Rock Star Prima J

  • Prima J - Rock Star

    Prima J - Rock Star MP3

    Music video by Prima J performing Rock Star. (C) 2007 Geffen Records.

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    Prima J

    Wow, tell me what you think you're lookin' at No, so I think I'm Queen Elizabeth No, and now I'm stuck inside your memory So, that's why it's so hard to get rid of me I'm incredible, so unforgettable So no one can take my place I'm unbreakable, highly flammable So girl, get out my face Oh my God, I'm going crazy Maybe 'cause we're so amazing An' everybody in there dazin' That's[...]
  • Prima J - Rockstar Lyrics

    Prima J - Rockstar Lyrics MP3

    Prima J - Rockstar Lyrics , i love this song.

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  • Prima J Rockstar w/ Lyrics

    Prima J Rockstar w/ Lyrics MP3

    READ! Prima J's song rockstar with the lyrics along with it! Ok so if you are going to say these lyrics are wrong. Dont. Thanks yall! I have got more than 300000 ...

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  • Nightcore-Rockstar by Prima J

    Nightcore-Rockstar by Prima J MP3

    I Do Not Own Anything! Konata Pic: I did have a link but now it's expired and I don't know where to get it again sorry :( Try typing in "Konata Bathing Suit" in ...

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  • Prima J - Corazón (You

    Prima J - Corazón (You're Not Alone) MP3

    Music video by Prima J performing Corazón (You're Not Alone). (C) 2008 Geffen Records.

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    Corazón (You're Not Alone)

    Prima J

    Don’t worry you're not alone Baby those days are gone I promise you it’ll get better, better Corazón a corazón Sometimes I just don’t get it And I don’t know why Your heart all up in it and it still don’t fly Girl I know, yeah I know Sometimes you're feeling so low When yo[...]
  • Prima J -Rock Star

    Prima J -Rock Star MP3

    Prima J -Rock Star (c)

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  • Rock Star by Prima J (Bratz The Movie)

    Rock Star by Prima J (Bratz The Movie) MP3

    01-Rock Star by Prima J This is a song of Bratz The Movie.

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  • Prima J - Rockstar with Lyrics

    Prima J - Rockstar with Lyrics MP3

    Great song by Prima J. Rockstar is taken from The Bratz Movie, from 2007. Please comment.

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  • Gossip Girl Best Music Moment #64 "Rockstar" - Prima J

    Gossip Girl Best Music Moment #64 "Rockstar" - Prima J MP3

    Gossip Girl Best Music Moments xoxo ~ Song: Rockstar Artist: Prima J Episode: Season 1, Episode 5 'Dare Devil' My Comment: ~ Back when Jenny was so ...

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  • Rockstar Prima J (Audio)

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  • Rockstar - Prima J

    Rockstar - Prima J MP3


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  • Prima J - Rockstar LIVE

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  • Prima J Rockstar Dance:)

    Prima J Rockstar Dance:) MP3

    This is my coreo. for my class of 6 to 8 year old girls.

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  • Rockstar - Prima J - Spring 2011 Talent Show

    Rockstar - Prima J - Spring 2011 Talent Show MP3

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  • Homestuck MEP || Rockstar || Full

    Homestuck MEP || Rockstar || Full MP3

    Track 1 LPSAngelOfDarkness {Kanaya} Track 2 pokemonlpsfan {Vriska} Track 3 Vivid Lights {Terezi} Track 4 wolfsrain1230 {Roxy} Track 5 Zoie TheAwesome ...

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  • Rockstar-Prima J

    Rockstar-Prima J MP3

    Rockstar by Prima J Enjoy! Comment Rate Subscribe!

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  • McKenzie Morales Rockstar jazz solo

    McKenzie Morales Rockstar jazz solo MP3

    Starquest 2012 Upland 9 years old.

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  • Gossip Girl PrimaJ Rockstar

    Gossip Girl PrimaJ Rockstar MP3

    Das ist ein lied aus dem gossip Girl soundtrack. Folge 2 Staffel 1. Download Link:

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  • Prima J: Making of "Rockstar"

    Prima J: Making of "Rockstar" MP3

    Take a look at how Prima J's first music video "Rockstar" was made and how they clicked with the girls from the Bratz cast!.

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  • Prima J - Rockstar at Six Flags

    Prima J - Rockstar at Six Flags MP3

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas Prima J performing Rockstar.

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