The Champs Tequila Song

  • Tequila - The Champs

    Tequila - The Champs MP3

    Cruisin' Oldies.

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  • The Champs "Tequila"

    The Champs "Tequila" MP3

    Saturday Night Beech-Nut Show. May 03, 1958. I remember reading many years back that Jerry Lee Lewis was the only performer to sing "live" on the 99% ...
  • Tequila  Song - The Champs

    Tequila Song - The Champs MP3

    Tequila - A 1958 music played by the band The Champs.

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  • Tequila - The Champs

    Tequila - The Champs MP3

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  • Tequila with lyrics - The Champs

    Tequila with lyrics - The Champs MP3

    I dont claim credit of the song. It belongs to the Champs. It is semi-creative song I made when I was bored. I am aware of the fact that the timing is SO off, but after ...

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  • Karaoke Tequila - The Champs *

    Karaoke Tequila - The Champs * MP3

    Download MP3: Sing Online: ...

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  • The Champs - Tequila Twist

    The Champs - Tequila Twist MP3

    The Champs were an American rock and roll band, most famous for their Latin-tinged instrumental "Tequila". Formed by studio executives at Gene Autry's ...

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  • Tequila 20 minute version (The Champs)

    Tequila 20 minute version (The Champs) MP3

    I always thought this song should be so much longer and did not want to replay it all the time, that's the output. Tequila Madness!

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  • The Champs - Tequila (DEStereo)

    The Champs - Tequila (DEStereo) MP3

    The audio is by the amazing "Monotostereoking". "Tequila!" was written and sung by the saxophone player Danny Flores, although he was credited as Chuck ...

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  • Tequila - The Champs (J.Rabbit Remix)

    Tequila - The Champs (J.Rabbit Remix) MP3

    Buy It Here ♫ Follow Us on FB: Soundcloud: youtube: ...

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  • The Champs Live - Tequila

    The Champs Live - Tequila MP3

    The Champs Playing Wolfman Jack Show at the Fabulous Forum in Inglewood California.

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  • The Champs - Tequila (original 78 rpm)

    The Champs - Tequila (original 78 rpm) MP3

    Original 78 rpm, straight from 1958. (Sorry, Cris, it's too good to pass up!)

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  • The Champs "Tequila" (WITH LYRICS!!!)

    The Champs "Tequila" (WITH LYRICS!!!) MP3

    For everyone who heard this song on the radio and was wondering what the lyrics were - you are welcome!

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  • Tequila acoustic Guitar Lesson Preview - The Champs

    Tequila acoustic Guitar Lesson Preview - The Champs MP3

    Learn to play Tequila Guitar lesson - The Champs sample guitar lesson. Full lesson found at Visit the site for free guitar lessons, ...

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  • Mafia 2 Radio Soundtrack - The Champs - Tequila

    Mafia 2 Radio Soundtrack - The Champs - Tequila MP3

    Original Mafia 2 Soundtrack. Some of the songs blocked due to copyright and are not uploaded. These are: -Blocked and not uploaded- The Coasters - Framed ...

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  • Rocksmith 2014 The Champs - Tequila DLC (Bass)

    Rocksmith 2014 The Champs - Tequila DLC (Bass) MP3

    Tuning : E Standard Bass : Fender Jazz Bass My Ask : My Twitter : 1950's Song Pack Bill Haley & His ...

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  • Tequila song The champs (Vocal)

    Tequila song The champs (Vocal) MP3

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  • J.Rabbit - Tequila! Remix

    J.Rabbit - Tequila! Remix MP3

    Free Download! links:

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  • Rocksmith 2014 - DLC - Guitar - The Champs "Tequila"

    Rocksmith 2014 - DLC - Guitar - The Champs "Tequila" MP3

    Saxamatar™ - Check out Elison's band! - All about Elison Cruz ------------------------------- 1950's Song Pack - $7.99 Bill ...

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