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  • Maroon 5 - Payphone (Rock) by funtwo

    Maroon 5 - Payphone (Rock) by funtwo MP3

    iTunes - This is arrangement of 'Payphone' by Maroon 5. Making rock version of this song was a big fun. Enjoy! Gear list: Guitar - ESP Alfee ...

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  • Funtwo & Uni-Fi - Payphone (Studio Live)

    Funtwo & Uni-Fi - Payphone (Studio Live) MP3

    Funtwo and Uni-Fi Band performed Payphone by Maroon 5. It was a big privilege for me to play it with the friends, Uni-Fi Band You can purchase the Payphone ...

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  • Payphone Goes Rock By Renzo Liza ( Funtwo)

    Payphone Goes Rock By Renzo Liza ( Funtwo) MP3

    Suscribete*** Pronto Tutorial Clases de Guitarra: 984-338-164 Sigueme en :

    Tags: Goes, Lim Jeong-hyun (Musical Artist), Rock Music (Film Genre), Music (TV Genre), Renzo, Liza, Cover, Payphone rock

  • funtwo - Canon Rock 2012

    funtwo - Canon Rock 2012 MP3

    Download song from iTunes - This year's Canon has been featured with a new backing track. The efx I used on the video is Positive Grid's ...

    Tags: funtwo, guitar, payphone, jerryc, main theme, canon rock, mission, steve vai, mesa, fender, jerry c, ibanez, jamup, sungha jung, positive grid, canon, boogie, guitar wizard, joe satriani, esp, strings, picking, dunlop, john petrucci, maroon5, Lim Jeong-Hyun, tom anderson, guitar90

  • funtwo - I

    funtwo - I'm Alright -Bias amp making demo- MP3

    A demo of the amp making app Bias, covering Neil Zaza's I'm Alright. For this time you'll see me talking, which the accent sounds funny for me. I hope this demo ...

    Tags: sungha jung, guitar wizard, picking, steve vai, john petrucci, jerry c, mission, payphone, esp, mesa, main theme, strings, Lim Jeong-Hyun, positive grid, guitar90, guitar, maroon5, joe satriani, boogie, funtwo, tom anderson, bias, dunlop, fender, Neil Zaza (Record Producer), canon, canon rock, ibanez

  • funtwo - Canon, Live

    funtwo - Canon, Live MP3

    Download song on iTunes - I was the opening performer of the event 'NZCYF Festival 2012'. There were awesome films and makers at this ...

    Tags: mesa, main theme, canon, jerryc, Canon Rock, guitar wizard, Lim Jeong-Hyun, joe satriani, mission, payphone, strings, sungha jung, funtwo, dunlop, fender, ibanez, canon rock, guitar90, maroon5, jerry c, picking, john petrucci, tom anderson, boogie, guitar, esp, pachelbel, steve vai

  • funtwo - Carol 2012

    funtwo - Carol 2012 MP3

    Having a good Christmas season? I picked 'Angels We Have Heard On High' for this Xmas. I hope you enjoy the song and I wish your awesomely Merry ...

    Tags: carol rock, jerry c, funtwolim, maroon5, guitar wizard, joe satriani, john petrucci, sungha jung, canon, mission, steve vai, funtwo, ibanez, carol, angels we have heard on high, fender, boogie, esp, Jay Lim, main theme, payphone, noel, guitar90, picking, tom anderson, dunlop, mesa, Lim Jeong-Hyun, guitar, canon rock, strings

  • funtwo - Canon

    funtwo - Canon MP3

    Download song on iTunes - I am an instrumental rock guitarist from South Korea living in the beautiful country of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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  • Payphone

    Payphone MP3

    Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Payphone · Funtwo Payphone ℗ 2012 Funtwo Released on: 2012-11-11 Auto-generated by YouTube.

    Tags: Funtwo, Payphone

  • funtwo - It

    funtwo - It's OK MP3

    This is my original song called It's OK. One day I was playing around random riffs with my guitar. An idea popped up. It was an easy and simple riff followed by ...

    Tags: maroon5, sungha jung, jerry c, funtwo, joe satriani, canon rock, fender, strings, Lim Jeong-Hyun, original, payphone, steve vai, picking, boogie, john petrucci, ibanez, canon, main theme, guitar, tom anderson, dunlop, mesa, guitar90, guitar wizard, mission, esp

  • funtwo - Happy Birthday To You

    funtwo - Happy Birthday To You MP3

    Re-arranged version. Enjoy! . Also please visit: Check out Funtwo's songs here: ...

    Tags: maroon5, birthday, john petrucci, jerry c, steve vai, canon rock, guitar90, Lim Jeong-Hyun, guitar, joe satriani, sungha jung, mesa, happy birthday, canon, mission, main theme, dunlop, guitar wizard, payphone, funtwo, tom anderson, boogie, esp, picking, fender, strings, ibanez

  • Neil Zaza - I

    Neil Zaza - I'm Alright - Covered by Funtwo MP3

    2016 Spring Home Series #3. On every Friday we've been uploading, 1 song, 1 video. This song, I love playing it again and again. :-) Here's Neil Zaza's I'm ...

    Tags: funtwo, Lim Jeong-Hyun, guitar, tom anderson, mesa, boogie, ibanez, sungha jung, fender, joe satriani, steve vai, john petrucci, canon, canon rock, jerry c, esp, guitar wizard, picking, strings, dunlop, mission, main theme, payphone, maroon5, van halen, Joe bonamassa

  • funtwo (canon played) - vivaldi - the four season

    funtwo (canon played) - vivaldi - the four season 'summer' MP3

    Tags: funtwo, canon, four, summer

  • ~ Canon Rock ~ better than funtwo!!

    ~ Canon Rock ~ better than funtwo!! MP3

    So one of my friends sent me this video of this guy he knows who was joking around saying he was gonna challenge some youtube guitar star to a guitar duel.

    Tags: canon, rock, guitar, awesome, funtwo, q, park, jerryc, jerry, amazing, best, guitarist, shred, challenge, duel

  • funtwo - You Are My All in All (Rock Ver.)

    funtwo - You Are My All in All (Rock Ver.) MP3

    Ah, I wanna get it faster and harder! You know we rock guitar player all have that sort of desire in our minds. This clip was made to monitor my stage presence ...

    Tags: guitar, picking, joe satriani, john petrucci, maroon5, canon rock, steve vai, mission, fender, you are my all in all, ibanez, funtwo, esp, boogie, tom anderson, dunlop, main theme, Lim Jeong-Hyun, payphone, guitar wizard, guitar90, canon, jerry c, strings, sungha jung, mesa