Oe Cake Controls

  • How To: OE-Cake Controls

    How To: OE-Cake Controls MP3

    I may update this at a later time if i remember good info or find a new control. Slow shader mode: If you are getting bad FPS, set your desktop colours to 32 bit.

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  • OE Cake Crazy Combinations

    OE Cake Crazy Combinations MP3

    More interesting combinations abound when inflow materials and 3 materials + combinations abound! Thanks to mastatsan for the update on controls. EDIT: The ...

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  • OE-Cake 1.0.0b Gameplay Demonstration - Mixing Elements

    OE-Cake 1.0.0b Gameplay Demonstration - Mixing Elements MP3

    Just a quick demo of OECake. There's a lot more you can do... The Octave Engine is designed for next-gen games and is used in Tekken 6. This is a 1008x892 ...

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  • OE-Cake 1.1.0b Gameplay Demonstration - Bad Science

    OE-Cake 1.1.0b Gameplay Demonstration - Bad Science MP3

    A new version is out and it features improvements to the GUI as well as changes to some elements and it hasn't crashed once thus far. Some controls have been ...

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  • How To: Modify OE-Cake (Lesson 4)

    How To: Modify OE-Cake (Lesson 4) MP3

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  • How To: Modify OE-Cake (Lesson 3)

    How To: Modify OE-Cake (Lesson 3) MP3

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  • How To: OE-Cake Custom Materials (1.1.0b) (Part 1)

    How To: OE-Cake Custom Materials (1.1.0b) (Part 1) MP3

    IGNORE THE INFO IN THE VIDEO i was wrong, there is no version 1 and 2 of each combination. Please watch my new video (Part 2) on how to do it properly.

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  • OE-Cake - Paddleboat

    OE-Cake - Paddleboat MP3

    Just a test to prove that mechanical (no inflow) propulsion could work. The boat is linked to the red block in the middle of the paddle (propeller). It spins freely ...

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  • OE-Cake Elements Tutorial

    OE-Cake Elements Tutorial MP3

    Hello, my name is the OECakeMagicain. Usually I use a PC, but today only a Mac is available. Today, as my first episode, I will show you the basic usage of ...

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  • Oe-cake H bomb

    Oe-cake H bomb MP3

    yep this is a test of me doing a abnormalley large nuke. i have 4 sealed compartments that make it so they can fall a bit before exploding. thx to odog for giving ...

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  • OE-Cake Blending!

    OE-Cake Blending! MP3

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  • OE-Cake - Bush

    OE-Cake - Bush MP3

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  • oe cake  mixes

    oe cake mixes MP3

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  • OE-Cake Pure Awesomeness

    OE-Cake Pure Awesomeness MP3

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  • OE-Cake High-Res fluid

    OE-Cake High-Res fluid MP3

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  • oe cake mixes tutorial

    oe cake mixes tutorial MP3

  • OE-Cake --- Fire V.S. Water

    OE-Cake --- Fire V.S. Water MP3

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