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    Butterfly Lyrics by

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    i was bored the idea just came to me, it was pretty random too.

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  • Butterfly Butterfly MP3

    Music video of the song Butterfly by For more info on visit: Lyrics: Ay, iyaiyai, Ay, iyaiyai, Ay, iyaiyai Where's my ...

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  • - Butterfly (Lyrics) - Butterfly (Lyrics) MP3

    Link to program used: Link to font: Lyrics: Ai yai yai Ai yai yai Ai yai yai ...

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    Yes! i have booooring and i do this video!

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  • Butterfly (lyrics) Butterfly (lyrics) MP3

    I was bored & I decided to make a Karioke Video. So I used a DDR song, & I apologize that the lyrics on the screen are not as fast as the music, do enjoy^_^!

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  • - Butterfly (Lyrics) - Butterfly (Lyrics) MP3 - Butterfly (Lyrics) Your video, Toy-Box - Butterfly (Lyrics) , may include content that is owned or administered by this entity: Entity: EMI Content Type: ...

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  • Smile DK -- Butterfly (The Pikachu

    Smile DK -- Butterfly (The Pikachu's Remix) With Lyrics.avi MP3

    Esta canción fue una de las primeras que realmente me encantó, fue la que me dio a conocer a Smile Dk e inevitablemente me enganchó XD. This song was ...

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  • [HD] Smile dk - Butterfly (Lyrics)

    [HD] Smile dk - Butterfly (Lyrics) MP3

    Link to program used: Link to font: Lyrics: Ai yai yai Ai yai yai Ai yai yai ...

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  • DDR Butterfly [FULL] with lyrics

    DDR Butterfly [FULL] with lyrics MP3

    DDR Butterfly with lyrics. Enjoy! in the meantime, check out my friend's channel and subscribe!! she's kinda a newbie ;) I ...

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  • Smile.DK - Butterfly (with lyrics)

    Smile.DK - Butterfly (with lyrics) MP3

    Kawaii^^ Look this video! Lyrics: A-i-a-i-a (x3) wish for samurai I've been searching for a man All across Japan Just to find to find my samurai Someone who is ...

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  • dk Smile - Butterfly (with lyrics)

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    Butterfly - dk Smile *All materials belong to their rightful owner*

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  • Techno Trance - Butterfly

    Techno Trance - Butterfly MP3

    Smile DK - Butterfly.

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  • Butterfly Lyrics By Smile dk

    Butterfly Lyrics By Smile dk MP3

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  • - Butterfly (Lyrics) - Butterfly (Lyrics) MP3

    Thanks for 241 Subcribes Music: - Butterfly (Delaction Remix) Program: Adobe After Effects, Sony Vegas Pro 13.

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  • - Butterfly with lyrics - Butterfly with lyrics MP3

    The Fourth video. Hope you like it and Enjoy! ^^ I don't own anything. Credit goes to the rightful owners. Update --as of 01/12/2013-- : I'm very sorry for the ...

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  • Butterfly - Lyrics

    Butterfly - Lyrics MP3

    This is my Lyrics (TYPEWRITER IS HOW I ROLE) version of Butterfly, This song is played on DDR and is by, Share all you want!

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  • Smile.DK - Butterfly (Lyrics) Featuring

    Smile.DK - Butterfly (Lyrics) Featuring 'Samurai 7' MP3

    Disclaimer: I own nothing in this video. I do not own the music. I do not own the pictures. NO INFRINGEMENT INTENDED!! This is not an AMV. Maybe when I ...

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  • Smile dk Butterfly lyrics

    Smile dk Butterfly lyrics MP3

    Butterfly Lyrics by Smile dk.

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  • Smile DK- Butterfly w/ lyrics

    Smile DK- Butterfly w/ lyrics MP3

    i dont own anything hope ya like it and yea thanks to kawaiiamuchi for the song and i think thats it.

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