Style Plus Olufunmi

  • Style Plus Olufunmi []

    Style Plus Olufunmi [] MP3

    Olufunmi Lola by style plus.

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  • Style plus - olufunmi

    Style plus - olufunmi MP3

    Love this song! But couldn't find a nice video with it.. so I made one of my own! Hope you all enjoy!

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  • Style Plus Olufunmi Remix []

    Style Plus Olufunmi Remix [] MP3

    Style Plus Olufunmi Remix.

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  • Styl-plus-Olufunmi

    Styl-plus-Olufunmi MP3

    Styl Plus was formed in the 1997 as a gospel group but later they moved into R&b.They group gave us wonderful songs that rocked the nation for a long time.
  • STYLEPLUS" call my name"

    STYLEPLUS" call my name" MP3

    Band from nigeria..beautiful voice,

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  • Styl Plus - Olufunmi Instrumental (KARAOKE)

    Styl Plus - Olufunmi Instrumental (KARAOKE) MP3

    Styl Plus - Olufunmi Instrumental.

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  • Runaway - Styl Plus

    Runaway - Styl Plus MP3

    For More visit:

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  • Imagine That - Styl-Plus

    Imagine That - Styl-Plus MP3

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  • Reppin Africa ( styl-plus olufunmi ooh!! )

    Reppin Africa ( styl-plus olufunmi ooh!! ) MP3

    unfortunately i ran outta pictures around the last one n half minutes of the slideshow but i like that song so much i just couldnt just stop it without it being finished.

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  • J-Gabbersha - cover on Styl-Plus - Olufunmi

    J-Gabbersha - cover on Styl-Plus - Olufunmi MP3

    Sorry, friends, for my pronunciation, it's just my attempt =)

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  • Styl-Plus | Olufunmi Live

    Styl-Plus | Olufunmi Live MP3

    Styl-Plus | Olufunmi live in Lagos,Nigeria. #JujuFilms #StylPlus #Nigeria #Soul.

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  • -  Amel Larrieux Styl Plus Olufunmi - Amel Larrieux Styl Plus Olufunmi MP3

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  • J-Gabbersha feat. Khalildon - cover on Styl-Plus – Olufunmi )))))

    J-Gabbersha feat. Khalildon - cover on Styl-Plus – Olufunmi ))))) MP3

    We don fall down on the fence in d beginning of da video lol)))))))))

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  • Re: Styl-Plus Olufunmi

    Re: Styl-Plus Olufunmi MP3

    Video Cam Direct Upload.

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  • styl-plus olufunmi

    styl-plus olufunmi MP3

    lol sum sick nigerian song.

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  • PEFTI LIVE BAND (Styl Plus - Olufunmi)

    PEFTI LIVE BAND (Styl Plus - Olufunmi) MP3

    Live rendition of Styl Plus' Olufunmi by PEFTI BAND.

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  • Style Plus - Imagine that []

    Style Plus - Imagine that [] MP3

    Style Plus - Imagine that.

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  • AYO Performs "Olufunmi" by Style Plus

    AYO Performs "Olufunmi" by Style Plus MP3

    AYO did THE AFRO-BEAT VERSION OF 'OLUFUNMI' by STYLE PLUS on the Project Fame Stage. For more exciting clips Subscribe to Ultima Youtube Page: ...

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