Squiddle Song Lyrics

  • Squiddle Song - [Lyric Video]

    Squiddle Song - [Lyric Video] MP3

    I really love this song, and i decided it needed a lyric video. Song is not mine! I do not claim Squiddles or Homestuck as my own, nor do i intend to make profit ...

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  • Squiddle Song

    Squiddle Song MP3

    Track 12 of the coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B album. Squiddle Song - Maya Kern Cover art by Maya Kern at http://isthatwhatyoumint.tumblr.com/ This video ...

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  • "Squiddle Song" ~Piano/Vocal Cover~

    "Squiddle Song" ~Piano/Vocal Cover~ MP3

    Original song by: Maya Kern So, I've been listening to the new "coloUrs and mayhem" albums from Homestuck, and I decided to learn this song. Hope you enjoy.

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  • The Squiddle Song Cover

    The Squiddle Song Cover MP3

    The Squiddles Song seems so sweet and cute but then you listen to the lyrics. But at least Skipper Plumpthroat won't hurt us right? The original song: ...

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  • Let The Squiddles Sleep

    Let The Squiddles Sleep MP3

    I do not take credit for the art, or Homestuck. Squiddles doesn't belong to me either. The song is: Let the Squiddles Sleep.

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  • Squiddles! Full Opening

    Squiddles! Full Opening MP3

    Original concept & Homestuck: Andrew Hussie http://mspaintadventures.com Animation by Peter Turner, M Thomas Harding, Brett Muller, Jessica Allison, ...

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  • The Squiddle Song cover

    The Squiddle Song cover MP3

    the squiddle song from homestuck sung by some loser.

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  • Squiddle Song cover

    Squiddle Song cover MP3

  • Homestuck animation: Squiddle song gets weird

    Homestuck animation: Squiddle song gets weird MP3

    I warned you about those stairs. I told you dog! Music: "Squiddle song" coloUrs and mayhem: Universe B By Maya Kern Support Hussie by buying the song here: ...

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  • MSPA Homestuck - [S] Jade: Wake Up

    MSPA Homestuck - [S] Jade: Wake Up MP3

    Narcolepsy-prone Jade has a fabulous dream about the Squiddles. ...Or does she? I will not be held responsible for the acts of anyone that is driven mad by ...

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  • Squiddle Song (Homestuck) Ukulele Cover

    Squiddle Song (Homestuck) Ukulele Cover MP3

    as you can tell im pretty bad at this. im recording myself more and more to see how i grow as a uke player/singer. obviously there are a few wrong notes but i ...

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  • Homestuck Squiddle Song coloUrs and mayhem - Universe B (reversed)

    Homestuck Squiddle Song coloUrs and mayhem - Universe B (reversed) MP3

    and another one because theres nothing else to do this one sounds like a god damn eldrich monster or something.

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  • Callie & Marie Sing the Squiddle Song

    Callie & Marie Sing the Squiddle Song MP3

    Editing done by zmzebra Splatoon belongs to Nintendo Squiddles and Homestuck belong to Andrew Hussie Only thing that belongs to me was the idea "Hey!

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