Rockstar Spoof

  • Nickelback Rockstar Spoof  - Popstar

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar MP3

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  • Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar (YouTuber Remix!)

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar (YouTuber Remix!) MP3

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    Tags: Popstar, Rockstar, Nickelback, Britney, Spears, Paris, Hilton, Lindsay, Lohan, parody, spoof, Justin, Timberlake, vlog, funny, comedy, DFTBA, nerdfighters

  • Nickelback - Rockstar [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    Nickelback - Rockstar [OFFICIAL VIDEO] MP3

    Nickelback's music video for 'Rockstar' from the album, All The Right Reasons - available now on Roadrunner Records. - CD: ...

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  • Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Superheroes

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Superheroes MP3

    we all just wanna be superheroes.

    Tags: Superheroes, superhero, spiderman, marvel, rockstar, nickelback, jamesatwar, james, at, war, spoof, parody, the, jordans, the2jordans, themrhopey, bevan, jordan, funny, kids

  • Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - I want to be a Boxer

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - I want to be a Boxer MP3

    Spoof song about dogs taken from Rockstar Nickelback.

    Tags: Nickelback, Rockstar, boxer, song, dog, Spoof, Chiwawa, Parody, slide, picture

  • Rockstar (Spoof)

    Rockstar (Spoof) MP3

    Decided to make this while skiing in France. Little did I know the amount of lyrics I needed to cover, without repeat. The other guest from "Le Panoramic" (great ...

    Tags: Rockstar, Nickelback, rock, star, spoofs, fun, mark, baker

  • Nickelback Rockstar Spoof (Tolmers Service Crew Parody of Nickelback Hit)

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof (Tolmers Service Crew Parody of Nickelback Hit) MP3

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Tolmers Service Crew Parodying the Nickelback Rockstar Hit during CTT 2008. At a Scout and Guide Campsite in Hertfordshire.

    Tags: Nickelback, RockStar, Spoof, Funny, Parody, Funniest, Comedy, Parodying, Rock, Star, Nickel, Back, Tolmers, TolmersServiceCrew, TolmersActivityCentre, CTT, CTT2008, Cuffley, CTT08, ServiceCrew, Service, Crew, ActivityCentre, Activity, Centre, Scouts, Scout, Scouting, Guide, Guides, Guiding, Hertfordshire, Requestshowtv, Country Rock (Musical Genre), Post-grunge (Musical Genre), Music (Industry)

  • Nickelback Rockstar Funny Spoof

    Nickelback Rockstar Funny Spoof MP3

    James, Scott, Matty, Snad and Sparky do Rockstar by Nickelback with the help of a few friends :P xx Tartan Spartans!

    Tags: parody, spoof, short, film, funny, nickelback, rockstar, scotland

  • Look at this Instagram (Nickelback Parody)

    Look at this Instagram (Nickelback Parody) MP3

    Download on iTunes - LIKE us on: The pictures you want to remember. A song you want to forget.

    Tags: Collegehumor, CH originals, Instagram, Nickelback, Look at this Photograph, Music Video, Parody, Cats, iphone, facebook, instagraming, pics

  • Rockstar Spoof

    Rockstar Spoof MP3

    Back where it should be :) Not the finished version we made but close enough.

    Tags: cheesy, comedy, funny, song, spoof, mltv, madloonytv, music, video, musical, sweeny, todd, sweenytodd, alittlepriest, little, priest

  • Rockstar(spoof) : Maryjane

    Rockstar(spoof) : Maryjane MP3

    for more videos click da link....

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  • Re: Nickelback Rockstar Spoof  - Popstar

    Re: Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar MP3

    A video I made of the video Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - Popstar by james at war, please go to his channel his a genius :D ...

    Tags: Popstar, Rockstar, Nickelback, Britney, Spears, Paris, Hilton, Lindsay, Lohan, parody, spoof, Justin, Timberlake, fred

  • Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - JamesAtWar Popstar Spoof - Pornstar

    Nickelback Rockstar Spoof - JamesAtWar Popstar Spoof - Pornstar MP3

    A few comments regarding this video: 1. There is no porn or R-rated content in this video. It's G-rated with possibly PG-rated lyrics. There is no reason to rate it ...

