYAN CAMPOS, Swag District Project, MALAY, SESH

  • Malaysian Shuffle Mix #1

    Malaysian Shuffle Mix #1 MP3

    Malaysian shuffle song with great beats! Subscribe to: Song Made by: 'rubenkillz' Subscribe and Like for more!

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  • ♥Malaysian Shuffle Tutorial♥

    ♥Malaysian Shuffle Tutorial♥ MP3

    This one went alot better then the last one, it has more advanced moves and shit.. TRACKLIST: 1.Kaskade ft. Rebecca Fiona - Turn It Down (Mister Gray ...

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  • Malaysian Style Shuffle

    Malaysian Style Shuffle MP3

    Mari tgk....

    Tags: music, shuffle, dance, malaysia