Pokemon Theme Tune Mp3

  • Pokémon Theme Tune arranged for Classical Guitar || Syd R Duke

    Pokémon Theme Tune arranged for Classical Guitar || Syd R Duke MP3

    Download the sheet music: https://www.dropbox.com/s/30pp9bdbv8pbeht/Pokemon%20for%20Guitar.pdf ...and the mp3: ...

    Tags: Syd R Duke, Classical Guitar (Musical Instrument), Pokemon, Cover, Acoustic, Acoustic Cover

  • Pokemon Theme Song (Russian Cover)

    Pokemon Theme Song (Russian Cover) MP3

    Сосиса - я выбираю тебя! Паблик ВК https://vk.com/gingertail Инстач http://instagram.com/alina_gingertail.

    Tags: Theme Music (Musical Genre), Song (Composition Type), Theme Song, Pokemon, Opening, Cover, Acoustic, Guitar, Acoustic Cover, Guitar Cover, Acoustic Music (Musical Genre), Anime (TV Genre), Osteichthyes (Animal), Television (Invention), girl, ferret, OST, Soundtrack

  • Pokémon Theme Song - Togun

    Pokémon Theme Song - Togun MP3

    Available on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/pokemon-theme-single/id890926096 And all good digital stores. A childhood show that I watched and ...

    Tags: pokemon, togun, raby, Theme Music (Musical Genre), home, studio, recording, rock, pop, punk, version, cover, song, style, awesome, cool, funny, cat, dog, show, intro, music

  • Pokemon - Pokemon Theme (Full Version)

    Pokemon - Pokemon Theme (Full Version) MP3

    Pokemon - Pokemon Theme (Full Version) This was when the american version of the anime tryed to appeal kids with cool rock music and stuff... and it was ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Theme, Full, Version, Anime, TV, Show

  • Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE! - Smosh (1 hour)

    Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE! - Smosh (1 hour) MP3

    Hey guys, here is the 1 hour version of Smosh's video "Pokemon Theme Song REVENGE!" ! Enjoy ! :)

    Tags: pokemon, theme, video, vid, smosh, smosh pokemon, 1 hour, an, hour, an hour, one hour, one, song, songs, music, musics, une, heure, une heure, version, 1 hour version, an hour version, hour version, pokemon parody

  • Pokemon Theme Song on Synthesia

    Pokemon Theme Song on Synthesia MP3

    4/17/14: WTF?!?! This is my most viewed video now!!! Thank you all for the 113.6k views on this video, and keep sharing! You're all awesome!! :D 3/16/14: Oh my ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Theme, Song, Title, Synthesia, Pikachu, Pidgey, Charizard, Charmander, 1st, generation, of, pokemon, Ash, Team, Rocket, Misty

  • Born To Be A Winner Pokemon Theme Song (Full)

    Born To Be A Winner Pokemon Theme Song (Full) MP3

    Pokemon Johto League Champions Theme (Full) (: One of my favorite seasons (:

    Tags: Pokemon, Theme, Song, Theme Music (Musical Genre), League, Ash, champions

  • Pokémon Theme Song

    Pokémon Theme Song MP3

    The first theme song of Pokémon.

    Tags: Kanto, Theme, Song

  • ♪ "Pokemon Battle" - A Pokemon Theme Song Remixed by Minecraft Universe!

    ♪ "Pokemon Battle" - A Pokemon Theme Song Remixed by Minecraft Universe! MP3

    Download it on iTunes: http://bit.ly/PokemonBattle Download it on Google Play: http://bit.ly/PokemonBattleGP (You can also find this song on Spotify and other ...

    Tags: minecraft, minecraftuniverse, commentary, truemu, true, mu, universe, gaming, games, pixelmon, pixel, mon, pokemon, skydoesminecraft, sky, budder, butter, poke, squirtle, pikachu, charmander, bulbasaur, eevee, world, mod, mods, modder, xrpmx13, episode, one, water, fire, grass, electric, weakness, strong, four, three, treecko, jereomeasf, huskymudkipz, husky, ssundee, thebajancanadian, mitch, new, starter, pokemon battle, song, theme, trainer battle, trainer, music, truemusic

  • POKÉMON - All 17 theme songs with lyrics

    POKÉMON - All 17 theme songs with lyrics MP3

    Please subscribe, like, comment and share! What's your favourite song and season? Songs: Season 01: 00:20 Season 02: 03:39 Season 03: 07:00 Season 04: ...

    Tags: pokemon, season, song, music, kanto, johto, hoenn, sinnoh, unova, kalos, with, lyrics, with lyrics, all 17, 17, all 16, 16, theme, themes, ash, ash ketchum, misty, brock, tracey, may, max, iris, cilan, dawn, clemont, bonnie, full, world, born to be a winner, believe in me, wanna be, hero, this dream, unbeatable, battle frontier, diamond and pearl, heroes, battle cry, stand up, carry on, black and white, rival destinies, XY, pokemon XY

  • Barack Obama Singing the Pokémon Theme Song

    Barack Obama Singing the Pokémon Theme Song MP3

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    Tags: singing, obama singing, barack obama, barack, obama, comedy, polipop, maker studios, mashup, dubs, pokemon, pokemon theme, Theme Song, Clinton, Theme (music), Remix

  • Zem and Rob - Pokemon Theme (Cover)

    Zem and Rob - Pokemon Theme (Cover) MP3

    This is our version of the Pokemon theme song. All tracks used were recorded and programmmed from scratch by myself. No tracks from the original song were ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Theme, Robert Spurling, Zemyna Kuliukas, Pokemon Cover, Gibson Explorer Pro, Rode Nt-1a, Laney HC25R, Boss MT-2, Boss DD-3, Hardwire CR-7, Morley volume plus, ISP Decimator, Cubase 5, M-aduio Firewire Solo, EZdrummer, Zoom Q3HD, Mixing, Ash, dead set radio

  • Pokémon Theme Song Dubstep (ft. Lindsey Stirling)

    Pokémon Theme Song Dubstep (ft. Lindsey Stirling) MP3

    You can buy Pokémon X & Pokémon Y here! http://bit.ly/KurtHugoSchneider_Pokemon The Pokemon Theme Song is classic. I had a ton of fun making this video ...

