Pink Panty Dropper Recipe

  • Pink Panty Dropper Recipe -

    Pink Panty Dropper Recipe - MP3 The Pink Panty Dropper is a popular punch bowl drink served at parties, weddings, and your local dive bar. Our version is made with ...

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  • How To Make "Pink Panty Droppers" AKA "Skip and go naked" drink

    How To Make "Pink Panty Droppers" AKA "Skip and go naked" drink MP3

    Great drink for large group events! THIS IS VERY STRONG make sure not to over do yourself it WILL catch up with you very quickly... Full Batch 30 x 12 oz cans ...

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  • How to make a Pink Panty Dropper - Tipsy Bartender

    How to make a Pink Panty Dropper - Tipsy Bartender MP3

    The Pink Panty Dropper...the ultimate frat party favorite that girls just love!!! The perfect drink for girls is one that's pretty and tasty (read: not too strong).

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  • How to make Pink Panty Drink + party highlights!!!

    How to make Pink Panty Drink + party highlights!!! MP3

    Hey ladies this is how I make pink panties, everyone has there own twist to it, just have fun!!! Remember to drink responsibly and make sure you are 21 yrs. or ...

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  • pink panty dropper recipe

    pink panty dropper recipe MP3

  • Panties Unleashed - Tipsy Bartender

    Panties Unleashed - Tipsy Bartender MP3

    Subscribe to Tipsy Bartender for more videos: This is one of those drinks that turns the party up a notch...Panties Unleashed! OUTTAKES: ...

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  • How to make pink panty droppers for sexy girls!

    How to make pink panty droppers for sexy girls! MP3

    Here is a short and easy video on to make Pink Panty Droppers ( Pink Panty Droppas!) All you need is Vodka, Beer, and Pink Lemonade.Pour in how much beer ...

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  • Cullen

    Cullen's Live Pink Panty Dropper - Drink of the Week 6/7 MP3

    Cullen's Live offers 1/2 price drinks every Thursday until 11pm. This week's drink of the week is the pink panty dropper. Watch as head bartender, Kim, shows us ...

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  • Summer beer recipe

    Summer beer recipe MP3

    dans summer beer recipe. sometimes also known as pink panty droppers.

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  • Panty Dropper Recipe: Honey Walnut Salmon

    Panty Dropper Recipe: Honey Walnut Salmon MP3

    Proudly sponsored by:

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  • How to Make Pink Panties

    How to Make Pink Panties MP3

    Learn how to make this summer favorite by yours truly Chante.

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  • Pink Panty simple recipe

    Pink Panty simple recipe MP3

    Pink panty: Frozen concentrate pink lemonade Rum Whipped topping/coolwhip Ice .... that is it more no less.
  • IN keke

    IN keke's kitchen #27 Virgin Pink Panties Drink MP3

    Great Party Drink! Baby Showers, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette Party or Anytime...If you want a Alcoholic Beverage replace the Ginger Ale with Gin ....Hope you ...

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  • Pink Panty Dropper

    Pink Panty Dropper MP3

    This is how we made our batch of ppd it has 18,16oz beers of keystone and a gallon of vodka and 8 frozen pink lemonades... You guys can use any type of beer ...

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  • How to make Pink Panties

    How to make Pink Panties MP3

    Alcohol Drink.

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