T Pain Not The Same Mp3

  • t-pain-your not the same

    t-pain-your not the same MP3

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  • T-Pain ~ Not The Same (ft. Akon)

    T-Pain ~ Not The Same (ft. Akon) MP3

    Lyrics: [Verse 1 - T Pain] Girl I See u changed, (changed) U think it's effectin me. (what girl) But girl it's NOT. Girl i peep your brain. (brain) Think you're so smart.

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  • Kanye West - Good Life ft. T-Pain

    Kanye West - Good Life ft. T-Pain MP3

    Music video by Kanye West performing Good Life. (C) 2007 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC.

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    Good Life

    Kanye West

    Kanye West and T-Pain: Like we always do at this time I go for mine, I gots to shine (Now throw yo' hands up in the sky) I go, go for mine, I gots to shine (Now throw yo' hands up in the sky I'mma get on the TV momma, I'mma I'mma put shit down) Ay, (Ay), Ay, (Ay) Ay, (Ay), Ay, (I'm good) Welcome to the good life, where niggas who sell D Won't even get pulled over in they new V The good life, let's go on[...]
  • T-Pain ft. Akon - Ur Not The Same +Lyrics

    T-Pain ft. Akon - Ur Not The Same +Lyrics MP3

    T-Pain ft. Akon - Ur Not The Same enjoy LYRICS: [Intro] Hmm hmm hmm hmmmm.......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhh ...

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  • T-Pain ft. Akon - Ur Not The Same

    T-Pain ft. Akon - Ur Not The Same MP3

    why u looking here Listen 2 the fucken song.

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  • T-Pain - Bartender ft. Akon

    T-Pain - Bartender ft. Akon MP3

    Music video by T-Pain featuring Akon;T-Pain featruing Akon performing Bartender. (C) 2007 Zomba Recording, LLC.

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    T-Pain Yeah... Uh-Huh... Yeah... Yeah... Broke up with my girl last night so I went to the club (so I went to the club) Put on a fresh white suit and a Mini Coupe sitting on dubs (sitting on dubs) I'm just looking for somebody to talk to and show me some love (show me some love) If you know what I mean... Uh-Huh... Everybody jockin' me as soon as I stepped in the spot (I stepped in the spot) 200 bitches and I'[...]
  • R. Kelly - Same Girl Triple Up (Remix) (feat. T-Pain and Usher)

    R. Kelly - Same Girl Triple Up (Remix) (feat. T-Pain and Usher) MP3

    The "Same Girl" (2007) official remix features T-Pain and Usher. "Same Girl" reached #20 on the Hot 100 and #4 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

    Tags: Same Girl R Kelly, Remix, T-Pain, Usher, R Kelly, Same Girl Remix, Same Girl Remix R Kelly T-Pain

  • The Lonely Island - I

    The Lonely Island - I'm On A Boat (Explicit Version) ft. T-Pain MP3

    Music video by The Lonely Island performing I'm On A Boat. (C) 2009 Universal Republic Records.

    Tags: The, Lonely, Island, Broadway, Records, Comedy


    I'm On A Boat

    The Lonely Island

    Whoa, free boat ride for three. Now, who should I take? Kiv. And...T-Pain. Cool. (Shawty) Aw, shit! Get your towels ready, it's about to go down. (Yeah) Everybody in the place, hit the fuckin' deck. (Shawty) But stay on your motherfuckin' toes. (Yeah) We runnin' this, let's go... I'm on a boat (I'm on a boat) I'm on a [...]
  • Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again ft. Katy Perry

    Timbaland - If We Ever Meet Again ft. Katy Perry MP3

    For the latest Timbaland music, download King Stays King | Available now: bit.ly/KingStaysKingTimbo Follow Timbaland! Facebook: ...

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    If We Ever Meet Again


    Timbaland Whats somebody like you doin' in a place like this? Say, did you come alone or did you bring all your friends? Say whats your name? What are you drinking? I think I know what are you thinking. Baby, what's your sign? Tell me yours, and I'll tell you mine. Say, what's somebody like you doin' in a place like this? Timbaland & Katy Perry 1,2,3,4 Katy Perry I'll never b[...]
  • Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (Official Music Video)

    Lil Dicky - $ave Dat Money feat. Fetty Wap and Rich Homie Quan (Official Music Video) MP3

    Latest video off of Lil Dicky's debut album "Professional Rapper." Download the album here: http://smarturl.it/LilDickyiTunes Watch Lil Dicky create the most epic ...

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  • The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne

    The Game - My Life ft. Lil Wayne MP3

    Music video by The Game performing My Life. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 4679210. (C) 2008 Geffen Records.

