The Gazette Toguro Mp3

  • Toguro sub español+mp3

    Toguro sub español+mp3 MP3

    Como no encontré en español decidí subtitular esta canción la traducción no se de quien es pero la pagina en la que la encontré es ...

    Tags: japanese rock, japanese music, rock music, punk rock

  • the GazettE - Burial Applicant (LIVE)

    the GazettE - Burial Applicant (LIVE) MP3

    Subtitulada al español. TOUR 2007-2008 Stacked Rubbish Grand Finale [Repeated Countless Error] In Yoyogi National Stadium First Gymnasium Burial ...

    Tags: The GazettE (Musical Group), sub, live, burial applicant

  • The Gazette - Toguro (Eng Subs)

    The Gazette - Toguro (Eng Subs) MP3

    Disclaimer: I do not own The Gazette, the song Toguro, the English translation, or anything in this video, but I did put this video together. Ok so this is the video ...

    Tags: The Gazette, Toguro, English Subtitles, Eng Subs

  • Toguro: Gaara

    Toguro: Gaara MP3

    This is my first AMV. Music: Gazette- Toguro Anime: Naruto.

    Tags: AMV, Anime, Music, Naruto, Gazette

  • the GazettE - Last Bouquet

    the GazettE - Last Bouquet MP3

    Subtitulada al español. ART by Whity85 on Devianart Last Bouquet by the GazettE Gama mini-album.

    Tags: The GazettE (Musical Group), last bouquet, sub

  • the GazettE - Toguro [Sub Ita]

    the GazettE - Toguro [Sub Ita] MP3

    Tags: the, gazette, toguro, cassis, bite, to, all, b-side, single, jrock, visual, kei, ruki, uruha, aoi, reita, kai, pscompany

  • The GazettE - Agony ( Lyrics )

    The GazettE - Agony ( Lyrics ) MP3

    The GazettE - Agony with lyrics ! (: OMG, l'accent de Ruki :o XD.

    Tags: The, Gazette, Ruki, Uruha, Aoi, Reita, Kai, agony, lyrics

  • the GazettE Toguro V.B.

    the GazettE Toguro V.B. MP3

    Tags: the, GazettE, Toguro

  • Toguro [Sub Español]

    Toguro [Sub Español] MP3


    Tags: Toguro, The Gazette, J-rock, The Gazette (band), Gazette, Sub, Esp, Toguro sub esp

  • the GazettE - Coil (Toguro or 蜷局) With Lyrics

    the GazettE - Coil (Toguro or 蜷局) With Lyrics MP3

    Album: Cassis Year: 2005 Lyrics: Romaji: gururi gururi uzumaki kumo no shita gururi gururi rasen wo odoru kara katakata kara katakata katari kara katakata kara ...

    Tags: the, GazettE, Coil, or, Toguro, With, Lyrics

  • The Gazette Toguro Eng Sub

    The Gazette Toguro Eng Sub MP3

    Hello! I noticed there isnt a movie for Toguro so i created one my self! Its only half of the song though. This is purely fanmade! No copyright intention!

    Tags: The Gazette, Toguro

  • Te GazettE [Toguro] -Sub+Español-

    Te GazettE [Toguro] -Sub+Español- MP3

    Disfrútenlo 3 Kaibutsu-sama.

    Tags: The GazettE, Toguro, Cassis, J-Rock, Japan

  • the GazettE - Chizuru (+Lyrics)

    the GazettE - Chizuru (+Lyrics) MP3

    Lyrics on Screen. Enjoy. (Picture in the beginning, and in the end, is my own! Don't Copy!) I don't own the song or "the GazettE" visit:

    Tags: the, GazettE, Chizuru, Lyrics, ShoAkuma

  • The Gazette - Burial Applicant (Lyrics) HQ Sound

    The Gazette - Burial Applicant (Lyrics) HQ Sound MP3

    Hello, my dear, kill me, gently. A burned body doesn't leave you. sukuenai to nageku nara shi sae mita darou? sono kokyuu no zaratsuki wa gien totorenai ka?

    Tags: J-Rock, Gazette

  • GazettE - Cassis New [Ger Sub] [HD]

    GazettE - Cassis New [Ger Sub] [HD] MP3

    Hay Ho^^ Also hier nun der 3 Streich XD Diesmal mit Cassis, ich hoffe es gefällt euch^^ Ich hatte es zwar schonmal hochgeladen, aba da gab es einen kleinen ...

    Tags: the, GazettE, musikvideo, pv, japanisch, jrock, visual, kei, ger, subs, german, subtitle, deutsch, untertitel, japan, Rock, Band

  • 11. Saraba (the GazettE)

    11. Saraba (the GazettE) MP3

    the GazettE - DISORDER | SONG: 11 (Saraba) || I´m just uploading the song and the picture, nothin´ more... Please rate and comment!^^ (And subscribe, if you ...

    Tags: japan, music, the, gazette, disorder, saraba

  • Best J-Rock

    Best J-Rock MP3

    The best J-Rock bands ever! - Dir en grey - Obscure - The GazeTTe - toguro ...

    Tags: j-rock, visual, kei, dir, en, grey, the, gazette, siva, lynch, RENTRER, EN, SOI, Sadie, despairsray, Mucc, nightmare

  • The GazettE - Taion (lyric)

    The GazettE - Taion (lyric) MP3

    Une chanson magnifique Lyric :: A wintry sky and the broken streetlight cold wind Unknown shadow the footprint of desertion Freedom was taken *An ...

    Tags: The GazettE, visual kei j-rock, Reita, Ruki, Kai, Aoi, Uruha

  • The Gazette Stairs + MP3 Download

    The Gazette Stairs + MP3 Download MP3

    Requested, and now my favorite song xD Download;;

    Tags: thegazettefc, gazeaddicts, ayeayelexii, the, gazette, kai, ruki, aoi, uruha, reita, english, j-rock, jrock, new, pv, visual, kei, subbed, interview, funny