Regret Message Download

  • 【UTAUカバー】 Regret Message -Ballad ver- 【Tama】 + UST

    【UTAUカバー】 Regret Message -Ballad ver- 【Tama】 + UST MP3

    UST by me Thanks for 500+ subscribers ------ Tama is my little sister's UTAU VCV UST + instrumental: ...

    Tags: cover, utau

  • Regret Message English Dub

    Regret Message English Dub MP3

    I dubbed over Mothy-P's instrumental with my own vocals. ^_^ Subscribe to my channel for more english translated japanese songs! Instagram: ...

    Tags: regret message, english dub, fandub, version, songdub, cover, sub, subbed, daughter of evil, servant of evil, popprincesses, evillious chronicles, kagamine rin, kagamine len, english, message of regret, PV, english version, letter of regret, daughter of white

  • Regret Message [Karaoke] + MP3 Download

    Regret Message [Karaoke] + MP3 Download MP3

    Made with WeVideo. Download: Enjoy!

    Tags: reget, message, rin, kagamine, karaoke, off, vocal, instrumental

  • 【Rin V4x】Regret Message/リグレットメッセージ 【VOCALOIDカバー】

    【Rin V4x】Regret Message/リグレットメッセージ 【VOCALOIDカバー】 MP3

    MP3: mothy is king. vsqx by xXMachiiXx or Satan. tunning and ...

    Tags: vocaloid cover, rin v4x, kagamine rin, regret message, vocaloid, evillious chronicles, mothy, ec

  • 【AviTaRi】Kagamine Rin - Regret Message [Indonesia cover]

    【AviTaRi】Kagamine Rin - Regret Message [Indonesia cover] MP3

    The sequel to Servant of Evil! Song: Regret Message Singer: Kagamine Rin Indo. Cover: AviTaRi Off Vocal Ballad version: rinkagamineKOKORO Anime PV: ...

    Tags: vocaloid, indonesia cover, kagamine rin, regret message, avitari

  • Regret Message (Music Box ver.)

    Regret Message (Music Box ver.) MP3

    Regret Message [ リグレットメッセージ] 鏡音リン・レン Note: This is just an edition of the original song. Download at:

    Tags: regret, message, music, box, vocaloid, kagamine, rin, len

  • [Vnsharing]Kagamine Rin - Regret Message - Vocaloid VietSub

    [Vnsharing]Kagamine Rin - Regret Message - Vocaloid VietSub MP3

    Kể từ ngày 5.11.2012, các clip vocaloid vietsub sẽ được đăng trên kênh mới: thay cho kênh ...

    Tags: Re_birthday, Message, of, Regret, Daughter, Evil, Servant, Subbed, Sub, Kagamine, Rin, Len, Vocaloid, HQ, High, Quality, subtitles, hatsune, miku, kaito, meiko, vnsharing, vns, viet, sub, vocaloidfc, yamaha, crypton, vfc

  • 【歌手音ピコ~Regret Message (リグレットメッセージ) ~Mp3 Download】

    【歌手音ピコ~Regret Message (リグレットメッセージ) ~Mp3 Download】 MP3

    Mp3 (by LuYurippe) : Original video: Lyrics: On the ...

    Tags: Regret, Message, Utatane, Piko, song, version, MothyP, piano, rain, alternate, cover, Kagamine, Rin, AkunoP, fanart

  • Rin Kagamine - regret Message (Lyrics)

    Rin Kagamine - regret Message (Lyrics) MP3

    Download link: Just hit download machi-hazure no chiisana minato hitori tatazumu shoujo kono umi ni mukashi ...

    Tags: rin, kagamine, regret, message, lyrics, english, and, romaji

  • Regret message (Piano version)

    Regret message (Piano version) MP3

    Composer: Mothy Pianist: Vân Anh Yuffie Pictures: Monospec and Ragnarok26 Edited: Rinoa Fatali You can download the music sheet from here: ...

    Tags: Regret, message

  • Regret Message (Kaito Version)

    Regret Message (Kaito Version) MP3

    Regret Message By Shion Kaito :) It's the exact same version/lyrics as the one Kagamine Rin sings except Kaito sings it. :D Download link: ...

