Mothra Song

  • Mothra Song Remix (Subtitled)

    Mothra Song Remix (Subtitled) MP3

    This is a music video of Mothra with subtitled lyrics. Sorry if the quality wasn't that good anymore when I used to have my previous accounts. This is just a ...

    Tags: Mothra, Song, Remix, Mosura, RainbowMothra, AquaMothra, ArmorMothra, MothraLeo, Larva, Godzilla, Desghidorah, Dagahra, Cretaceous, Grand, King, Ghidorah, Elias, Moll, Lora, Belvera, FairyMothra, Garu-garu, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2001, 2003, 2004, Rebirth, ofMothra, Giant, Monsters, All-out, Attack, Tokyo, Final, Wars

  • 【作業用BGM】モスラ関係の歌集【Mothra Song】

    【作業用BGM】モスラ関係の歌集【Mothra Song】 MP3

    いつの間にかアレされてたので ニコ動にうpしたモスラ関係の歌集ver2を再うp。 1.モスラの歌 - ザ・ピーナッツ 2.モスラの歌 - 今村恵子、大沢さ...

    Tags: Mothra, Godzilla

  • Mothra theme song

    Mothra theme song MP3

    I own nothing. I didn't make this, I just thought I should upload it for fans of Mothra! :)

    Tags: Mothra, (film), Film, godzilla, monster, monstermovie, Theme, Song, Godzilla (1954 Film), Opening

  • Godzilla Mothra

    Godzilla Mothra's Song (Extended Version) ᴴᴰ MP3

    Kick It To The King Productions Presents an extended version of Mothra's Song (from Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.) in HD. Comment Below if you saw the Mothra ...

    Tags: Mothra (Fictional Character), Godzilla (Monster)

  • Mothra song (1992)

    Mothra song (1992) MP3

    Cosmos song for summoning Mothra.

    Tags: Godzila, Mothra, Cosmos, toho

  • Yuji Koseki - Mothra

    Yuji Koseki - Mothra's Song MP3

    Music from the 1961 film Mothra. All rights belong to Toho.

    Tags: Mothra, 1961, toho, godzilla, ishiro, honda, eiji, tsuburaya, yuji, koseki

  • The Mothra Song/Lora and Moll

    The Mothra Song/Lora and Moll MP3

    This version of Mothra's prayer was from "Rebirth of Mothra" the first movie, which I personally think is the best one of the three. I do not own Mothra, Lora, Mona, ...

    Tags: Lora, Moll, Mothra, song, prayer, shobijin, Godzilla, universe, pretty, hot, short, godzilla, moll, lora, Rebirth, rebirth, personally, movie, slash, fred, figelhorn, omg, wtf, boom, spongebob, chocolate, famouse, maralyn, manson, everything, what, why

  • Mothra Song Music Video

    Mothra Song Music Video MP3

    The new mothra song from Tokyo SOS.

    Tags: Mohtra, Godzilla

  • Mothra Song | Sub Español

    Mothra Song | Sub Español MP3

    No copyright infringement intended. GODZILLA and related characters property of TOHO CO. LTD. Footage and music are used solely for the entertainment of ...
  • Mothra

    Mothra's song in Tokyo S.O.S MP3

  • Mothra Song Godzilla Tokyo S O S

    Mothra Song Godzilla Tokyo S O S MP3

    Tags: Mothra, Song, Godzilla, Tokyo, S, O, S

  • Mothra

    Mothra's Song (Mothra 1961) MP3

    This is track 2 from the CD MOTHRA THE BEST Title : Mothra's Song from Mothra 1961 For your entertainment only. Enjoy.

    Tags: Mothra, Godzilla, Japanese, theme, song, 1961

  • Godzilla SOS Mothra

    Godzilla SOS Mothra's Song MP3

    Mothra's song in Godzilla Tokyo SOS godzilla owned by toho!
  • Mothra Song Metal

    Mothra Song Metal MP3

    Tags: Mothra Song, Mothra Song Metal, Mothra Song Sub, Mothra, Mothra Cancion

  • Mothra Song 3: The March Battle Theme

    Mothra Song 3: The March Battle Theme MP3

    This one I crossover Evangelion 2.22 and Mothra soundtrack, to make it more like Mothra fighting song :)

    Tags: Mothra, Evangelion, Kaiju, Daikaiju, Monster, Godzilla, SOS

  • Mothra Song 1: The Awakening Theme

    Mothra Song 1: The Awakening Theme MP3

    This song has a mixs by mix, awakening I like to call it :)

    Tags: Mothra, Kaiju, Daikaiju, Monster, Godzilla, SOS

  • Mothra

    Mothra's Song [From Godzilla vs. Mothra] MP3

    The Best of Godzilla 1984-1995 Original Film Soundtracks. Track 17: Mothra's Song [From Godzilla vs. Mothra]. Music composed and conducted by Akira ...
  • Mothra Song (1966)

    Mothra Song (1966) MP3

    This is the Mothra Song from Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster (1966).

    Tags: The, RARE, Mothra, Song, 1966, Shobijin, Godzilla, Ebirah, Sea, Monster

  • 【Merli・Iroha】 Mothra

    【Merli・Iroha】 Mothra's Song モスラの歌 【カバー】 MP3

    Reprint from NND: Cover Artist: ao Mylist: Cover Vocals: Merli メルリ ...

    Tags: VOCALOID, Merli, VOCALOID 3, Nekomura Iroha

  • Mothra

    Mothra's Song (german) MP3