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  • Neu!

    Neu! ''Hallogallo'' MP3

    Krautrock masterpiece from Neu!'s 1. LP ''Neu!'' (1972.). Hallogallo is a German slang term for "wild partying".

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  • NEU! - Hallogallo 1972

    NEU! - Hallogallo 1972 MP3

    Album: NEU! 1972 Brain Records Neu! are retrospectively considered one of the founding fathers of Krautrock and a significant influence on artists including ...

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  • Neu! - Hallogallo

    Neu! - Hallogallo MP3

    German band formed by Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother after their split from Kraftwerk in the 70s. Krautrock (Kosmische Musik, Kraut, or Krautwave) is a ...

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  • Neu! - Hallogallo (vinilo)

    Neu! - Hallogallo (vinilo) MP3

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  • Hallogallo 2010 - Hallogallo (Live in Malmö, September 15th, 2010)

    Hallogallo 2010 - Hallogallo (Live in Malmö, September 15th, 2010) MP3

    Hallogallo 2010 - Michael Rother of NEU!, Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley and bassist Aaron Mullan from the Tall Firs - perform the NEU! song "Hallogallo" ...

    Tags: hallogallo, 2010, debut, album, 1972, 72, michael, rother, neu, steve, shelley, sonic, youth, aaron, mullan, tall, firs, live, malmoe, kulturbolaget, kb, sweden, sverige, may, maj, 10, klaus, dinger, progressive rock, live concert, live music, live band

  • Neu! - Hallogallo (HQ)

    Neu! - Hallogallo (HQ) MP3

    Neu! - Hallogallo Music of Klaus Dinger and Michael Rother.

    Tags: Hallogallo, Rother, Dinger, Plank, Krautrock, White, Noise, Ambient, Motorik

  • Neu! - Neu! [Full Album]

    Neu! - Neu! [Full Album] MP3

    1971 Polygram Records Neu is the first studio album by the acclaimed German "krautrock" band Neu, released in December 1971. Produced by Conny Plank ...

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  • NEU! - Hallo Gallo

    NEU! - Hallo Gallo MP3

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  • Neu! - Hallogallo (edit)

    Neu! - Hallogallo (edit) MP3

    A video for the track hallogallo by Neu! Edited using trakaxpc pro

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  • Neu! - Hallogallo (live)

    Neu! - Hallogallo (live) MP3

    Michael Rother's partner in Neu!, Klau Dinger, passed away in 2008, before the pair could complete another record (their third and last was in 1975). Since then ...

    Tags: Hallogallo, Klau, Dinger, Michael, Rother, Sonic, Youth, Steve, Shelley, Tall, Firs, Aaron, Mullan

  • Neu!-Hallogallo (1972) HD

    Neu!-Hallogallo (1972) HD MP3

    Tags: pop, rock, krautrock, electronic music

  • NEU! - Hallogallo

    NEU! - Hallogallo MP3

    NEU! - Hallogallo.

    Tags: Hallogallo, Klaus, Dinger, Michael, Rother, Krautrock, Progressive, Rock, 1972, Kraftwerk, Germany, Percussion, Drums, Guitar

  • NEU! "Hallogallo"

    NEU! "Hallogallo" MP3

    From the album "NEU!" (Germany, 1972).

    Tags: Experimental Music (Musical Genre), Avant-garde Music (Musical Genre), Krautrock (Musical Genre), Klaus Dinger (Composer), Michael Rother (Composer), Conny Plank (Composer), Apache Beat (Musical Genre), Hammer Beat (Musical Genre)

  • NEU! - Hallogallo

    NEU! - Hallogallo MP3

    NEU Hallogallo sao paulo sesc steve shelley Michael Rother Aaron Muller Tall Firs Sonic Youth Krafwerk.

    Tags: NEU, Hallogallo, sao, paulo, sesc, steve, shelley, Michael, Rother, Aaron, Muller, Tall, Firs, Sonic, Youth, Krafwerk

  • KRAUTROCK KARAOKE vol.8 "Hallogallo" by NEU

    KRAUTROCK KARAOKE vol.8 "Hallogallo" by NEU MP3

    KRAUTROCK KARAOKE vol.8 "Hallogallo" by NEu Performed by Guitar- Demian Castellanos(The oscillation) Guitar-Edgar Smith(Niqab) Bass- Serafina Steer ...

    Tags: Krautrock, karaoke, jam, improvisation



  • NEU!  HALLOGALLO  :Zimmy55one of the best videos on ytube

    NEU! HALLOGALLO :Zimmy55one of the best videos on ytube MP3


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  • Neu - Hallogallo

    Neu - Hallogallo MP3

    Krautrock • Germany Album: Neu! | Released @1972 ---------- Songs / Tracks Listing: 1. Hallogallo (10:07) 2. Sonderangebot (4:50) 3. Weissensee (6:42) 4.

    Tags: Hallogallo (Musical Recording), Progressive Rock (Musical Genre)

  • Neu! Hallogallo Backwards

    Neu! Hallogallo Backwards MP3

    I always wondered what Michael Rother's backwards guitar sounded like forwards. If you wondered the same thing then this is for you. Forgive the initial PM ...
  • NEU! - Hero live 74

    NEU! - Hero live 74 MP3

    NEU! en directo en 1974 con la formacion del tercer disco( Klaus Dinger,Michael Rother,Hans Lampe y Thomas Dinger) tocando una version "en construccion" ...

    Tags: Klaus, Dinger, Michael, Rother, Hans, Lampe, Thomas, Dinger)