Parorangi Lyrics

  • Parorangi - Hami Jacob

    Parorangi - Hami Jacob MP3

    Pororangi sung by hami with on going song .

    Tags: Maori, Cover, Singing, Rising

  • hato paora solo singer

    hato paora solo singer MP3

    six years and people are still asking what his name is, This is a small group of students from Hato Paora College, Feilding that traveled to Italy. Lead Singer is ...

    Tags: hato, paora, maori, manaia, nuku te aio, hp, hpc, otaki, waiata

  • Janay Kahui Singing Parorangi

    Janay Kahui Singing Parorangi MP3

    Hey guys i was bored and i love this song so much so i thought i might as well try and sing it ad share it with you guys. AGAIN APOLOGIEZ for the lyrics i tried my ...

    Tags: Movie, on, 2011, 12, 28, at, 03, 17, Singing, Music

  • Nuku Te Aio (Maori Medley) - Shanice Setu & Pelenaise Cook

    Nuku Te Aio (Maori Medley) - Shanice Setu & Pelenaise Cook MP3

    A Maori Medley song (Nuku Te Aio). Shanice Setu on the left (samoan), Pelenaise Cook on the right (tongan), and PK Harris playing the guitar. none of em are ...

    Tags: Shanice, Setu, Pelenaise, Cook, PK, Harris, Maori, Medley, Music, Otahuhu, College, New, Zealand

  • parorangi solo, manaia

    parorangi solo, manaia MP3

    you said you wanted to hear more from manaia so here he is singing parorangi solo in the changing room before a performance in italy.

    Tags: solo, hato, paora, manaia, italy

  • Aiesha singing Parorangi on guitar

    Aiesha singing Parorangi on guitar MP3

    Heeyllo guyz... Im actually glad u guyz are watchin this, thumbs up, comment below, subscribe and yeah... Love u guyz.
  • Parorangi - XXXClusive 2010

    Parorangi - XXXClusive 2010 MP3

    ccchhhhh mean cuzzie.

    Tags: parorangi, hato, paora, pita, jox, maori, waiata, song, guitar, jam, xxxclusive, 2010, new, zealand

  • charles; parorangi

    charles; parorangi MP3


    Tags: chuur

  • Parorangi Cover

    Parorangi Cover MP3

    Kia ora Peeps, Just another waiata that I love and I hope you guys like it too! Chur to the Chur Cur!!!!!
  • Faith-Parorangi

    Faith-Parorangi MP3

    Faaaith singing parorangi ;) MEEEAN AS kotiro ;)

    Tags: Faith, Me, Wednesday, Richelle, Irirangi, Juju, others

  • parorangi cover

    parorangi cover MP3

    ice.lo&urztruly chillin messin w the guitar... singin one can do it like MANAiA thoooo. kudos! ur BOMB.

    Tags: parorangi, maori, samoans, singing, OneTrueMedia

  • Parorangi cover

    Parorangi cover MP3

    Me just doing a Maori song cover :)
  • Nuku Te Aio - XXXClusive 2010

    Nuku Te Aio - XXXClusive 2010 MP3

    Cuzzie Pittzz singin. Joxxx backin up XXXclusivve 2010. nuke te aio.

    Tags: nuku, te, aio, hato, paora, maori, song, waiata, guitar, jam, xxxclusive, jox, pits, pita, new, zealand, diamond, brisbane

  • parorangi - Chang and Conor

    parorangi - Chang and Conor MP3

    parorangi - chang (guitar) conor (vocals), i stuff up some timing here and there, first time we ran it and couldn't b screwed going again.

    Tags: Movie, 14

  • PARORANGI - Spencer P. COVER

    PARORANGI - Spencer P. COVER MP3

    I was bored at home so just thought id do a video and upload it :) .. hope you like .. this is pretty much my first vid i guess .. so comment and tell me how it is .

    Tags: 110524, 193652

  • He Ra Hou Tenei - Matua Twins (Lyrics in desc.)

    He Ra Hou Tenei - Matua Twins (Lyrics in desc.) MP3

    Mean maori vocals. Terehia & Kere Matua LYRICS: Mawhiti mai ko te ra ka ao ka awatea. He ra hou tenei kua hura. Hiake ai ko te ra kia whakanuia, I tenei ra ...
  • Nuku te aio/parorangi beatboxing

    Nuku te aio/parorangi beatboxing MP3

    Just having fun no hating please :D.

    Tags: Nuku, Te, Aio, Parorangi

  • Maori Girl Sian Te Riini Singing Parorangi For Derek Emmons

    Maori Girl Sian Te Riini Singing Parorangi For Derek Emmons MP3

    Go to Sian on facebook Meet The Whole Family Who Made This Video?

    Tags: maori girl, chinese boy, parorangi, kool song, Song (Composition Type), pretty girl singing, airport song, maori singing, best song, girl song