Soldaty V Pohod

  • Russian Red Army Choir - Off We Go(Soldaty V Pohod)

    Russian Red Army Choir - Off We Go(Soldaty V Pohod) MP3


    Tags: russian, red, army, choir

  • Red Army Choir - V Put (Let

    Red Army Choir - V Put (Let's Go) MP3

    Tags: Red, Army, Choir, Put, Soviet, Propaganda, Posters, Stalin

  • В путь - Марш 1954 год.

    В путь - Марш 1954 год. MP3

    В путь - Марш 1954 год. Музыка: В. Соловьев-Седой Слова: М. Дудин Путь далек у нас с тобою, Веселей, солдат,...

    Tags: cccp, piosenka

  • "V Put"

    "V Put" MP3

    V Put V Put'" (Russian: В путь, English: Onwards, En route, Let's go) is a song written in 1954 by Soviet composer Vasily Solovyov-Sedoi and poet Mikhail Dudin ...

    Tags: USSR

  • Russian Red Army Choir ~ В Путь (V Put),(Let

    Russian Red Army Choir ~ В Путь (V Put),(Let's Go),(On The March) MP3

    One Hour Soviet Music Compilation ~ Советская музыка сборник ...

    Tags: On The March, Soviet Union, CCCP, Russia, Victory Day, Vasili Solovyov-Sedoy, V Put, En route, Mikhail Dudin, Ensemble, Boris, Ussr, 1954, Alexandrov, Alexandrov Ensemble (Musical Group)

  • Char Aznable Tribute

    Char Aznable Tribute MP3

    To the Red Comet, Mother Zeon's greatest pilot. Song: Soldaty V Pohod ("Off we go")

    Tags: Char, Aznable, Aznabull, Sha, Shah, Shar, Casval, Cathball, Rem, Deikun, Daikun, Azunaburu, Mobile, Suit, First, Gundam, 0079, Principality, Duchy, Zeon, Zion

  • "Let

    "Let's go" - V put' (в путь) in german - Nationale Volksarmee March MP3

    I'm fed up! I hate to read stupid political comments in a musical video! Now, all the comments will be reviewed first, if stupid, will be deleted. t's the russian ...

    Tags: go, on, the, march, vput, puth, eastern, germany, rda, deutsche, demokratische, republik, National, Army, Nationale, Volksarmee, German, Democratic, Republic, cold, war, berlin, wall, fall, communism, lenin, stalin, red, army, choir, marsch, lied, deutsch