Sleepwalk Cover

  • "Sleepwalk" cover (All Instruments)

    "Sleepwalk" cover (All Instruments) MP3

    Buy a lap steel. Once you learn how to play it you will want to quit your life, move to Hawaii, call yourself Hiwahiwakeiki, get a bronze tan, and wear big floral ...

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    This song is a cover from "The shadows" of my dads favourite tunes. He's been wanting me to play it for sometime now...a friend of mine requested some ...

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  • Sleepwalk Cover (Santo and Johnny) using Standard Tuned Slide Guitar

    Sleepwalk Cover (Santo and Johnny) using Standard Tuned Slide Guitar MP3

    Had to pay tribute to this classic while trying out a new pedal.

    Tags: santo, johnny, sleepwalk, sleep, walk, slide, guitar, standard, tuning, pitchfever, pitch, fever, ultimate, black, belt, solo, electric, fulltone, full, drive, mosfet, glass

  • Sleepwalk (acoustic guitar cover)

    Sleepwalk (acoustic guitar cover) MP3

    tis is me playing guitar one of my fave songs of al times ALSO THINKIN OUT LOUD COVER IS ON MY CHANNEL PLS CHECK IT OUT!!!!!

    Tags: sleepwalk, sleepalk, cover, solo, acoustic, guitar

  • SLEEPWALK - Santo & Johnny cover on Dobro

    SLEEPWALK - Santo & Johnny cover on Dobro MP3



  • Sleepwalk - Violin Cover by Rohan Roy

    Sleepwalk - Violin Cover by Rohan Roy MP3

    This is a Cover of the Song Sleepwalk by Santo and Johnny. Played on Wood Stingray SV-5 Do Subscribe if you like my Video ...

    Tags: sleepwalk, santoandjohnny, violin, stingraysv5, woodviolins, rohanroy

  • Sleepwalk - Larry Carlton version (cover)

    Sleepwalk - Larry Carlton version (cover) MP3

    Backing Track from Guitar - Squier classic vibe 60s' modified with Seymour Duncan 59 in neck position slightly blend with ...

    Tags: sleepwalk, larry, carlton, jack, thammarat, bobby, backing, track, blues, jazz, fusion, squier, classic, 60, boss, eband, js-8

  • SleepWalk   (  Cover )

    SleepWalk ( Cover ) MP3

    esta es una version que se realizo como homenaje de los compositores de esta rola Sleepwalk Richie Valens Tribute-Fabrizio Faraone & Dixon Hill , y io solo ...

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  • Sleep Walk (Acoustic) - Performed by Jorge Huaman

    Sleep Walk (Acoustic) - Performed by Jorge Huaman MP3

    DIGITAL ALBUM & TABS: buy the entire album now for $7 here: and you will receive an instant, ...

    Tags: sleepwalk, acoustic, solo, guitar, santo, and, jonny, jorge, huaman, instrumental, sleep, walk, Cover

  • Sleepwalk Cover

    Sleepwalk Cover MP3

    This song was written and performed by the Canadian brothers Santo & Johnny Farina in 1959, it's one of my favorites I shot and edited this video myself using a ...

    Tags: Sleepwalk, Johnny, Farina, Santo, Frank, Zurita, Canon, 5D, Mark, II, 50mm, lens, Gibson, SG, Godin, Fifth, Avenue, Fender, Deluxe, guitar, solo, rhythm, oldie, song, music, Camera, Cover, Gibson SG (Guitar), Amp, Classic, Electric, Guitars, Solo (music), Vintage

  • Joe Satriani - Sleepwalk Cover by Homer LRRG

    Joe Satriani - Sleepwalk Cover by Homer LRRG MP3

    HEADPHONE RECOMMENDED!! My rendition of Sleepwalk. I love Santo & Jhonny and Satriani's Version of this song so I improvised, I tried to mix their style.

    Tags: Sleepwalk, Joe, Satriani, BOSS, GT10, Zambales, San, Narciso, Palauig, blues, cover

  • Sleepwalk - The Shadows - Cover by Old Guitar Monkey

    Sleepwalk - The Shadows - Cover by Old Guitar Monkey MP3

    This is my 100th video upload on You Tube, so, as a fan, I thought I had better make it a traditional Shadows tune. Although "Sleep walk" is one of the most ...

