Naruto Harmonica

  • Of sadness and sorrow harmonica cover

    Of sadness and sorrow harmonica cover MP3

    Naruto, of sadness and sorrow harmonica cover. I do not own this song.

    Tags: Of sadness and sorrow naruto harmonica cover

  • Naruto OP - Blue Bird in Harmonica

    Naruto OP - Blue Bird in Harmonica MP3

    Blue Bird played on Hohner Chromonica 270 C.

    Tags: harmonica, blue, bird, Naruto

  • Sadness and Sorrow with

    Sadness and Sorrow with ''Guitar Harmonica Ney(Ree MP3

    Toshira Matsuda's Sadness and Sorrow (Naruto Theme) Covered by Guitar,Harmonica and Reed Flute Enjoy!! Please comment.

    Tags: and, Naruto (TV Program), Harmonica, Guitar Cover, Acoustic Cover

  • Sadness and sorrow-harmonica with both Tremolo and Chromatic Harmonica Tabs

    Sadness and sorrow-harmonica with both Tremolo and Chromatic Harmonica Tabs MP3

    Sadness and sorrow tabs here ^^ intro 16 14 13 11 14 18 17 16 14 --- 16 14 11 14 15 18 14 15 16 15 18 14 17 18 16 14 11 14 15 18 14 15 16 15 18 13 14 14 ...

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  • Naruto(Alone)  Harmonica Cover

    Naruto(Alone) Harmonica Cover MP3

    This is the first time I playing the harmonica, sorry if a lot of mistakes lyrics. ^^ By :Matsuyama_Sc.

    Tags: Naruto, Alone, Cover, Music, Harmonica

  • Alone - Naruto

    Alone - Naruto' soundtrack (guitar & harmonica) MP3

    Tags: Naruto, Hanahtran Soundtrack Alone Naruto The Show You Raise Me Up Theme, Harmonica (Musical Instrument), Anime, Guitar (Musical Instrument)

  • Naruto Alone Harmonica Tutorial

    Naruto Alone Harmonica Tutorial MP3

    this is a video i put together to help you learn how to play Naruto Alone on "C" Harmonica, like subscribe and leave in the comment a video response if you learn ...

    Tags: Naruto, Alone, Harmonica, Tutorial, instructional, Blues, Band, riff, Tabs, learn, like, pro

  • Naruto Shippuden Opening 18 [Line] in Harmonica

    Naruto Shippuden Opening 18 [Line] in Harmonica MP3

    Tabs here! c: / / = button pressed / * / = button released ______ / - / = Aspirated note / + / = Blown note / ~ / = Long note Verse 1 +7 +7 +7 -7 +7 +5~ .... +5 -5 +6~ ...

    Tags: Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Shippuden, Opening, 18, Line, Sukima Switch, Anime

  • Alone - Naruto (Harmonica) - TheHarmonicaGuy!

    Alone - Naruto (Harmonica) - TheHarmonicaGuy! MP3

    As tabs que eu utilizei para esse vídeo: 3 5 -4 5 4 -6 6 -6 5 5 -4 5 4 -6 -7 6 -6 Se inscrevam no canal, terei vídeos regularmente :)

    Tags: Harmonica (Musical Instrument), naruto harmonica harp harmonicaguy playing harp brasil gaita, Naruto (Comic Book Series), naruto, harmonica, har, tabs, playing, harmonicaguy, Blues

  • Naruto Alone OST Harmonica

    Naruto Alone OST Harmonica MP3

    Era bien tarde OwO y ese día fue el dia de la Conve :D les presento mi cosplay de Naruto Uzumaki de pequeño haha y de paso les dejo la cación de Naruto ...

    Tags: Naruto, Cosplay, Harmonica, armonica, OST, Alone, Uzuamki, Tutorial, music, mobile device

  • Blue bird Harmonica (naruto op)

    Blue bird Harmonica (naruto op) MP3

    Better version here:

    Tags: harmonica, blue bird, naruto opening, blue bird harmonica, anime

  • Alone Harmonica - Naruto Official

    Alone Harmonica - Naruto Official MP3

    there are also some mistakes. i'll try it again and it'll be more perfect. i played this nearly half a year ago but now i find it and upload. maybe i will record it again ...
  • Naruto - Alone (Guitar + Harmonica cover)

    Naruto - Alone (Guitar + Harmonica cover) MP3

    Tags: Naruto, Harmonica (Musical Instrument), Guitar (Musical Instrument), Cover, Anime, Acoustic, Guitar Cover, Acoustic Cover, Sasuke, Alone, Acoustic Guitar, shippuden, sakura, obito, Ninja, Naruto Shippuuden, ost, soundtrack

  • Naruto - Alone piano and harmonica

    Naruto - Alone piano and harmonica MP3

    This is my first video, and I know that its not perfect, and the sound is not so great.. but I hope u enjoy ^^

    Tags: harmonica, lullaby

  • Armonica - Naruto Alone - Harmonica

    Armonica - Naruto Alone - Harmonica MP3

    Soy principiante, jajaja.

    Tags: Armonica Naruto, Harmonica, Naruto Alone

  • One-z - Naruto alone harmonica [720p]

    One-z - Naruto alone harmonica [720p] MP3

    Hope you like it! :P.

    Tags: One-z, Naruto, alone, Harmonica, one-z, music, tocando, anime, musica, Sasuke, Blues, magic, fantasy, soundtrack, playing, practicando, aprendiendo, smooth, armonica

  • Naruto - Alone Guitar and Harmonica Cover

    Naruto - Alone Guitar and Harmonica Cover MP3

    Sorry for delays, lags and red eyes ;) Used: Synth Strings, Bass, Drums Tab: If you like it click I LIKE IT! ;)

    Tags: naruto alone guitar cover, harmonica, tutorial, alone, guitar, alone naruto guitar cover, alone naruto guitar tutorial

  • Naruto cosplay plays Alone on Harmonica

    Naruto cosplay plays Alone on Harmonica MP3

    I know that the costume isn't complete but i was so excited that I couldn't wait. I will do another video with the wig when it arrives. I know the sound isn't the best ...

    Tags: Naruto (Comic Book Series), Cosplay (Hobby), Harmonica

  • Naruto - Sadness &  Sorrow - on Harp

    Naruto - Sadness & Sorrow - on Harp MP3

    Sadness And Sorrow from the anime Naruto on harp. I used Piano sheet from Alphatrance, which can now be found on Ichigos: ...

    Tags: naruto, sadness, sorrow, harp, piano, anime, grief, music, funeral, Sad, Tribute, Sasuke, Sakura, cover, sheet, sheetmusic

  • Raising Fighting Spirit Cover Harmonica

    Raising Fighting Spirit Cover Harmonica MP3

    Galera, o tema de batalha do naruto, sempre quis fazer na gaita, ae um dia tava na folga do trampo e saiu isso...xD, deixem comentarios e sugestoes... Vlw.

    Tags: The Raising Fighting Spirit, naturo, tema, raising, fighting, spirit, naruto theme, cover, harmonica