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  • Lacuna Coil - Spellbound

    Lacuna Coil - Spellbound MP3

    Song from Lacuna Coil's new album ''Shallow Life'' .. Great album :D enjoy.

    Tags: Lacuna Coil, Lacuna, Coil, Lacuna Coil Spellbound

  • Tesla Coil Audio Modulation Circuit - MP3 player amplifier

    Tesla Coil Audio Modulation Circuit - MP3 player amplifier MP3

    Adding MP3 amplification to my audio modulated SSTC circuit.

    Tags: tesla coil, audio modulation, SSTC, solid state

  • Coil -- Panic

    Coil -- Panic MP3

    Tags: Coil (Musical Group), Panic

  • Mirror coil build Tutorial

    Mirror coil build Tutorial MP3
  • Lacuna Coil - Our Truth [FIXED] 320kb/s MP3 Free Download

    Lacuna Coil - Our Truth [FIXED] 320kb/s MP3 Free Download MP3

    Every version of this (even the album copy) has a big blank spot between 3:30 and 3:50. I fixed it in Audacity. Free 320kb/s download (9.29MB): ...

    Tags: Lacuna Coil (Musical Group), Our Truth (Composition), fixed, free download, Free, Metal

  • Lacuna Coil-Broken Crown Halo (Full Album)

    Lacuna Coil-Broken Crown Halo (Full Album) MP3

    Lacuna Coil's new album, Broken Crown Halo 1. Nothing Stands In Our Way - 00:00 2. Zombies 4:06 3. Hostage To The Light - 7:54 4. Victims - 11:50 5.

    Tags: Lacuna Coil (Musical Group), Broken Crown Halo (Musical Album)

  • Opeth - Coil (Cover)

    Opeth - Coil (Cover) MP3

    This amazingly beautiful Opeth song is only meant to be played for You, J.

    Tags: opeth, watershed, coil, uri

  • Coil - Windowpane

    Coil - Windowpane MP3

    Coil - Windowpane // video brought to you by BLACK REMISSION TV free alternative, noise, industrial, post-punk video streaming. web: ...

    Tags: industrial, post punk, noise, ambient, drone, electronic, punk, experimental, alternative, noise (electronic), Coil - Windowpane, Coil

  • Coil - OPETH COVER

    Coil - OPETH COVER MP3

    Stay in touch: This is Tasha and Roniit covering Coil from Opeth's Watershed album. Tasha on Guitar ...

    Tags: Tasha, and, Ronit, covering, Opeth, cover, guitar, bass, ibanez, singing, female, girls, metal, watershed, coil, unsigned, pop, sweden

  • Icon of coil - FloorKiller

    Icon of coil - FloorKiller MP3

    Icon of coil.

    Tags: icon, of, coil, floorkiller, videoclip, video, music, electro, ebm, XO1, Bronsteijn

  • COIL   Backwards demo

    COIL Backwards demo MP3 Heaven's Blade Wir-Click-Wir Elves Simenon In My Blood Spastiche Crumb Time March Of Time ...

    Tags: COIL

  • Gave Up (Coil)

    Gave Up (Coil) MP3

    "Gave Up (mixed by Coil)" from the 1992 Remix/EP "Fixed." I do not own this song. "Still cannot fix this broken machine"

    Tags: Gave Up, Coil, Halo Six, Trent Reznor, NIN, Nine Inch Nails, Music

  • Opeth - Coil (subtitulos)

    Opeth - Coil (subtitulos) MP3

    Coil, un tema lento, una balada si se quiere. la inclusión de una cantante junto a Akerfeldt sorprende gratamente. El dueto ejecutado entre ellos dos es muy ...

    Tags: Opeth, Coil, Live, Watershed, TV4, subtitulos

  • COH & COIL - Fffetish

    COH & COIL - Fffetish MP3

    Tags: COH, COIL, Fffetish

  • Coil - Tattooed Man (cso)

    Coil - Tattooed Man (cso) MP3

    Live in Paris 2004 (la locomotive) (I'm waiting for the crunch of another naked lunch) There's a man lying down in a grave somewhere ...

    Tags: coil, cso, tattooed man

  • Icon of Coil - PerfectSex

    Icon of Coil - PerfectSex MP3

    From the single (PerfectSex "2012")

    Tags: Icon, of, Coil, PerfectSex

  • Coil - Bee Stings

    Coil - Bee Stings MP3

    Coil - Bee Stings from Moon's Milk in Four Phases CD1.

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    Solar Lodge from Scatology (1984). Video made in February 2011. Dedicated to the memory of John Balance and Peter Christopherson, may their music live on ...

    Tags: Coil, Throbbing Gristle, psychedelic, John Balance, Peter Christopherson, industrial

  • Coil - Magnetic North

    Coil - Magnetic North MP3

    "Magnetic North" from the Coil album Winter Solstice: North, released in 1999.

    Tags: Coil, Winter, Solstice, Austin, Osman, Spare, Kenneth, Grant, Aleister, Crowley, Occult, Music, Musick, Magick, White, Rainbow, Purple

  • Coil - Queens of the Circulating Library

    Coil - Queens of the Circulating Library MP3

    Coil - Queens of the Circulating Library (2000) On this album, Coil were: Thighpaulsandra & John Balance with Dorothy Lewis as the queen of the circulating ...

    Tags: Coil, Queens, of, the, Circulating, Library, 2000, John, Jhonn, Jhon, Balance, Thighpaulsandra, Dorothy, Lewis, Peter, Sleazy, Christopherson