    Tags: Old, Guitar, Monkey, OldGuitarMonkey, English, guitarist, Britain, artist, recording, country, new, British, London, Essex, strings, musician, rock, pop, fresh, newest, universal, The, Shadows, feeling, heart, smile, soothing, top, romantic, ballad, audio, old, beautiful, sad, true, easy, listening, soft, remember, smooth, emotion, loving, song, tune, melody, oldie, Beatles, Buddy, Holly, Hank, Marvin, Everly, Brothers, David, Monk

  • Sleepwalking - Bring me the Horizon - This Wild Life acoustic cover

    Sleepwalking - Bring me the Horizon - This Wild Life acoustic cover MP3

    Check out our own merch store, we print and ship everything ourselves and are always doing free giveaways! Check out our ...

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  • Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny (Solo Guitar Cover with TAB)

    Sleepwalk by Santo & Johnny (Solo Guitar Cover with TAB) MP3

    TAB Link: TAB (backup link): ...

    Tags: Sleepwalk, by, Santo, Johnny, Guitar, Cover, Fingerstyle, Instrumental, PRS, guitar, Paul Reed Smith, Sontronic STC-2, Logic Pro, Guitar Cover, Solo guitar, Music, Acoustic Guitar, Arrangement, Hitatchi, Macbook, Yamaha HS80s, Line 6, Toneport UX2

  • Kyle Kemble - Sleepwalk Cover (The Shadows)

    Kyle Kemble - Sleepwalk Cover (The Shadows) MP3

    Hope you enjoy my cover of "Sleepwalk". For this i performed is live and recorded direct into Logic Pro X using a Sm57 on my Vox ac30. I used a Fender Hank ...

    Tags: The Shadows (Musical Group), Sleepwalk (Musical Recording), Music (TV Genre), Hank Marvin (Composer), Instrumental (Musical Genre), Fender Stratocaster (Guitar), Vox Ac30, Christmas (Holiday), Guitar (Musical Instrument), 2014, new, 22, logic pro x, Flashback delay, 60s 70s 80s (Composition), YouTube Live (Website), Cover Band (Musical Genre), Cover Version (Literature Subject)

  • Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk (Piano cover)

    Santo & Johnny - Sleepwalk (Piano cover) MP3

    Clássico tema de guitarra dos anos 50, no piano.

    Tags: sleepwalk, santo, johnny, johny, piano cover, piano solo, sleep walk, piano track, ota, otavio, la bamba, la bamba theme, guitar theme, guitar cover

  • Bring Me The Horizon | Sleepwalking | Cover

    Bring Me The Horizon | Sleepwalking | Cover MP3

    Me Busking in Harlow Town, hope you like the video! Share, and subscribe for more stuff! :D Bring Me The Horizon | Sleepwalking | Cover My 1st original EP ...

    Tags: CrazyCamOnCamera, Cameron, Sanderson, cameronsandersonuk, CallMeCameron, English, Singer, Pop, Rock, Acoustic, 16yr, 16, year, old, musician, Bring Me The Horizon | Sleepwalking | Cover, Bring Me The Horizon (Musical Group), Sleepwalking, Cover

  • Renee Olstead  - Sleepwalk

    Renee Olstead - Sleepwalk MP3

    Renee Olstead - Sleepwalk Single Available at Digital Retailers Everywhere

    Tags: Vintage (Organization), Renee Olstead (Musical Artist), Renee Olstead (Musical Album), Sleep Walk (Composition)

  • Sleepwalk bass cover

    Sleepwalk bass cover MP3

    Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976: allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, and teaching.

    Tags: Shadows, Bass, cover, Sleepwalk

  • Pierre Mähler - Sleepwalk (Acoustic cover)

    Pierre Mähler - Sleepwalk (Acoustic cover) MP3

    My acoustic version of Santo & Johnny Farinas beautiful "Sleepwalk".

    Tags: Sleepwalk, Farina, Acoustic, Gibson, Cover