Moonlight Densetsu Ocarina

  • Sailor Moon Opening -Moonlight Densetsu- à l

    Sailor Moon Opening -Moonlight Densetsu- à l'ocarina MP3

    Salut! 70e vidéo de ma chaîne, avec cette semaine, l'opening de Sailor Moon (de 1992)! ^^ Hi! 70th video on my channel, with Sailor Moon's opening!

    Tags: Sailor Moon, Sailor, Sailor Moon (TV Character), Ocarina (Musical Instrument), Cover, Anime (TV Genre), Animation (TV Genre), Music (TV Genre)

  • Moonlight Densetsu

    Moonlight Densetsu MP3

    Me playing Moonlight Densetsu aka the sailor moon theme on my tenor G seedpod 6 hole ocarina sorry its so short.

    Tags: Sailor Moon, Ocarina, Moonlight Densetsu, Anime, Music

  • Moonlight Densetsu: 6 hole ocarina tutorial

    Moonlight Densetsu: 6 hole ocarina tutorial MP3

    I was able to do this video and it's tab in less than an hour. A new record! :D FYI: yes, you do cover the bottom holes for the entirety of the song. Special request ...

    Tags: ocarinaplaya, ocarina, tutorial, hole, moonlight, densetsu

  • Ocarina - Moonlight Densetsu

    Ocarina - Moonlight Densetsu MP3

    Sailor Moon's Japanese theme, my recording microphone recorded it a pitch or two higher than what I played, and I'm not the best player, so beware of ear rape.

    Tags: Moonlight, Densetsu, sailor, moon, theme

  • Sailor Moon Meets Metal

    Sailor Moon Meets Metal MP3

    Hey guys, So first off, for all the SM fans, Happy Birthday Sailor Moon! I've seen this one for a long time and recently more often because of the new Sailor Moon ...

    Tags: Sailor Moon, Moonlight Densetsu, theme, song, intro, sailor venus, sailor mars, sailor jupiter, sailor uranus, luna, artimus, tuxedo mask, anime, rock, metal, cover, shred, guitar, solo, 331erock, eric calderone

  • Moonlight densetsu - shatiel

    Moonlight densetsu - shatiel MP3

    Sailor Moon "Moonlight densetsu" fue la apertura tema durante los primeros cuatro estaciones del Sailor Moon animado . " Marinero Estrella Canción "lo ...

    Tags: Sailor Moon (Comic Book Series), Sailor Moon (TV Character), Comics (Comic Book Genre), shatiel, Moonlight densetsu, anime, estrella