Santeria Bass Cover

  • Sublime - Santeria - Bass cover

    Sublime - Santeria - Bass cover MP3

    Looks like the video is back up? :)

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  • How to Play: Sublime - Santeria [Bass Lesson]

    How to Play: Sublime - Santeria [Bass Lesson] MP3

    Join the Worlds #1 Online Bass Academy for free and become a better bassist! YouTube: Facebook: ...

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  • "Santeria" by Sublime (Bass Cover + Tablature)

    "Santeria" by Sublime (Bass Cover + Tablature) MP3

    Tablature download: The song in this video is ...

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  • Santeria bass cover

    Santeria bass cover MP3

    Cover de Sublime - Santeria Bass: Music Man Sterling ray 34 PC: MacBook Pro 2007.

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  • Sublime - Santeria Bass Cover Tutorial With Tabs

    Sublime - Santeria Bass Cover Tutorial With Tabs MP3

    Sublime Santeria Bass Cover Tutorial With Tabs Please rate and comment , i wont judge you :) sublime santeria bass tab sublime santeria bass cover sublime ...

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  • Sublime - Santeria - Bass Cover By CaduBass

    Sublime - Santeria - Bass Cover By CaduBass MP3

    Direitos autorais sobre o áudio original pertencem à banda Sublime. Música do álbum Sublime de 1996 lançado pela gravadora MCA UMG gasoline Alley ...

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  • Santeria - Sublime [BASS COVER]

    Santeria - Sublime [BASS COVER] MP3

    This is my bass cover of "Santeria" by Sublime. I am playing a left handed Sterling Ray34 MusicMan. Enjoy! sublime bass cover, santeria bass cover, santeria ...

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  • Sublime - Santeria bass cover

    Sublime - Santeria bass cover MP3

    messed up a couple times but i gave it a shot...let me know what you think.

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  • Sublime - Santeria [Bass Cover]

    Sublime - Santeria [Bass Cover] MP3

    Join the Worlds #1 Online Bass Academy for free and become a better bassist! YouTube: Facebook: ...

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  • Sublime Santeria Bass Cover

    Sublime Santeria Bass Cover MP3

    Me playing santeria on the bass.
  • Santeria bass cover

    Santeria bass cover MP3

    Not Perfect, but fun to play!

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  • Santeria-Sublime (Bass Cover)

    Santeria-Sublime (Bass Cover) MP3

    Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around much. Things have been hectic but I'll try to post more often. Tell me what you think! Leave a comment if you have any ...

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  • Sublime "Santeria" - Bass Cover

    Sublime "Santeria" - Bass Cover MP3

    Tags: Sublime (Musical Group), Carol Moreira, Santeria, Bass Cover

  • Sublime - Santeria (bass cover) Pablo Dias

    Sublime - Santeria (bass cover) Pablo Dias MP3

    Linha de baixo da música Santeria do Sublime não é a linha original, versão um pouco destorcida, pois tirei de ouvido.

    Tags: sublime bass santeria pablo dias azira, Sublime (Musical Group), Reggae, Sublime (Musical Album), Roots

  • Sublime - Santeria Bass Lesson

    Sublime - Santeria Bass Lesson MP3

    One of my favorite songs from one of my favorite bass players in one of my favorite bands...guess you could say im a fan lol. Very cool bassline, I think i'll be ...

    Tags: Sublime (Musical Group), Eric Wilson, Reggae, Ska, Sublime (Musical Album), Santeria (Composition), Dub, Roots

  • Sublime - Santeria (Bass cover)

    Sublime - Santeria (Bass cover) MP3

    Sublime - Santeria.

    Tags: bass cover, santeria, sublime, rocksmith 2014

  • Santeria - Sublime [Bass tabs]

    Santeria - Sublime [Bass tabs] MP3

    Santeria - Sublime [Bass tabs] Sheet music available on: ...

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  • Santeria- Bass Cover

    Santeria- Bass Cover MP3

    Sublime- Santeria.

    Tags: Sublime (Musical Group), Santeria (Composition), Bass Guitar (Musical Instrument), Bassist (Profession), Cover Version (Literature Subject)

  • Sublime-Santeria Bass cover(fretless)

    Sublime-Santeria Bass cover(fretless) MP3

    Sublime Santeria Bass Fretless.

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  • Santeria Bass Cover

    Santeria Bass Cover MP3

    A little treat, hope you enjoy it. Sorry for mistakes made :-)

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