Nigahiga Handshake

  • The Ultimate Handshake!

    The Ultimate Handshake! MP3

    Ever had an awkward handshake with someone? Well never again once you learn these full-proof techniques... is it full-proof or fool-proof? I feel like fool-proof ...

    Tags: the ultimate handshake, nigahiga, ryan higa, handshake song, cup song, spoof, parody

  • Handshake Song Tutorial

    Handshake Song Tutorial MP3

    See the original video here: Follow me on TWITTER for more useless stuff about me Like ...

    Tags: handshake song tutorial, higatv, handshake song, ryan higa, ultimate handshake bloopers, behind the scenes

  • 20 Handshakes

    20 Handshakes MP3

    like/fav? Ryan: Willy Wandom: ...

    Tags: d-trix, thedominicshow, 20, handshakes, accents, laughs, tags, mike, tyson

  • Nigahiga - Handshake Song

    Nigahiga - Handshake Song MP3

    Nigahiga - Handshake Song ! This video does not belong to me ! Original video : THANKS NIGAHIGA ...

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  • How to be Gangster

    How to be Gangster MP3

    A dvd that teaches you how to be a true gangster Songs Used: Soulja Boy - Crank Dat Colbie Caillat - Bubbly Flo Rida - Low Rihanna - Unfaithful MIMS - This is ...

    Tags: nigahiga, yabo, how, to, be, gangster

  • Handshake Song (The Cup Song) - NigaHiga (The Cover)

    Handshake Song (The Cup Song) - NigaHiga (The Cover) MP3

    Our cover of Ryan Higa's Handshake Song (better known as The Cup Song). Do you and your friends have a handshake? Show us in a video or tell us about it ...

    Tags: the fu, thefu, the fu music, thefumusic, ultimate handshake, handshake song, cups, the cup song, ryan higa, niga higa, acoustic, acoustic cover, cover song, cover version, Anna Kendrick (Lyricist), anna kendrick, anna kendrick cups, lyrics



    Tired of old, boring, overused handshakes? Try out these new handshakes! Subscribe to future Wassabi videos! Purchase our merchandise: ...

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  • Teachers React (Full Version)

    Teachers React (Full Version) MP3

    North Cross Teachers go and discuss what they think about the video, The Ultimate Handshake. The owner of The Ultimate Handshake is the page nigahiga.

    Tags: Teachers, React

  • How to do the Handshake Song(by nigahiga)

    How to do the Handshake Song(by nigahiga) MP3

    Nigahiga made the Handshake Song in his latest video: The Ultimate Handshake. So we made a tutorial... so don't judge!

    Tags: Ryan, higa, nigahiga, handshake, song, cup, tutorial, how, to, anna, kendrick

  • The Ultimate Handshake! [german Fandub]

    The Ultimate Handshake! [german Fandub] MP3

    SHOP: Schon jemals einen schrägen Handschlag mit jemandem gehabt? Nun, dies geschieht nie wieder sobald du diese ...

    Tags: dragondubsynchro, dragon, dub, synchron, dragondub, smosh, ian, hecox, anthony, padilla, german, deutsch, fandub, fan, dt, fansub, sub, cover, fancover, nigahiga, higa, niga, ryan, dtrix, thedominicshow, show, the, dominic, drache, lacklead, lead, black, blacklead

  • Ryan Higa - Handshake Song Tutorial - MY Edit

    Ryan Higa - Handshake Song Tutorial - MY Edit MP3

    I took Ryan Higa's (aka NigaHiga) Handshake Song Tutorial and edited it to make it easier. I have no rights to this All rights go to: Ryan Higa, Higa TV, and ...

    Tags: Nigahiga, Song (Composition Type), Handshake, Ryan

  • Flick of the WRIST! (BTS)

    Flick of the WRIST! (BTS) MP3

    See the original video here: Download the TEEHEE app for iPhone and Android here: iPhone: ...

    Tags: Darude (Musical Artist), Trance Music (Musical Genre), higatv, bts, behind the scenes, bloopers, Sandstorm, Music (TV Genre), Sandstorm (Composition)

  • The Handshake Song and The Handshake Song Tutorial

    The Handshake Song and The Handshake Song Tutorial MP3

  • Best handshake ever

    Best handshake ever MP3

    The swagg.

    Tags: Boys, friends, highschool

  • How-to be gangster handshake SLOW

    How-to be gangster handshake SLOW MP3

  • Handshake Song Tutorial (Simple)

    Handshake Song Tutorial (Simple) MP3

    I don't know the words to the real cup song But it doesn't matter anyway Cuz the cool part is the part with the cups And the fact that it was done in one take ...

    Tags: YouTube Capture

  • Nigahiga-HandShake Song

    Nigahiga-HandShake Song MP3

    Here is the handshake song. This is pretty much what i could do right now, I will post nigahiga music videos now and then, Enjoy And Subscribe:) Thanks For ...

    Tags: YouTube Capture

  • The Ultimate April Fools Prank!

    The Ultimate April Fools Prank! MP3

    Sean and I go at it on April Fools Day... you decide who's the real winner! Also, I just released my very own app called the 'TEEHEE' app! Go and download it for ...

    Tags: Practical Joke, prank, ultimate april fools prank, nigahiga, ryan higa, higatv, Funny, Comedy