Sonic Dynamite

  • Sonic - Dynamite

    Sonic - Dynamite MP3

    Well here'[s once again another AMV that has the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz I hope you enjoy.

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  • Sonic-Dynamite

    Sonic-Dynamite MP3

    Another great Sonic video by me! Now I can finally rest... Youtube was being a jerk, cause it wasn't letting me publish my video. Therefore, I had to start all over ...

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  • Sonic Boys Dynamite

    Sonic Boys Dynamite MP3

    Dynamite by Taio Cruz Sonic and Friends belong to SEGA All pics belong to their rightful owners Hope you Enjoyed!! "Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act ...

    Tags: Dynamite, Taio Cruz (Musical Artist), Sonic The Hedgehog (Film Character), Shadow The Hedgehog (Video Game), Silver The Hedgehog, Miles Tails Prower (Fictional Character), Knuckles The Echidna (Fictional Character), Sonic Boys

  • Sonic - Dynamite

    Sonic - Dynamite MP3

    Hi there again! This music video's song is called Dynamite, by Taio Cruz, Hope ya enjoy! All rights go to their original owners. (Cuz I don't own SEGA, Sonic, The ...
  • Sonic Generations goes with Everything (Taio Cruz

    Sonic Generations goes with Everything (Taio Cruz's Dynamite) MP3

    1000000 views. I never thought I'd get here with any of my videos. Especially with this one, which is something I made as an afterthought. I discovered the ...

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  • sonic dynamite (better sound)

    sonic dynamite (better sound) MP3

    same video as my first dynamite but better sound.

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  • Sonic - Dynamite [AMV]

    Sonic - Dynamite [AMV] MP3

    Sonic The Hedgehog singing to the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz! Please enjoy the video and watch the whole thing, I took half a day to finish this AMV too!

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  • sonic dynamite

    sonic dynamite MP3


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  • Sonic Boom: Dreamboat Express is Dynamite (Tribute)

    Sonic Boom: Dreamboat Express is Dynamite (Tribute) MP3

    After watching this episode i just couldn't resist who wouldn't love these guys as a band heh wish they could make an album of them but oh well an episode is ...
  • Sonic

    Sonic's Dynamite Dance Party MP3

    Whoa! This is the first time you guys actually SEE me!) Okay so Sonic came over, and then a dance party broke out, and.... well, see for yourself! Don't forget to ...

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  • mario and sonic olympics - dynamite.wmv

    mario and sonic olympics - dynamite.wmv MP3

    here i am with another one :D mario sonic and all other characters seen here are the property of nintendo and sega dynamite belongs to taio cruz.

    Tags: taio, cruz, nintendo, sega, dynamite, olympics, mario, sonic, sports, amv music

  • sonic dynamite

    sonic dynamite MP3

    its kidz bop hope you injoy.

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  • dynamite kidz bop  (sonic the hedgehog)

    dynamite kidz bop (sonic the hedgehog) MP3

    i told you once i told you oh forget about it.

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  • Sonic - Dynamite

    Sonic - Dynamite MP3

    sonic and the time.. Taio Cruz ~ Kids Bop Kidz.

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  • mario and sonic dynamite

    mario and sonic dynamite MP3

  • Dynamite Lyrics.

    Dynamite Lyrics. MP3

    I don't own the song.

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  • Sonic & Friends Dynamite

    Sonic & Friends Dynamite MP3

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    i was very...very...bored... -___-''

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