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  • Alabama Shakes - Shoegaze ( LYRICS)

    Alabama Shakes - Shoegaze ( LYRICS) MP3

    Song: Shoegaze Artist: Alabama Shakes Album : Sound and color All rights are to the original owners. I do not own this song. Disclaimer: none of this is mine.

    Tags: Alabama Shakes (Musical Group), Lyrics (Website Category), Shoegaze, Music (TV Genre), Rock And Roll (Musical Genre), Rock Music (Film Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Alabama (US State), Top 40 (Radio Format), USA Today (Publication)

  • Alabama Shakes - Shoegaze ( LYRICS)

    Alabama Shakes - Shoegaze ( LYRICS) MP3

    LISTEN TO SHOEGAZE. GREAT SONG. -Video Upload powered by
  • Amesoeurs - Faux Semblants ( With Translated Lyrics)

    Amesoeurs - Faux Semblants ( With Translated Lyrics) MP3

    From the amazing debut album by Amesoeurs! Don't forget to buy the album as i did! The Lyrics in French and English La nuit n'en finit pas Je deviens ...

    Tags: Amesoeurs, Neige, debut, album, new, post, rock, punk, Shoegaze, black, metal, Faux, Semblants

  • Thank God I

    Thank God I'm Pretty (Shoegaze Version) - Emilie Autumn (Lyrics in deps. box) MP3 LYRICS: Thank god I'm pretty The occasional free drink I never asked for The occasional admission to a seedy little bar ...

    Tags: thank, god, pretty, shoegaze, version, emilie, autumn, lyrics, opheliac, album, cd, gothic, pop, rock

  • M83 - "Wait" (Official Video)

    M83 - "Wait" (Official Video) MP3

    "Wait," taken from the album 'Hurry Up, We're Dreaming', is the final episode of the trilogy, the end point of the visual collaboration between M83 and Fleur ...

    Tags: daft punk, VICE, Intel, Creators, Project, Technology, Art, Music, Interview, Doc, M83, Midnight City, Music Video, Reunion, We Own The Sky, Steve McQueen, Graveyard Girl, Too Late, Mute, Records, Zola Jesus, Lower Your Eyelids, Couleurs, Remix, Electronic, Village of the Damned, Close encounters Third kind, Akiras, x-men, Official, Soundtrack, Kids, MGMT, Pop, Fleur, Manu, Division, Gucci, Cloud Atlas, Trailer, Sci-fi, Wolves, Earth, Space

  • Lush - De-Luxe (Official Video)

    Lush - De-Luxe (Official Video) MP3

    Subscribe to 4AD here: Taken from Lush's first single of 1990, the 'Mad Love' EP, the lead track, 'De-Luxe' - this is the 4AD version of ...

    Tags: Lush, Miki Berenyi, Emma Anderson, 4AD, De-Luxe, Steve Rippon, Chris Acland, Gala, lush deluxe, deluxe lush, lush 4ad, lush band, lush music, shake baby shake, ciao, jarvis cocker

  • Slowdive - Alison

    Slowdive - Alison MP3

    Band: Slowdive Album: Souvlaki Year: 1993 listen close and dont be stoned i'll be here in the morning cause i'm just floating while your cigarette still burns your ...

    Tags: Alison, Slowdive, Souvlaki

  • Deerhunter - Helicopter (with lyrics)

    Deerhunter - Helicopter (with lyrics) MP3

    Off the album Halcyon Digest Take my hand and pray with me My final days in company The devil now has come for me And helicopters circling the scene And I ...

    Tags: Deerhunter, Helicopter, lyrics, halcyon, digest, 2010

  • Slowdive - Crazy For You

    Slowdive - Crazy For You MP3

    Artist: Slowdive Song: Crazy For You Album: Pygmalion Year: 1995 Label: Creation Records Genre: Shoegaze, Dream Pop.