    Tags: The, Game, GEFFEN, Hip, Hop


    My Life

    The Game

    Punk ass motherfucka! Bitch ass nigga! What were you gonna do? Kill me in my sleep you bitch ass nigga? Tupac, Biggie shut the fuck up! Fucking dogs, alwayz barking shit... Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me! Fuck you nigga! Lil Wayne And I'm grindin' until I'm tired Cause they say you ain't grindin' until you die So I'm grinding with my eyes wide Looking to find A way through the day A light for the night Dear lord, you done took so many of my people I'm just wondering why you haven't taken my life (my life) Like what the hell am I doing right? The Game Take me away f[...]
  • T-Pain - Break Up [STOIC MIXTAPE]

    T-Pain - Break Up [STOIC MIXTAPE] MP3

  • T-Pain - Motivated [Feat. Bigfoot]

    T-Pain - Motivated [Feat. Bigfoot] MP3

    Tags: T-Pain, Motivated, Bigfoot, UK, hip-hop, rap, grime, Dcypha, Productions, Nappy, Boy, Konvict, Muzik, Akon, rEVOLVEr, prEVOLVEr, competition, contest, Sway, Rappa, Ternt, Sanga, Thr33, Ringz

  • Paramore: Ignorance [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

    Paramore: Ignorance [OFFICIAL VIDEO] MP3

    Paramore's music video for 'Ignorance' from the album, brand new eyes - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Download it at http://smarturl.it/paramore-bne Go ...

    Tags: paramore, fueled by ramen, brand new eyes, ignorance, Paramore, Ignorance, Alternative

  • T-Pain - Bang bang pow pow (Lil Wayne)

    T-Pain - Bang bang pow pow (Lil Wayne) MP3

    Tags: T-Pain (Record Producer), Bang Bang Pow Pow (Musical Recording), Lil Wayne (Musical Artist), Revolver (Musical Album), Lyrics, 2011

  • T-Pain - Up Down (Do This All Day) (Explicit) ft. B.o.B

    T-Pain - Up Down (Do This All Day) (Explicit) ft. B.o.B MP3

    T-Pain's official music video for 'Up Down (Do This All Day)' ft. B.o.B. Click to listen to T-Pain on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/TPainSpotify?IQid=TPainUpDown As ...

    Tags: Rap, im in love with a stripper, rappa turnt sanga, up down do this all day official, channel, official, hq, epiphany, cover, download, music, music video, vevo, rap, revolver, acoustic, t pain vevo, greatest hits, up down do this all day live, official video, t-pain, bob, thr33 ringz, instrumental, Up Down (Do This All Day), remix, b o b, happy hour, karaoke, up, down, do, this, all

  • Austin Mahone #ThisIsNotTheAlbum #2 - Same Girl (feat. Kalin and Myles)

    Austin Mahone #ThisIsNotTheAlbum #2 - Same Girl (feat. Kalin and Myles) MP3

    Check out This Is Not The Album now on VEVO!! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLaseLXyFPR6k_pkiAtSR_uZ6JRIVCL1V6 Here it is. Hope you guys like ...

    Tags: this is not the album, austin mahone, same girl, kalin and myles

  • R. Kelly - I

    R. Kelly - I'm A Flirt Remix ft. T.I., T-Pain MP3

    R. Kelly's official music video for 'I'm A Flirt Remix' ft. T.I. and T-Pain. Click to listen to R. Kelly on Spotify: http://smarturl.it/RKSpot?IQid=RKIF As featured on The ...

    Tags: Trapped In The Closet 1-12, I Wish, Ignition, hq, official, cover, karaoke, download, music, playlist, audio, lyrics, live, music video, vevo, Cookie, Sony, Step In The Name Of Love, album, acoustic, official video, Jive, Pop, single, RKellyVEVO, instrumental, Bump And Grind


    I'm A Flirt Remix

    R. Kelly

    I'm a, I'm a, I'm a, I'm a flirt Soon as I see her walk up in the club (I'm a flirt) Winkin' her eyes at me when I roll up on them dubs (I'm a flirt) Sometimes when I'm with my chick all alone (I'm a flirt) And when she's wit' her man lookin' at me, damn right (I'm a flirt) So homie don't bring your girl to me because (I'm a flirt) And baby don't bring your girlfriend to eat cuz (I'm a flirt) Please believe it unless your game is tight and you trust her Then, don't bring her around me because (I'm a flirt) Now swear to tell the truth and the whole truth When it comes to hoes I be pimpin' like I supposed to Rollin' like I supposed to, shinin' like I supposed to In the club, fuckin' wit' honeys like I supposed to I don't understand when a nigga bring his girlfriend to the club Freakin' all on the floo[...]
  • Flo Rida - Club Can

    Flo Rida - Club Can't Handle Me ft. David Guetta [Official Music Video] - Step Up 3D MP3

    Off the new album ONLY ONE FLO (PART 1) - available everywhere NOW! Download the album on iTunes at http://atlr.ec/ftImIE and at Flo's Online Store at ...

    Tags: flo, rida, club, cant, handle, me, david, guetta, step, up, 3d, movie, right, round, low, sugar, David Guetta (Musical Artist), Flo Rida (Musical Artist), Step Up 3D (Film), Nightclub (Industry), Dance, EDM, Electronic Dance Music (Musical Genre), Hip Hop Music (Musical Genre), Atlantic Records (Record Label), Warner Music Group (Record Label), WMG, Hip House (Musical Genre)