    Tags: Shion, Kaito, Regret, Message, Vocaloid, Story, of, evil, music, riguretto, messeeji, daughter, maid, servant, prince, blue

  • [Fandub]Regret message Thai version -Ballad-[Kurohina]

    [Fandub]Regret message Thai version -Ballad-[Kurohina] MP3

    Thai lyrics by Howling Thai lyrics in Len's part by Ay-jin Original by Kagamine Rin ...

    Tags: fan, dub, fandub, version, thai, vocaloid, kagamine, rin, regret, message, ballad

  • 【GUMI NATIVE】Regret Message Ballad【カバー】+VSQx

    【GUMI NATIVE】Regret Message Ballad【カバー】+VSQx MP3

    Requested by: Benny5415 I used the old Cover, since I thought it sounded good =] VSQx by: Me Picture from Zerochan. VSQx:!uZpmCAhR!

    Tags: Vocaloid, Vocaloid3

  • Regret Message (English Ballad Ver.) 【Frog】

    Regret Message (English Ballad Ver.) 【Frog】 MP3

    Watch the first in the series - Daughter of Evil ( Watch the second song in the series - Servant ...

    Tags: vocaloid, mothy, story, of, evil, daughter, servant, regret, message, akuma, aku, no, eng, dub, fandub, english, cover, me, singing, anime, japan, sad, Ballad (Musical Genre), English Language (Language In Fiction), version, slow, cry

  • Message of Regret with English Sub - リグレットメッセージ

    Message of Regret with English Sub - リグレットメッセージ MP3

    Credits: CRYPTON FUTURE MEDIA lordxwillie From Nico Video: sm3788091 Transcription Encoding: lxw English Lyrics: RENA Link to Lyrics: ...

    Tags: Re_birthday, Message, of, Regret, Daughter, Evil, Servant, English, Subbed, Sub, sm3788091, Kagamine, Rin, Len, Vocaloid, HQ, High, Quality, subtitles

  • Regret Message - Guitar/Mellow Instrumental Remix

    Regret Message - Guitar/Mellow Instrumental Remix MP3

    Only in Kagamine songs does an accordion actually work, it seems. I wanted to make a remix that had a bit more hope, at least a little bit more of a smile. Enjoy!

    Tags: regret message, kagamine, len, rin, vocaloid, regret, message, seven deadly sins, seven, sin, pride, yellow, daughter, servant, evil, daughter of evil, servant of evil, accordian, piano, low key, mellow, guitar, spanish guitar, Accordion (Musical Instrument)

  • 『リグレットメッセージ』Regret Message【GERMAN FANCOVER】

    『リグレットメッセージ』Regret Message【GERMAN FANCOVER】 MP3

    Recover #4 Vor 3 Jahren hatte ich dieses Lied zuletzt eingesungen. Dies war noch zu meiner Dubberanfangszeit auf MiyusWildeDubPage und ebenfalls der ...

    Tags: Messeji, no, Riguretto, Regret, Message, Nachricht, der, Reue, Vocaloid, Rin, Kagamine, Len, Daughter, Servant, of, Evil, mothy, akunoP, German, Fancover, Fandub, Voiceacting, BlueVoyagerKasuka, TamashiineKasuka, Kasuka, LoIinaChan, Lolina, Bloody897632645773

  • GUMI - Regret Message

    GUMI - Regret Message MP3

    I've been wanting to remake this song since I got GUMI. Please enjoy~ Download: ...

    Tags: vocaloid, 02, megpoid, daughter, of, evil, servent, aku, no, musume, hatsune, miku, kagamine, rin, len, kamui, gakupo, gackpoid, meiko, kaito

  • [Remi] Message of Regret English Dub

    [Remi] Message of Regret English Dub MP3

    (Angel) AMG...after 4 years...we have finally finished this series //diesfromembarassment *cough1080pforbestaudioqualitycough* *NEW* MP3 Download: ...

    Tags: message of regret, dub, dubbed, english, vocaloid, rin, kagamine, cover, ballad, version, reminiscent, hymn, princessstarangel7, remi

  • Poem - Code Geass Regret Message with English Sub - sm5959499 - HQ

    Poem - Code Geass Regret Message with English Sub - sm5959499 - HQ MP3

    From Nico Video: sm5911502, sm5959499 HQ version: Original Video: KL Audio: sm5959499 ...

    Tags: Regret Message, English, Subbed, Sub, sm5959499, HQ, High, Quality, subtitles, Mosaic, Kakera