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  • OutKast - ATliens

    OutKast - ATliens MP3

    OutKast's official music video for 'ATliens'. Click to listen to OutKast on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/OutKastSpotify?IQid=OutKATL As featured on ATliens. Click to ...

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    [Big Boi] Well it's the M - I - crooked letter, ain't no one better And when I'm on the microphone you best to wear your sweater Cause I'm cooler than a polar bear's toenails Oh hell, there he go again talkin' that shit Bend, corner's like I was a curve, I struck a nerve And now you bout to see this Southern playa serve I heard it's not where you're from but where you pay rent Then I heard it's not what you make but how much you spent you got me bent like elbows, amongst other things, but [...]
  • outkast - ATLiens

    outkast - ATLiens MP3

    track 3 - ATLiens - 1996.

    Tags: Rap, Outkast, ATLiens

  • OutKast | ATLiens - 14 - 13th Floor/Growing Old [Instrumental]

    OutKast | ATLiens - 14 - 13th Floor/Growing Old [Instrumental] MP3

    Veröffentlichung: 25. November 1996 Label: LaFace Records /Sony BMG Produktion: OutKast/Organized Noize Über das Album: Für ATLiens produzierten Big ...

    Tags: OutKast, ATLiens, Instrumental

  • Outkast - 13th floor (Growing Old)

    Outkast - 13th floor (Growing Old) MP3

    track 14 - ATLiens - 1996.

    Tags: Rap, ATLiens, Outkast, 13th, floor, Growing, old

  • Outkast - ATLiens (instrumental)

    Outkast - ATLiens (instrumental) MP3

    Another classic Outkast beat I had to put up here... I don't think anyone'll argue. ;)

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  • Outkast - ATLiens Remix By Jam

    Outkast - ATLiens Remix By Jam MP3

    Remake of OutKast's 1996 Classic "ATLiens" Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, the Baltimore native emcee "Jam," combines old school and new, influenced ...

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  • Outkast-Aquemini

    Outkast-Aquemini MP3

    Track from the album "Aquemini"

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  • OutKast - Elevators (Me & You)

    OutKast - Elevators (Me & You) MP3

    OutKast's official music video for 'Elevators (Me & You)'. Click to listen to OutKast on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/OutKastSpotify?IQid=OutKEMY As featured on ...

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    Elevators (Me & You)


    Verse One: Andre One for the money yes uhh two for the show A couple of years ago on Headland and Delowe Was the start of somethin good Where me and my nigga rodes the MARTA, through the hood Just tryin ta find that hookup Now everyday we look up at the ceiling Watchin ceiling fans go around tryin ta catch that feelin We caught the 86 Lithonia headed to Decatur Writing rhymes tryin ta find our spot off in that li[...]
  • ATLiens [Outkast x Logic Mash-Up]

    ATLiens [Outkast x Logic Mash-Up] MP3

    Track 12 off of my Mash-Up Project Mixx N' Match. This Mash-Up I took Outkast classic ATLiens record and added a verse from Logic that he entitled BackPack ...

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  • Tincup, Quix, G-Rex & King Tutt - Rainy Day (ATLiens Trap Remix)

    Tincup, Quix, G-Rex & King Tutt - Rainy Day (ATLiens Trap Remix) MP3

    Tincup, Quix, G-Rex, King Tutt - Rainy Day (ATLiens Remix) » Subscribe here: https://www.youtube.com/user/tribaltrapmusic?sub_confirmation=1 » Download ...

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  • ZHU - Moves Like Ms. Jackson (Outkast Cover)

    ZHU - Moves Like Ms. Jackson (Outkast Cover) MP3

    SOUNDISSTYLE - You are what you listen to. » Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soundisstyle » Twitter: https://twitter.com/soundisstyle » SoundCloud: ...

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  • Outkast - Jazzy Belle

    Outkast - Jazzy Belle MP3

    Outkast at their best.

    Tags: outkast, atliens, jazzy, belle

  • Outkast - Elevator (Me & You)

    Outkast - Elevator (Me & You) MP3

    Classic southern hip-hop..Outkast in their prime.

    Tags: outkast, atliens, elevators

  • Outkast- 13th Floor(Growing Old) Lyrics

    Outkast- 13th Floor(Growing Old) Lyrics MP3

    Outkast- 13th Floor (Growing Old) Lyrics: Conceive true deception multiplied a million fold Visualize the yin and yang in a battle so intense that we get em ...

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  • ATLiens (Freestyle)

    ATLiens (Freestyle) MP3

    Free Mp3 Download: https://soundcloud.com/hungry-hd/atliens-freestyle #FridayAfternoonAirout http://HungryHD.com @Hungry_HD Facebook.com/HungryHD.

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  • OutKast - Jazzy Belle (Remix)

    OutKast - Jazzy Belle (Remix) MP3

    Music video by OutKast performing Jazzy Belle. (C) 1996 LaFace Records LLC.

    Tags: LaFace Records, OutKast, Jazzy Belle, Hip Hop


    Jazzy Belle


    Andre: Yeah Oh yes I love her like Egyptian, want a description, my royal highness So many plusses when I bust that there can't be no minus Went from yellin' crickets and crows, bitches and hoes to queen things Over the years I been up on my toes and yes I seen things like Kilroy, chill boi because them folks might think you soft talkin' like that, man fuck them niggaz I'm goin' off and comin' right back, like boomerangs when you throw em With these old[...]
  • OutKast - Roses

    OutKast - Roses MP3

    OutKast's official music video for 'Prototype'. Click to listen to OutKast on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/OutKastSpotify?IQid=OutKROS As featured on ...

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    Caroline! (Caroline!) See, Caroline, all the guys would say she's mighty fine (mighty fine) But mighty fine only got you somewhere half the time And the other half either got you cussed out, or coming up short Yeah, dig this now, even though (even though) You'd need a golden calculator to divide (to divide) The time it took to look inside and realize that Real guys go for real down-to-Mars girls, yeah I know you'd like to think your shit don't stank But lean a little bi[...]
  • Outkast- Wheelz of Steel

    Outkast- Wheelz of Steel MP3

    Outkast- Wheelz of Steel Atliens I don't own the rights to this Enjoy and please SUBSCRIBE.

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