Origa Serenata Lyrics

  • Origa: Serenata

    Origa: Serenata MP3

    This is a song by Origa from her album Era of Queens with a glowing dragon picture in the background.

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  • Serenata by Origa

    Serenata by Origa MP3


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  • Inner Universe-Origa Lyrics

    Inner Universe-Origa Lyrics MP3

    The lyrics to Inner Universe, the opening song from the first season of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex.

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  • Inner Universe Lyrics- origa

    Inner Universe Lyrics- origa MP3

    Inner Universe from ghost in shell, originally by origa. the full song with english translation, opening 1 in ghost in shell. Hope you enjoy!

    Tags: ghost, in, shell, Inner, Universe, pretty, lyrics, origa

  • Origa-Serenata(sub español)-español

    Origa-Serenata(sub español)-español MP3

    Es de un hermoso grupo ^^ dedicado para la chica que nunca sera mia ^^ pero igual la quiero mucho ^^

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  • Yoko Kanno feat. Origa & Ben Del Maestro - Inner universe (lyrics)(crystalized)[HD][FX]

    Yoko Kanno feat. Origa & Ben Del Maestro - Inner universe (lyrics)(crystalized)[HD][FX] MP3

    Buy oryginal album with this track at amazon.com: ...

    Tags: Yoko, Kanno, feat, Origa, and, Ben, Del, Maestro, Inner, lyrics, universe, ghost, in, the, shell, stand, alone, complex, ost, tlenex, chillout, crystalized, hd, hq, 720p

  • origa-aney unborn child w/ lyrics

    origa-aney unborn child w/ lyrics MP3

    Make sure the CC is on if you would like the subtitles on the screen :) disclaimer: I do not own this song or the pic it belongs to origa!!! I posted it it so those who ...

    Tags: origa, aney, unborn, child, lyrics, music, Anime (TV Genre)

  • Origa- Spiral with lyrics

    Origa- Spiral with lyrics MP3

    An epic video that takes you from earth to space. Listen to Origa as you travel through the universe, past the stars and across the planets. Go into a swirling spiral ...

    Tags: Origa, Spiral, space, vortex, black, holes, shooting, stars, planets, solar, system, colors, explosions, fireworks, flower, petals, leaves, snow, earth, sparkle, water

  • Origa-You

    Origa-You're My River w/English lyrics MP3

    Origa's version of the Russian traditional song "Ty, Reka Li Moya Rechen'ka" with English subtitles. More english lyrics are avalible here: ...

    Tags: origa, world, music, folk, russian, traditional, my, river

  • Origa - Yurikago No Kioku w/ English lyrics

    Origa - Yurikago No Kioku w/ English lyrics MP3

    Origa's song "By My Cradle" with English subtitles. More lyrics are avalible at: http://freewebs.com/russianbreeze.

    Tags: origa, world, music, yurikago, no, kioku, illusia

  • Origa-Moon

    Origa-Moon MP3

    UPDATE* Thanks to many people for pointing this out but this version of the song is not performed by Origa but by Gabriella Robin. I can't change the video to ...

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