Tayuya Flute Song

  • Tayuya

    Tayuya's Demonic Flute Performance MP3

    Sheet music link (there are two pdfs, use both!): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pvsrq3m5299bhuu/AAD_26pkEsLEbjs-8BPwZNRza?dl=0 Performance direction ...

    Tags: Tayuya, Demonic Flute, Flute performance, OST, sheet music, Naruto, Naruto Shippuden, Flute (Musical Instrument), Performance (Visual Art Form)

  • Tayuya

    Tayuya's Melody Of Death MP3

    Siince nobody else was making a video like this, I take the opportunity and did it myself. --; I took clips from the fight between Tayuya and Shikamaru. Only clips ...

    Tags: Naruto, Tayuya, Shikamaru, Sound, Four, SoundFour, Orochimaru, Melody, Death, flute, Masashi, Kishimoto

  • Naruto unreleased soundtrack-tayuya

    Naruto unreleased soundtrack-tayuya's ninth passage theme MP3

    This is the song that is played when Tayuya plays the ninth passage on her flute against Shikamaru. It's not as good as the original, but it was the best I could do.

    Tags: Tayuya, flute, ninth, passage, shikamaru, summoned, demons, naruto, unreleased, ost, soundtrack, Toshio, Masuda

  • Tayuya - Flute [Nightcore]

    Tayuya - Flute [Nightcore] MP3

    Song: Flute Interpret: ??? Charakter: Tayuya Anime: Naruto Mein Kanal: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCovCjGB3bfh3rO7BQa8_LVg Partnerkanäle: ...

    Tags: Flute (Musical Instrument)

  • Tayuya cosplayer playing Naruto theme on flute

    Tayuya cosplayer playing Naruto theme on flute MP3

    Tayuya cosplayer plays the flute, taken at MCM Midlands Expo.

    Tags: tayuya, cosplayer, plays, naruto, theme, flute, midlands, telford, MCM, expo

  • Tayuya teaches Naruto the Flute

    Tayuya teaches Naruto the Flute MP3


    Tags: Tayuya, teaches, Naruto, the, Flute

  • Naruto: UN3 - Tayuya Moveset

    Naruto: UN3 - Tayuya Moveset MP3

    Tayuya's moveset in order from this video: OOUpO - Demon Flute: Chain Sound OOForwardO - Demon Flute: Sound Wings OODownO - Demon Flute: Drop ...

    Tags: Naruto, Ultimate, Ninja3, UN3, PlayStation2, PS2, Tayuya, Moveset

  • NARUTO STORM 4 - Tayuya / Sound 4 | All movesets (DLC #3)

    NARUTO STORM 4 - Tayuya / Sound 4 | All movesets (DLC #3) MP3

    Dance at the sound of my flute! Intro song : Fire breather by Silent Partner Outro song : March On by Ethan Meixsell I modified with the autorization of ...

    Tags: Naruto storm 4, Naruto, Tayuya, Sound 4, All, Movesets, Sasuke, Retrieval, Ultimate ninja, Orochimaru, Shikamaru, Shadow, Warrior, Flute, Sound, Village, Horn, Redhead, Giant, Three, Awakening, Ultimate jutsu, Jutsu, Secret technique, 60 fps, 1080p, Full Hd, Cursed mark, Level 2, Forest, Death, Fight, Battle, Genjutsu

  • NUN5 Tayuya moveset

    NUN5 Tayuya moveset MP3

    Requested by: 1254Victoria names of the ougis: Tongue-lash combo/ tongue-lash combo 2 (normal/reversal) Demon flute: trio requiem (awakening) I don't know ...

    Tags: NUN5, Tayuya, moveset

  • Naruto - Tayuya

    Naruto - Tayuya's Melody - Remix MP3

    This was fun to make. I don't own Naruto or Sacred Power of Raging Winds by Rhapsody.

    Tags: Naruto, shikamaru, tayuya, shippuden, melody, remix, funny, silly, anime, cartoon, rhapsody, sacred, power, raging, winds, amv, runzpwnz, runs

  • Naruto AMV - Tayuya - Now

    Naruto AMV - Tayuya - Now MP3

    WATCH IN HD PLEASE! :) So, I've been wanting to make a Tayuya AMV for the longest now, but I never made one because I couldn't find a song for her, ...

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  • Shikamaru And Naruto Prank Tayuya (English Dub)

    Shikamaru And Naruto Prank Tayuya (English Dub) MP3

    Anime: Naruto Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, ...

    Tags: Naruto (Comic Book Series), Naruto Uzumaki (TV Character), Shikamaru Nara (TV Character), Tayuya, Sound Ninja 4, Sasuke, Retrieval, Kimimaro, Anime, Funny, Trick, Fool, Prank, Joke, English Dub, Arc

  • Tayuya Cursed Seal

    Tayuya Cursed Seal MP3

    TAYUYA CURSED SEAL (Only for Adults) Orochimaru searchs new Ninjas with exceptional abilities to form his special Sound Ninjas' Squadron and in his ...

    Tags: Tayuya, Cursed, Seal

  • ~Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4~ "Flute Lessons With Tayuya"

    ~Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4~ "Flute Lessons With Tayuya" MP3

    For Player match battles message me on PS4 @ SSJ_Squid Enjoy The Video! SHAREfactory™ https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00.

    Tags: PlayStation 4, Sony Computer Entertainment, Naruto, Tayuya, Flute, Fantasia, SSJ_Squid

  • Narutimte Hero 3: Tayuya

    Narutimte Hero 3: Tayuya MP3

    Tayuya's flute genjutsu.

    Tags: Narutimate, ougi



    Flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute flute ...doki doki doki doki doki doki doki doki doki doki.

    Tags: naruto storm 4, sound 4, dlc2, dlc3, tayuya, funny, cs2, bikini, 4k mod, 4k

  • Temari vs  Tayuya   Full Fight English dub

    Temari vs Tayuya Full Fight English dub MP3

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  • Tayuya Has The Beat!

    Tayuya Has The Beat! MP3

    She's knows the songs, she's got the flute, and has the flesh-eating ogres, wat else does she need?

    Tags: tv, tayuya, anime, music, naruto, curse, mark

  • Tayuya Ievan Polkka

    Tayuya Ievan Polkka MP3

    Tayuya from the sound ninja from Naruto playing the Ievan Polkka with a flute. Enjoy! The flute is not something she plays for fun. It's genjutsu to let you know.

    Tags: tayuya, ievan, polkka, 0001

  • Tayuya of the Sound (Remedy)

    Tayuya of the Sound (Remedy) MP3

    My first video! A cool Tayuya amv with the song Remedy by Seether. Enjoy! A Sand Clay Puppets and Flutes production!I don't own any of these pics and I don't ...

    Tags: tayuya, of, the, sound, amv, remedy