    Tags: slowdive, crazy for you, shoegaze, music, dream pop, new wave, shoegazer, ethereal, ambient, indie, alternative, rock, 90s, athmospheric, dreampop, melancholic, pygmalion, crazy, for, you, noise pop, mellow, psychedelic, noise, british, experimental, dreamy, art, electronic, folk, chillout, sleep, meditative, electronica, trance, sound, gaze

  • Les Discrets - L

    Les Discrets - L'Échappée (with lyrics) MP3

    Here's a slower one, an excellent Shoegaze/Atmospheric Black Metal song from France. L'Échapée by Les Discrets, from the album Septembre Et Ses Dernière ...

    Tags: Lyrics (Website Category), Les Discrets (Musical Group), Shoegazing (Musical Genre), Shoegaze, Black Metal, Metal, Post-metal (Musical Genre), Atmospheric Black Metal, Atmospheric Metal, Music, blackgaze, atmospheric black

  • Slowdive - Summer Daze | best audio + lyrics

    Slowdive - Summer Daze | best audio + lyrics MP3

    its sure i want know, know the lie you were told, that you know. all the time i was not sure, all that you've seek it was love summer daze on the seven may then i ...

    Tags: slowdive, my blood valentine, ride, nirvana, shoegaze, shoegaze music, music, rare, rare shoegaze, tokyo shoegazer, summer daze, lyrics, tame impala

  • Slowdive - When the Sun Hits

    Slowdive - When the Sun Hits MP3

    Tags: Movie

  • Silversun Pickups - Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) (Official Audio)

    Silversun Pickups - Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance) (Official Audio) MP3

    New album BETTER NATURE out now. Vinyl/CD: iTunes: Amazon: ...

    Tags: Silversun Pickups (Musical Group), Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance), Official, Better Nature, New, Music, Unreleased, SSPU

  • My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow (Original)

    My Bloody Valentine - Only Shallow (Original) MP3

    Gaze to the shoe. *_* "Only the shallow know themselves" - Oscar Wilde Lyrics- Sleep, like a pillow, no one there. Where, she won't care, anywhere. Soft, as a ...

    Tags: my, bloody, valentine, shoegaze, 2012, lyrics, gaze, to, the, shoe

  • My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes

    My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes MP3

    press more info for lyrics. remember to subscribe and to comment and rate 5 ...

    Tags: my, bloody, valentine, sometimes, lost, in, translation, shoegaze, music, lyrics, loveless, kids, emerica

  • Slowdive - Dagger

    Slowdive - Dagger MP3

    Artist:Slowdive Song: Dagger Album: Souvlaki (1993) Lyrics: The sunshine girl is sleeping She falls and dreams alone And me I am her dagger To numb to feel ...

    Tags: slowdive, dagger, souvlaki, shoegaze

  • Deerhunter - Never Stops

    Deerhunter - Never Stops MP3

    Released: August 2008 as track #3 on Microcastle Writer: Bradford Cox Genre: Indie rock, shoegaze Lyrics: i had dreams that frightened me awake i happened ...

    Tags: deerhunter, never, stops, lyrics, microcastle, 2008, indie, rock, dream, pop, shoegaze, bradford, cox

  • Kinoko Teikoku - Whirlpool (with lyrics)

    Kinoko Teikoku - Whirlpool (with lyrics) MP3

    No Copyright Intended Kinoko Teikoku - Whirlpool from the album "渦になる" (Uzu ni nary) released May 9th 2012 on Daizawa Records! An amazing band that is ...

    Tags: Kinoko Teikoku (Musical Group), Whirlpool, Daizawa records, shoegaze, Japan (Country), Music Of Japan (Musical Genre), Indie Rock (Musical Genre), Alternative Rock (Musical Genre), Progressive Rock (Musical Genre), lyrics, english, japanese

  • I Hate Myself - Less Than Nothing (Lyrics)

    I Hate Myself - Less Than Nothing (Lyrics) MP3

    Lyrics on video n.n I cried with this song :'( From the Album (1997) 4 Songs.

    Tags: I Hate Myself, Emocore, Screamo, Emo, Lyrics

  • Keep On Loving You - Cigarettes After Sex

    Keep On Loving You - Cigarettes After Sex MP3

    official: bc: sp: sc: ...

    Tags: iMovie