Numa English

  • Numa Numa (English Version) with Lyrics

    Numa Numa (English Version) with Lyrics MP3

    4 million views! Dang, you guys must love this song! Uploaded this 6 years ago and yet you guys are watching it to this day! Thanks for watching!

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  • Numa Numa (English)

    Numa Numa (English) MP3

    Dragonstea Din Tei by O-Zone made english. English Title (My Colors Fade To Gray)

    Tags: Numa, Dragonstea, Din, Tei, O-Zone, english, NumaNuma, plane, Translated

  • Ozone-numa numa english version with lyrics

    Ozone-numa numa english version with lyrics MP3

    music video for "Dragostea Din Tei" also known as "numa numa" by O-zone, this is the English version with the lyrics to the song. The lyrics might not be 100% ...

    Tags: O-zone, Dragostea, Din, Tei, numa, music, video, romanian, love, song, with, lyrics, original, english

  • Nightcore | Numa Numa (English) - O-Zone

    Nightcore | Numa Numa (English) - O-Zone MP3

    2nd nightcore upload, personally one of my favourite and catchy tunes when i was growning up. now its even awesomer in nightcore edition! have fun and ...

    Tags: O-Zone (Musical Group), Dragostea Din Tei (Composition), nightcore, Europe (Continent), electro, Electronic Music (Musical Genre), wub wub wub wub, Chris Tran, NeedFood, NumaNuma, Numa, ilovemusic, youtube, how, to, make, dub, night, core, ozone, Halloween, Rocky, Mountain, Costume, Trick, Happy, Treat, Dew, Rambo, Rave, Techno, Dance, Kaiser, Candy, Halloween (Fictional Universe), Treat (Musical Group), Candy (Composition), Trance, Costumes, Trance Music (Musical Genre), Mix, Remix, October, Sylvester

  • O-Zone - "Numa Numa" (English Version + Lyrics) [Keep the Annotations On For Lyric Correction!]

    O-Zone - "Numa Numa" (English Version + Lyrics) [Keep the Annotations On For Lyric Correction!] MP3

    The Shadow That Remains: "The Strings Laced With Blood" - "Where's My God?

    Tags: Numa, O-Zone, TSTR, The, Shadow, That, Remains, TheOfficialTSTR, The Shadow That Remains, The Strings Laced With Blood

  • Numa Numa (english) PMV

    Numa Numa (english) PMV MP3

    this one only took me a day. mostly because i have made it at least 4 times, but each one got deleted. i claim no credit in any of the visual or audio. i used iLivid ...

    Tags: music, ponies, pmv

  • Spongebob-Numa Numa(english)

    Spongebob-Numa Numa(english) MP3

    Just for fun lol, also I appreciate ALL the comments and apologize that it doesn't look like he is lip syncing it.

    Tags: spongebob, sings, numa

  • Alina - When You Leave (Numa Numa) (Basshunter Remix) (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

    Alina - When You Leave (Numa Numa) (Basshunter Remix) (OFFICIAL VIDEO) MP3

    For more songs like "When You Leave (Numa Numa) (Basshunter Remix)", follow our "Dance All Day" Spotify playlist! Super Hot ...

    Tags: basshunter, alina, ma, ya, hi, ultra, records, dance, music, electronic, trance, house, sexy, model, dragostea, dan, balan, when, you, leave, (Numa, Numa)

  • O-Zone - Numa Numa English Lyrics

    O-Zone - Numa Numa English Lyrics MP3

    Bee Happy Bee Healthy!

    Tags: numanuma

  • O-zone Numa Numa(english remix)

    O-zone Numa Numa(english remix) MP3

    Ozone-numa numa.But this is a english remix :D download link:

    Tags: numa numa, O-zone, english, version, remix

  • The Lion King Numa Numa (English)

    The Lion King Numa Numa (English) MP3

    It's party time in the pride lands.

    Tags: the, lion, king, numa, english, cartoon, simba, nala, scar, mufasa, zira, nuka, vitani, zazu, rafiki, timon, pumba

  • Sonic X Numa Numa English

    Sonic X Numa Numa English MP3

    i had fun with this i tried to lip sync but fail in alot of parts so please bare with me.

    Tags: Sonic, Numa, Ma, Ya, Hi

  • Numa Numa English Translation

    Numa Numa English Translation MP3

    I've been watching some videos and I happened to come across the Numa Numa Video, and some people were saying that the remix of the song in english was ...

    Tags: Dragostea, Din, Tei

  • nightcore - numa numa english version

    nightcore - numa numa english version MP3

    plz send me some suggestions, like, comment, subscribe, thanx.
  • Numa Numa by O-Zone with English/Romanian Lyrics :)

    Numa Numa by O-Zone with English/Romanian Lyrics :) MP3

    All the fun of Numa Numa with the added fun of lyrics in english and romanian ON SCREEN!

    Tags: Numa Numa, O-Zone, tiger7210, lyrics, lyric, on, screen, on screen, jay sean, justin bieber

  • Numa Numa (English Version) with Lyrics

    Numa Numa (English Version) with Lyrics MP3

    Tags: Rock Music, Pop Music, Music With Onscreen Lyrics, Music (Industry), Numa Numa (Film), Industry (Literature Subject), Halloween, english, lyrics, Full, Song, Rocky, Album, New, Mountain, Screen, Costume, Trick, Treat, Hollywood, Dew, Rambo, Happy, Kaiser, Candy, October, Sylvester, Chiefs, Happy Halloween, Jake, Ozone, Event, Ruby, Patch, Mask, Mask (Roger Glover Album), Kaiser Chiefs, Mountain Dew, Rocky Balboa, Carving, Riot, Parade, Skeleton

  • Naruto Numa Numa(english)

    Naruto Numa Numa(english) MP3

    i hope u enjoy song:numa numa sang by:o-zone made by:gary brolsma.

    Tags: naruto, numa, ozone, neji, gaara, sakura, hinata, orochimaru, kabuto, itachi, kisame, some, other, charcters, cant, name

  • Bleach: Numa English

    Bleach: Numa English MP3

    This is the English version of my Video Bleach: Numa Numa, the sub-titles are not in this one cause i figured I didn't need them (This was before Premiere ...

    Tags: Bleach, Numa, O-Zone

  • sonic numa english

    sonic numa english MP3

    OH CRAP!!!! 5000 VIEWS!!!! :O wow thx everybody. XD Edit: Jeez, guys. Over 500000 views on this terrible video? You're too kind. Well, if you want more, I'm on ...

    Tags: sonic, numa, english, OneTrueMedia

  • Fruits Basket- Numa Numa (English)

    Fruits Basket- Numa Numa (English) MP3

    Numa Numa English Made by me =] As it says, PLEASE leave comments!! Thanks!! ♥♥ EDIT:: Thank you for all the ppl who made it 5000+ views! =D.

    Tags: Fruits, Basket, Numa, English