    Tags: nickelback, rockstar, jamesatwar, popstar, kolack, funny, goofy, parody, spoof, music, song, comedy, sketch, video, satire

  • Eminem - We Made You

    Eminem - We Made You MP3

    Music video by Eminem performing We Made You. (C) 2009 Shady Records/Aftermath Records/Interscope Records.

    Tags: Eminem, Aftermath, Hip, Hop


    We Made You


    Guess who? Did you miss me? Jessica Simpson, sing the chorus When you walked through the door, (whoo) it was clear to me (clear to me) You're the one they adore, who they came to see (who they came to see) You're a rock star (baby), everybody wants you (everybody wants you) Player, (oh) who can really blame you (who can really blame you) We're the ones who made you Back by popular demand Now pop a little Zan-tac for antacid if you can You're ready to tackle any task that is at hand How does it feel, is it fantastic is it grand? Well look at all the massive masses in the stands Shady man[...]
  • Nickelback - Rockstar Spoof (Popstar)

    Nickelback - Rockstar Spoof (Popstar) MP3

    i do not own this video.- owned by Nickelback. i do not own this song.- owned by james at war Lyrics: I'm through with livin in trailers With my pushy Mom I'm only ...

    Tags: Nickelback, funny, rockstar, popstar, spoof, weird, al, yankovich, james, at, war, parody

  • Dayner

    Dayner's Stag Do - Kinsale Rugby Sevens 2009 - Nickelback Rockstar (Spoof) MP3

    A video tribute to the greatest weekend i think i've ever had A truly legendary stag do for a truly legendary friend.Hope you enjoyed it mate, and now we have it ...

    Tags: nickleback, rockstar, dayners, stag, do, kinsale, 2009, sevens, rugby, video, dayner, proudfoot, gary, trueman, truzy, party, tribute, bollywood, nickelback, hindi, auto, engine, gta, queen, royal, wedding, prince, harry, william, cats, funny, cat, rhianna, eminem, 50, cent, kanye, west, music, oasis, acoustic, live, lounge

  • ROADSTAR (Spoof Of Rockstar)

    ROADSTAR (Spoof Of Rockstar) MP3

    This Spoof was Created by Students of F.Y.B.M.M. Special Thanks To Mr.Pawan Khade. Directed By Adesh Jain Balaji Chilvery Cast Kruttik Parekh Ayushi ...

    Tags: ROADSTAR, Spoof, Of, Rockstar, Ranbir, Kapoor, Nargis, Fakhri, Shammi, as, Janardhan, Jakhar, Jordan, JJ, Heer, Kaul, Ustad, Jameel, Khan, Aditi, Rao, Hydari, Sheena, Moufid, Aziz, Kumud, Mishra, Khatana, Piyush, Dhingra, Shernaz, Patel, Neena, Sanjana, Sanghi, Mandy, Special, Thanks, To, Directed, By, Adesh, Jain, Balaji, Chilvery, Cast, Kruttik, Parekh, Ayushi, Khandelwal, Camera, Editor



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  • Party Like a Rockstar - Shop Boyz [Spoof]

    Party Like a Rockstar - Shop Boyz [Spoof] MP3

    Shop Boyz Party Like a Rockstar. Parody Spoof: Red Bull Toro Rojo Song. Toro Rojo (Red Bull Song) By: Adam Cline Jodi Cline Chris Snur.

    Tags: Red, Bull, Song, Toro, Rojo, party, like, rockstar, parody, spoof, shop, boyz, shopboyz, boys, music, song, video, rock, star, Chris, Snur, redbull, red, bull, RedBull, Shop, Boyz

  • Rockstar Spoof by KATALAKA

    Rockstar Spoof by KATALAKA MP3

    Song: Rockstar by Nickelback Late nights working on our thesis. Classes after lunch. Last period classes in the afternoon. The clips in this video were taken ...

    Tags: rockstar spoof, college life, college humor, college students, bored students, katalaka