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    More holistic news at Hira Ratan Manek (HRM), among others, have proven that a person can live just on solar energy for very long periods ...

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  • HRM Lecture on Sungazing

    HRM Lecture on Sungazing MP3 For more information on Sun gazing- Join ...

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  • Sun Gazing

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    Warning! Blindness can result from doing this wrong! Extensive research could not confirm these claims. Hira Ratan Manek teaches how we can live on just the ...

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    Safe Sungazing Practice Sungazing is a one-time practice of your lifetime usually for a period of 9 months. You can break up the practice in three phases.

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  • Sun Gazing - Powerful Techniques

    Sun Gazing - Powerful Techniques MP3

    Sun Gazing - Powerful Techniques Terrane from breaks down the metaphysics of Sun Gazing and also gives quality ...

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  • Sungazing Documentary Part 1 of 2

    Sungazing Documentary Part 1 of 2 MP3 Sungazing: The Science of Staring at the Sun takes a look at the effects of looking at the Sun through the perspective of a 25 year old ...

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  • Me sun gazing for 25 minutes. See the evidence...

    Me sun gazing for 25 minutes. See the evidence... MP3

    WARNING - Do NOT attempt until you research how to do sun gazing properly. Failure to do so could lead to damaged eyes and possible blindness.. CHECK ...

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  • Sungazing - health benefits

    Sungazing - health benefits MP3

    Hi Folk's in this recording I remind you how to sungaze and reap the benefits. Starting with the benefits - increased Pineal gland (The pineal gland (also called ...

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  • The Plane Truth ~  Sun Gazing, ORMUS and White Powder Gold w/ Calvin Howard aka Seekverta - PTS 3072

    The Plane Truth ~ Sun Gazing, ORMUS and White Powder Gold w/ Calvin Howard aka Seekverta - PTS 3072 MP3

    Audio File: To Contact Plane, email him at: To ...

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  • *Update* One Month into Sun Gazing

    *Update* One Month into Sun Gazing MP3

    After Sun Gazing for a month here's my update. I stopped following the HRM guide to sungazing and just did what I felt comfortable doing before my eyes got ...

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  • Sungazing -- Why I Stare At The Sun  |

    Sungazing -- Why I Stare At The Sun | MP3

    Disclaimer: The information on this web site or video is presented for the purpose of educational and free exchange of ideas and speech in relation to health and ...

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  • Sébastien Lorca : pratique du sungazing ou observation solaire

    Sébastien Lorca : pratique du sungazing ou observation solaire MP3

    Le Chou Brave, le magazine de l'alimentation vivante et de l'abondance, rencontre Sébastien Lorca. Réalisateur : Yann Deva Journaliste : Carine Phung ...

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  • A surviving secret about sun gazing, The Eye of the I

    A surviving secret about sun gazing, The Eye of the I MP3

    There is no cause of anything! In this video I discuss one of the most cherished secrets of the body. I explain the mechanism of sun gazing and the reason why it ...

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  • Sungazing  how did  I heal my eyes

    Sungazing how did I heal my eyes MP3

    How did I heal my eyes with HRM sungazing method. Part 1.

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  • Sunyoga Sungazing Erfahrungsbericht Mittagssonne / Review Noon Sun

    Sunyoga Sungazing Erfahrungsbericht Mittagssonne / Review Noon Sun MP3

    Nach etwa zwei Jahren Praxis Sungazing und einem dreiviertel Jahr intensivem Sonnenyoga inklusive zwei Monate Überwinterung in Indien, teils als ...

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  • Sun Gazing Testimonial - John

    Sun Gazing Testimonial - John MP3

    This is a Testimonial on John's personal experience with Sun Gazing. It also focuses on the practice used by many & the protocol's suggestions. Also, John ...

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  • Sungazing Update

    Sungazing Update MP3

    This vid is an update on my sungazing experience since I first began 4-5 months ago. Thanks for watching!

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    I have wonderful news!! Benefits of SUNGAZING!!


  • Flat Earth Clues Sun Gazing & Earthing Explained

    Flat Earth Clues Sun Gazing & Earthing Explained MP3

    Ten seconds day 1 20 sec day 2 30 sec day 3 Work like this increasing 10sec each day after to 44min then switch to 10min 3x week. Begin earthing 30days ...

    Tags: Sun gazing, Earthing, Flat Earth, Grounding out, Secrets, Tips, Tutorial, Tricks

  • Cómo Realizar Sungazing, Sanado con el Sol - Santos Díez

    Cómo Realizar Sungazing, Sanado con el Sol - Santos Díez MP3

    En este video Santos Díez, nos explica su experiencia de sanación con la práctica del Sungazing y los fundamentos científicos en los cuales se basa esta ...

    Tags: Santos Diez, Sungazing, Sun Gazing, mirar al sol, sanado con el sol, alimentarse del sol, el arte de, dieta ideal, alimentacion, alimentarse, nutricion, naturopatia, salud, saludable, alimentacion consciente, alimentacion viva, alimentos, toxicos en alimentacion, barcelona, congreso, medicina natural, medicina, medicina alternativa, mms, medicina holistica, medicina integrativa, dietas