    Tags: pokemon, theme song, dubstep, lindsey stirling, kurt schneider, remix, music, in real life, pokemon theme song

  • Pokemon Theme Song Guitar Cover

    Pokemon Theme Song Guitar Cover MP3

    Website- http://www.kalenwillits.co.cc/ Don't forget to subscribe!!! I have been burning to do this video for a long time, tonight just finally felt right. It worked out ...

    Tags: Pokemon, Theme, Song, Guitar, Cover, Dava, Picks, Orange, Tiny, Terror, Monster, Cables, Rock, Metal, Music, Jazz, Clean, Distortion, Boss, ME-70, Effects, Pedal, Tall, Gallien-Kruger, Cabinet, Super, Shifter, Equalizer, lights, Seymour, duncan, Better, Than, Nothing, Band, Guitarist, Texsas, Special, Warmoth, Rich, Strato, Caster, Draco, 1st, 100, Gibson, Sonex, 180, Deluxe, Jackson, Dinky, Rockfeild, Graph, tech, Acousti-phonic, Maple, Swamp, Ash, Mahogony, Chorus, Musical, Epic, Win, Elixer, Strings, Solo

  • All Pokémon Opening Theme Song

    All Pokémon Opening Theme Song MP3

    All Pokémon opening theme song (17 Seasons including the XY Series). This video was intended for fans and neither to infringe the copyrights nor in any way, ...

    Tags: Pokemon, opening, theme, song, 17, Seasons, XY, Series, 17 Seasons, XY Series, All

  • Pokemon X and Y Theme song English HD with MP3 DOWNLOAD

    Pokemon X and Y Theme song English HD with MP3 DOWNLOAD MP3

    The Pokemon X and Y theme song in English! http://www.mediafire.com/download/9e27wv3e6x69x3e/Pokemon+X+and+Y+Theme+song+English+HD.mp3.

    Tags: pokemon, song, Video Game (Industry), Industry (Organization Sector), Official, Theme, Theme Song, Opening, Main, Ash, Rumble, real, anime

  • Pokemon Theme (Version XY) // Opening // Full Version Extended Mix

    Pokemon Theme (Version XY) // Opening // Full Version Extended Mix MP3

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Pokemon nor this song. All rights go to ShoPro and The Pokemon Company International. This video is purely meant for non-profit ...

    Tags: pokemon, xy, the series xy, theme, extended, Remix, Theme Song, Full, Opening, Mix

  • Pokémon Theme Song Dubstep Remix (Arion Remix)

    Pokémon Theme Song Dubstep Remix (Arion Remix) MP3

    Special thanks to Headaches, Rogue and Arion! ........... ...................__ ............./´¯/'...'/´¯¯`·¸ ........../'/.../..../......./¨¯\ ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')...

    Tags: Remix, Theme, Song, Pokemon, Bass, Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Drum, Mix, Jungle, Opening, Feat, Main, Arion, Pokemon dubstep, pokemon, Pokestep, Title, boobs, poke, multilayer, multplayer, e3, e 3, expo, electronic, entertainment, halo, industries, forge, flood, 343i, mlg, competitive, matchmaking, match, making, matcg, inffinity, mode, war, room, warhouse, arena, weekly, challenge, gameplay, game, play, firefight, red

  • Pokémon Theme - Gotta catch

    Pokémon Theme - Gotta catch 'em all! + Pokémon medley [piano] MP3

    Here's my piano cover of the first pokemon opening song: Gotta catch em all! This is probably one of the most well-known anime songs worldwide, and I am ...

    Tags: piano, cover, anime, sheet, music, opening, ending, song, op, ed, soundtrack, main, theme, ost, keyboard, arrangement, insert, transcription, otaku, intrumental, fan, animenz, track, sad, beautiful, season, full, version, ver, pokemon, catch them all, german, english, master, jason paige, poke, ash, game, blue, edition, red, yellow, firered, leafgreen, center, surfer, bicycle, bike, route, kanto, scary, gotta, catch em all, medley, generation, first, bgm, gameboy, background, city, ruby, sapphire, emerald, pikachu, gba, nintendo, pallet, lavender

  • Kin | Pokemon | Gotta Catch Em

    Kin | Pokemon | Gotta Catch Em' All (Pokemon Theme Song) | Drum Cover (Studio Quality) MP3

    So here's a bit of a weird video for you guys... Well, not "Weird" but mostly... Something I wouldn't usually do but the truth is I just do covers of songs that get stuck ...

    Tags: Drummer, (Profession), Drums (Musical Instrument), Role-playing Video Game (Media Genre), Quality, Drumming, Pokemon, Recording, Recording Studio (Industry), Pinnacle, Ash, Rocket, Ultimate, Team, Misty, May, Pocket, Brock, Song, Theme, Theme Song, Opening, Main, Theme Music (Musical Genre), Industry (Organization Sector), Yellow, Rumble, Title, Episode, Battle, Drum Cover, Pokemon Theme Song Cover, Pokemon Cover, Theme Song Cover, Gotta Catch Em All