Radiohead Rarities

  • Radiohead - Follow Me Around (Live in Toronto

    Radiohead - Follow Me Around (Live in Toronto '00) MP3

    Follow Me Around live at Air Canada Centre, Toronto.

    Tags: Radiohead, live, Follow, Me, Around, 2000, Toronto, Canada

  • Radiohead - Londres, Inglaterra [Astoria theatre] [1997-09-03]

    Radiohead - Londres, Inglaterra [Astoria theatre] [1997-09-03] MP3

    Tracklist: 01. Airbag 02. Karma police 03. Banana co. 04. Paranoid android 05. My iron lung 06. Maquilladora 07. Subterranean homesick alien 08. No surprises ...

    Tags: Radiohead

  • Radiohead - Planet Telex (Hexidecimal Mix)

    Radiohead - Planet Telex (Hexidecimal Mix) MP3

    I'm uploading some of my favorite remixes from my favorite artist, Radiohead. This one's pretty good. You can find it on the "Lost Treasures" album. But it would ...

    Tags: Radiohead, Plant, Telex, Rare, Rarities, rare, rarities, Hexidecimal, Mix, Lost, Treasures, 1993, to, 1997, The, Bends, Thom, Yorke, Johnny, Greenwood, Collin, vs, U2, music, Alternative, Electronic, radiohead

  • Radiohead - Planet Telex (L.F.O. JD Remix)

    Radiohead - Planet Telex (L.F.O. JD Remix) MP3

    More Radiohead rarities yay :3 Released on the High & Dry / Planet Telex CD2 Single from 1995, track # 4/4 Even when it's just like a simple drum and voixe mix ...

    Tags: Radiohead, High and Dry, Planet Telex, singles, b-sides, Marc Bell, rare, abstarct, experimental, breakbeat