Setsuna X Marina

  • GUNDAM 00 .:Marina & Setsuna:. Endlessly

    GUNDAM 00 .:Marina & Setsuna:. Endlessly MP3

    I AM NOT THE OWNER OF THE ANIMATION (C), THE FANARTS (C) and THE SONG (C) FAN-MADE VIDEO Hi guys, Since 2009, I didn't made a video of ...

    Tags: marina, ismail, setsuna, gundam 00, movie, amv

  • Setsuna x Marina (AxS )

    Setsuna x Marina (AxS ) MP3

  • Gundam 00 Movie: Setsuna Awakens

    Gundam 00 Movie: Setsuna Awakens MP3

    Setsuna F. Seiei senses everyone and awakens as the battle against the ELS turns for the worse. Support this movie on DVD & Blu-Ray.

    Tags: Gundam, Gundam 00, movie, Trailblazer, Mecha, anime, Setsuna

  • [Setsuna x Feldt] Love Show

    [Setsuna x Feldt] Love Show MP3

    The movie made me love this couple. Anyway, the song is Love Show by Skye Made with Adobe, but I used very few affects because the song is slow.

    Tags: Gundam 00, Setsuna F Seiei, Feldt Grace, Setsuna x Feldt

  • Gundam 00 Breath Amv

    Gundam 00 Breath Amv MP3

    I made this about Setsuna and Marina when I had nothing to do . What i wanted to do I couldn't exactly do with movie maker but i guess it turned out alright ...

    Tags: Gundam00, Gundam, Setsuna, Marina, Breath, Amv, anime, animation

  • Gundam 00 Setsuna x Marina

    Gundam 00 Setsuna x Marina MP3

    Tags: Gundam (Fictional Universe), Universe (Quotation Subject), Quotation (Quotation Subject)

  • Gundam 00 ✿ A Thousand Years ✿ Setsuna/Marina +Feldt

    Gundam 00 ✿ A Thousand Years ✿ Setsuna/Marina +Feldt MP3

    Setsurina x Feldtsuna ✿✿✿ This Video was supposed to be only a "Setsurina Video" but since I have some clips of Feldt .. I LIKE Feldt too.. But I LOVE Marina ...

    Tags: setsuna and Marina, Setsuna and Feldt, Setsurina and Feldtsuna, Feldtsuna, Gundam 00 Movie epilogue, Marina Ismail Feldt Grace, Soran Ibrahim, Setsuna F Seisei, Setsuna F seiei

  • Marina and Setsuna

    Marina and Setsuna MP3

    Sorry... this is my first time making a video for youtube :D I hope you like it :)

    Tags: Anime, 0001

  • Setsuna F. Seiei & Marina Ismail

    Setsuna F. Seiei & Marina Ismail MP3

    Setsuna is Marina's only hope.

    Tags: Gundam 00, Marina Ismail

  • Marina İsmail - Tomorrow Piano

    Marina İsmail - Tomorrow Piano MP3

    Marina İsmail - Tomorrow Gundam 00 Setsuna x Marina ismail.

    Tags: Marina, Tomorrow, Gundam, 00, Setsuna, ismail, music

  • Setsuna//Marina [] Remember When, Setsuna? []

    Setsuna//Marina [] Remember When, Setsuna? [] MP3

    Happy New year everyone! :) Song: Remember when Anime: Gundam 00 I'm reaching out to you ...

    Tags: Setsuna, and, Marina, Ismail, Tomorrow, Feldt, gundam, 00, Suit, Remember, avril, Sawako, kazehaya, Forget, Setsurina, Setsumari

  • Gundam 00 - Setsuna and  Marina - New Divide REmIX [AMV]

    Gundam 00 - Setsuna and Marina - New Divide REmIX [AMV] MP3

    I dont own this video, it was created by an entirely different party so all credit goes to them .

    Tags: gundam, 00, setsuna, marina, Linkin, park, new, divide, anime, AMV, music, video

  • Marina and Setsuna - Across our Memories

    Marina and Setsuna - Across our Memories MP3

    for the Celestial Being Gundam meister Setsuna F seiei and The1st Azadistan Princess Marina Ismail. Copyright not intended I do not own Gundam 00 and the ...

    Tags: Marina and setsuna, Setsuna and Marina, Gundam 00

  • .:Allelujah & Marie:. Hana Kagari

    .:Allelujah & Marie:. Hana Kagari MP3

    Like my last video of Setsuna and Marina, I tried to put my best picts of Marie and allelujah together. I hope this video will satisfy the fans of this couple. The picts ...

    Tags: Allelujah, Marie, Soma, Gundam, 00

  • [SETSURINA] ~Soran(Setsuna)XMarina~

    [SETSURINA] ~Soran(Setsuna)XMarina~ MP3

    Setsuna (Soran) and Marina . I used the prelude manga to the movie titled "Where the earth and Sky meet"(so as the song) where setsuna and marina say their ...

    Tags: setsuna, and, marina, seiei, soran, krugis, azadistan, marinapstica, joyp, gundam, 00, lelouch, feldt, love, anime, musica, pag-ibig, pansinin, the, star, that, we, dreamt, quote, manga, movie, english, lyrics, in, description

  • painting ❀s [Setsuna/Feldt]

    painting ❀s [Setsuna/Feldt] MP3

    I couldn't help myself. This couple.... ACK. All my feels. Forever an OTP. ;3; & to think I called this pairing a crack pairing..... Valuable lesson of the day -- NEVER ...

    Tags: gundam, setsuna, seiei, feldt, grace, painting, flowers, this, song, fits, them, so, well

  • Setsuna F. Seiei Letter

    Setsuna F. Seiei Letter MP3

    Gundam 00 Copyright made me change to pictures instead of actual video.

    Tags: Gundam 00

  • ✕ Setsuna: No More Sorrow ✕

    ✕ Setsuna: No More Sorrow ✕ MP3

    Well, I finally downloaded some scenes of Gundam 00 Awakening of The Trailblazer. xD I just saw it like a few days ago, it was cool but I wish Setsuna and Feldt ...

    Tags: Gundam, 00, Awakening, of, The, Trailblazer, No, More, Sorrow, Linkin, Park