Sorod Mili Afghanistan

  • Afghanistan National Anthem | Suroodi-e-Mili Afghanistan

    Afghanistan National Anthem | Suroodi-e-Mili Afghanistan MP3

    National Anthem of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Da Watan Afghanistan De The Afghan National Anthem was adopted and officially announced by a Loya ...

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  • Afghanistan National Anthem 2010 Presented By Romal Fahim

    Afghanistan National Anthem 2010 Presented By Romal Fahim MP3

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  • afghanistan anthem in Dari.

    afghanistan anthem in Dari. MP3

    Afghanistan anthen in Dari.

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  • Afghanistan

    Afghanistan's old National Anthem + English Subtitles سرود ملی / ملی سرود MP3

    Previous National Anthem of Afghanistan from 1992 - 2006. سرود ملی سابق افغانستان / دافغانستان ملی سرود Subscribe to learn about future videos. COPYRIGHT ...

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  • Afghan National Anthem - "Milli Surood" (PS/EN)

    Afghan National Anthem - "Milli Surood" (PS/EN) MP3

    National Anthem of Afghanistan - "Milli Surood" (National Anthem) Includes lyrics in Pashto (with Arabic script support) and English.

    Tags: National, (National, Anthem), Includes, lyrics, in, Pashto, (with, Arabic, script, support), and, Anthem, of, Afghanistan, Milli Surood, Kabul, Iran, Iraq, USA, America, War, Middle East, Pakistan, Terrorism, Al Qaeda, Taliban, Islam, Extremism, Muslim, Russia, USSR, Soviet, British, Empire, Union, Flag, Green, Black, Red, White

  • afghan mily sorod

    afghan mily sorod MP3

    afghan mily sord pashto song 2010 pashto tarana pashto drama bahram jan ismail shahid faisal afghan.

    Tags: faisal, afghan, pashto, song, 2010

  • sorod milie watan afghanistan

    sorod milie watan afghanistan MP3

  • National Anthem of Afghanistan (1978-1992)

    National Anthem of Afghanistan (1978-1992) MP3

    The Democratic Republic of Afghanistan was the government of Afghanistan from 1978 to 1992. It was ideologically close to and economically dependent on the ...

    Tags: afghanistan, democratic, republic, national, anthem, garam, shah, Souroud-e-Melli

  • ‪Afghan Milli Tarana Dr Najib Da watan‬‏

    ‪Afghan Milli Tarana Dr Najib Da watan‬‏ MP3

    tarana afghanistan.

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  • Afghan Sorod Mili Song

    Afghan Sorod Mili Song MP3

    Hello & Welcome Back to my channel!! Today as you amazing people can see from the title you will be presented with a NEW!! Video and this one will hopefully ...

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  • afghanistan mili sorod

    afghanistan mili sorod MP3

  • Sorod Mili Afghanistan-Great Pictures Of Afghanistan!

    Sorod Mili Afghanistan-Great Pictures Of Afghanistan! MP3

    Sorod Mili Afghanistan is of afghan's greatest songs which is respected by all afghans because that song represents how we are. Thank You! Other Videos: ...

    Tags: Afghan Diaspora (Ethnicity), Great, New (Composition), Songs, Afghanistan (Country), 2014song, greatsong, Song, milisong, Afghan Air Force (Armed Force), YouTube, Pics, new, Khan, Escape, Afghan Hound (Animal Breed), Afghan National Army (Armed Force), Montage, Slideshow, Kabul, Farsi

  • sorod mali afghnastan

    sorod mali afghnastan MP3

    Tags: dr, najibullah

  • Afghan National Anthem

    Afghan National Anthem MP3

    Afghan National Anthem AFGHAN AFGHANISTAN AFGHANI NATIONAL ANTHEM SOROD MILI ghan afghanistan pakhto pashto pakhtun pashtoon.

    Tags: Afghan, Afghanistan, afghani, afghanistani, national, anthem, sorod, mili, pashto, pashtoon, khorasan, tajik, uzbek, hazara, kabul

  • National Song (mili sorod)

    National Song (mili sorod) MP3

    Afghan kid yield for peace.
  • # 21 - Pashto Taranah - Jang mo pe milli urdu,polic aw arbakyano dee

    # 21 - Pashto Taranah - Jang mo pe milli urdu,polic aw arbakyano dee MP3

    Da Afghanistan Islami Emarat tarana. - May Allah(swt) bring peace to the world especially to my poor Afghan nation.

    Tags: Afghanistan, Taliban, Pahkto, Mujahideen, Taranah, Taranee, Mullah umar, mullah omar, Pashto, Pashtu

  • National Anthem of Afghanistan ~ Ehsan Aman

    National Anthem of Afghanistan ~ Ehsan Aman MP3

    National Hero of Afghanistan Ahmad shah masuod and Lion of Afghanistan ,Masood, who defends his people and humiliates 8 times the soviets, and combated ...