Reka Smokin

  • Reka Smokin Official Lyrics

    Reka Smokin Official Lyrics MP3

    Thanks for viewing this video so many times! More lyrics vids to come! I'm also adding natural hairstyles to my channel check it out! **No copyright ** I made the ...

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  • Reka - Smokin ( Lyrics )

    Reka - Smokin ( Lyrics ) MP3

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  • Reka- Smokin

    Reka- Smokin MP3

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  • Reka - Sideline Girl ( With Lyrics )

    Reka - Sideline Girl ( With Lyrics ) MP3

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  • Reka - Smokin (cover)

    Reka - Smokin (cover) MP3

    Me & Shayla .
  • Toni singing reka smokin

    Toni singing reka smokin MP3


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  • Me singing Reka

    Me singing Reka's "Smokin" (: MP3

    A mess lol. (:

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  • Singing Reka Smokin

    Singing Reka Smokin' MP3

    Yeah we suck -.-

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    i didnt notice my cam was up lol ((: like/share/comment and subscribe.

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  • reka smokin

    reka smokin MP3

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  • Reka Smokin

    Reka Smokin' By Ronni MP3

    I Really Fucked Up.

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  • Reka-smokin(cover)

    Reka-smokin(cover) MP3

  • Reka lust thang

    Reka lust thang MP3

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  • reka smokin

    reka smokin MP3

    umm im mykia i just love this song so i had to sing it nd i was a lil nerves soo jus tell mi wat i need to work on.

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  • Reka- smokin (Tk cover)

    Reka- smokin (Tk cover) MP3

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  • shantazia singing reka smoking

    shantazia singing reka smoking MP3

    just bored nothing to do so start singing....cant here me....

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