Tequila Worm Effects

  • Effects from eating a tequila worm

    Effects from eating a tequila worm MP3

    Tyler is fucked up.
  • Eating Tequila Worm Challenge *GROSS*

    Eating Tequila Worm Challenge *GROSS* MP3

    In this video Ben looses a Mario Kart N64 drinking game. His punishment is having to eat a whole container of worms that have been marinating in tequila!

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  • Worm Tequila/Mezcal in Mexico

    Worm Tequila/Mezcal in Mexico MP3

    Jay & I head down to Mexico on a cruise with some friends in search for the elusive worm cocktail. ------ Filmed & Edited by Mike Dewey Website: ...

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  • People Try A Mezcal Worm

    People Try A Mezcal Worm MP3

    The mezcal worm a.k.a the "gusano" in Spanish, is a delicacy only worldly people know about. We had a few of our friends taste test it for us, here is their shining ...

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    get your shoenice personal youtube video today ! https://www.fiverr.com/shoeniceeatsyou SUBSCRIBE TO ALL MY OTHER EPIC CHANNELS:: THANKYAWS 1.

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  • Eating a Tequila Worm inside a Lollypop!

    Eating a Tequila Worm inside a Lollypop! MP3

    Here you go guys! I have eatin the lollypop, well, part of it. It was gross. You can hear the crunch, then after that it turns to powder and dries out your mouth.

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  • Tequila Side Effects

    Tequila Side Effects MP3

    This is a medical warning about the side effects tequila may have on you in large amounts.

    Tags: Tequila, side, effects, warning, hangover

  • Tequila Worms

    Tequila Worms MP3

    Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Tequila Worms · Lloyd Dobler Effect Live ℗ 2004 Lloyd Dobler Effect Released on: 2004-09-13 Auto-generated by YouTube.

    Tags: Lloyd, Dobler, Effect, Live, Tequila, Worms

  • SteveO Drinks Mezcal! (Tequila with the Worm in The Bottle) Wildboyz in Mexico

    SteveO Drinks Mezcal! (Tequila with the Worm in The Bottle) Wildboyz in Mexico MP3

    Wildboyz in Mexico ,Chris Pontius ,Steve-O Drinking Tequila ,Mezcal (Mescal)

    Tags: Mezcal (Ingredient), Alcoholic Beverage (Issue), Wildboyz (TV Program), Tequila (Beverage), Drink (Type Of Dish), Mexico, Worm, Worm in the bottle, Steve-O (TV Writer)

  • Tequila Worm Birthday Drink

    Tequila Worm Birthday Drink MP3

    I have my first tequila worm for my birthday, shoenice style.

    Tags: Shot, tequila, birthday, shoelace, worm

  • Tequila Worm Shot!!!!!

    Tequila Worm Shot!!!!! MP3

    Dude takes a classic tequila and worm shot.

    Tags: tequila, shot, alcohol, worm, drink, drinking, bar

  • jim breuer about alcohol

    jim breuer about alcohol MP3

    jim breuer describes a thing we all have had once or twice or more in or live haha.

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  • Side Effects of Tequila

    Side Effects of Tequila MP3

    Funny Video.

    Tags: Tequila, Funny

  • the effects of tequila

    the effects of tequila MP3

    hilarious, watch till the end.

    Tags: tequila, comedy, hilarious, side, effects, guy, poreh

  • #60 Eat the worm from a bottle of tequila (part2)

    #60 Eat the worm from a bottle of tequila (part2) MP3

    part 2 of me eating the tequila worm. first bite it pops in my mouth pretty nast stuff i actually take it pretty well considering i have a weak stomach.

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  • Poltergeist II H. R. Giger

    Poltergeist II H. R. Giger MP3

    H. R. Giger creature in Poltergeist II.
  • Mighty Tequila Worm

    Mighty Tequila Worm MP3

    http://leerburg.com/1472.htm Mighty Worms contain NO white poly stuffing! They squeak and float!!

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  • Tequila worm shot.

    Tequila worm shot. MP3

    My brother taking a shot of tequila with the worm from the bottle.

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    Tags: anivesario, de, 21, anos

  • Mac Vz - Tequila Wit Da Worm feat. HPF Gang

    Mac Vz - Tequila Wit Da Worm feat. HPF Gang MP3

    Tags: Mac Vz, tequila with worm, hpf gang, stu studios, jml studio