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  • We

    We're My OTP - Official Music Video | Troye Sivan MP3

    Purchase the song here: http://www.troyesivan.bandcamp.com :) SUBSCRIBE! :) Written, recorded, produced, shot and directed by Troye Sivan ...

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  • "I Ship It" — an Icona Pop parody by Not Literally Productions

    "I Ship It" — an Icona Pop parody by Not Literally Productions MP3

    Buy the single here: http://bit.ly/17M7QEq Visit us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/notliterally Follow us on Tumblr: http://not-literally.tumblr.com Follow us ...

    Tags: Icona Pop (Musical Group), Parody (Literary School Or Movement), not literally, not literally productions, I ship it, I love it, I Love It (Composition), parody, spoof, tumblr, shipping, crack ship, crackship, otp, go down with this ship, fandom, fangirl, fanboy, anthem

  • The Best OTP (Original Fandom Song)

    The Best OTP (Original Fandom Song) MP3

    This little song of mine got really famous on tumblr and people told me i should do a video so here it is!* Here's my tumblr: ...

    Tags: orinal song, ukulele, sherlock, star trek, The Best OTP, spock, The Fault In Our Stars (Book), hazel grace, Castiel (Fictional Character), tumblr, Tumblr (Organization), Doctor Who (TV Program), Rose Tyler (Fictional Character), Disney, torchwood, Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV Program), Harry Potter, Hermione Granger (Fictional Character), Kim Possible (TV Program), The Hunger Games, Teen Wolf, Sterek, Welcome to NIght Vale, Cecil Baldwin

  • Troye Sivan - OTP Lyrics

    Troye Sivan - OTP Lyrics MP3

    Troye Sivan's OTP Original song with lyrics! Comment, subscribe, like. I am taking requests for any song, so just comment what you want doing! :) Enjoy ^_^ ...

    Tags: troye sivan, music, lyrics, otp, original, Song, New, Singer

  • The OTP Song (I Will Go Down With this Ship)

    The OTP Song (I Will Go Down With this Ship) MP3

    Original Song: White Flag by Dido Lyrics Written by SapphireLovesTheSea So basically I saw DanIsNotOnFire's video about shipping (I Will Go Down With This ...

    Tags: white, flag, dido, otp, song, sapphirelovesthesea, danisnotonfire, will, go, down, with, this, ship, parody, fanfiction, tumblr, youtube, deviantart, singer, arya, rose, aquamarinewater, sapphireoceans

  • My OCD (Song)

    My OCD (Song) MP3

    A song about making things right. iTUNES: http://bit.ly/MyOCDsong NOTE: We understand that OCD is a serious mental disorder that significantly affects the lives ...

    Tags: Rhett, Link, Rhett and Link, rhettandlink, Good Mythical Morning, GMM, funny, YouTube, comedy, Mythical Beasts, weird, epic, hilarious, stupid, silly, OCD, Blame it on my OCD

  • My OTP is Better Than Yours - The OTP Song

    My OTP is Better Than Yours - The OTP Song MP3

    Inspired by my high school friends, who told me to write something like this a long time ago. My OTP is Better Than Yours - The OTP Song.

    Tags: My OTP is Better Than Yours - The OTP Song, My OTP is Better Than Yours, The OTP Song, The, OTP, Song, Singing, Acoustic Guitar (Musical Instrument), sillyness, My, Is, Better, Than, Yours, Heartfelt Humor, Nancy Kepner, Fandom, Shipping, Fandom Warfare, Silly tumblr, anime, games, comics, geeky, fanfiction, fanart, funny, haha

  • Best Ship Ever (lyrics in description) | OTP song

    Best Ship Ever (lyrics in description) | OTP song MP3

    Too many fandoms to handle. If I'm not mistaken, mainly dedicated to Destiel. *** Lyriccccs: Maybe it's the way they stared No not just a glance, more complex ...

    Tags: Tumblr (Organization), Best Song Ever, cover, fandom, song, guitar, vocals, fangirls, feels, shipping, fans, otp, destiel

  • Troye Sivan - We

    Troye Sivan - We're My OTP || Lyrics MP3

    Song by: Troye Sivan Title: We're My OTP SUBSCRIBE TO TROYE: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWcrr8Q9INGNp-PTCLTzc8Q I DO NOT OWN THE ...

    Tags: troye sivan, youtuber, australian

  • we

    we're my otp ❤ PHAN MP3

    I would like to imagine this is exactly how Dan was before he met Phil... This literally took me forever to make. I deleted this project 3 times before picking it up ...

    Tags: phan, amazingphil, danisnotonfire, troye sivan, Music (TV Genre), PHANVID, FANVID

  • AMV - Ship Happens - Bestamvsofalltime Anime MV ♫

    AMV - Ship Happens - Bestamvsofalltime Anime MV ♫ MP3

    bestamvsofalltime anime music video (amv) Ship Happens amv edited by Vivifx Latest amv in this playlist ...

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  • The OTP Song

    The OTP Song MP3

    I felt the need to write a song and this is what came out. That is all. I don't even regret using the word squabble.

    Tags: OTP, Song, Original, Ukulele, Rainbow, Dash, shirt, Phan, Dan, Phil, Alex, Carrie, Nanakitty, Tessa, Shawna, Charlie, Bryarly

  • Nightcore - We

    Nightcore - We're My OTP MP3

    Original song by Troye Sivan.
  • The OTP Song

    The OTP Song MP3

    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby The OTP Song · Nancy Kepner · Eric Susoeff Tunes for the Otaku ℗ 2015 Nancy Kepner Released on: 2015-04-03 ...

    Tags: Nancy, Kepner, Eric, Susoeff, Tunes, for, the, Otaku, The, OTP, Song

  • "Septiplier Away!" - The Markiplier & Jacksepticeye Song

    "Septiplier Away!" - The Markiplier & Jacksepticeye Song MP3

    Here is a song that I wrote about everyone's favorite Youtube power couple, Markiplier and jacksepticeye! This is a special video for the Septiplier fandom, so ...

    Tags: Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Septiplier Away, Song, robertidk