The Trolling Song

  • The Troll song (Full Song)

    The Troll song (Full Song) MP3

    Sorry no lyrics.. Haa. U Mad?

    Tags: Youtube, poop, FUUUU, Problem, Officer, WTF, BOOM, Internet Meme

  • Troll Song

    Troll Song MP3

    Trolololololol hehehehhe - Subscribe!

    Tags: Song, Troll, Dungeon, Awesome, Fat Kid, WoW, Katie Perry, LMFAO, LoL, Funny

  • The Troll Song - Minecraft Xbox "Note Block Song" (Leave a like for Trolololoing)

    The Troll Song - Minecraft Xbox "Note Block Song" (Leave a like for Trolololoing) MP3

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  • The Party Troll (song) by D1ofAquavibe

    The Party Troll (song) by D1ofAquavibe MP3

    if you have music questions, see my "About" page** "The Party Troll" song by D1ofAquavibe is now on iTunes here: ...

    Tags: Call of Duty, Black Ops 2, trolling, funny, KYR SP33DY, HiddenMasters, KYR, SP33DY, Hidden, Masters, MW3, MW2, Black Ops, Troll (Internet), D1ofAquavibe, Aquavibe, Song, Remix, Party, Ninja, Happy, dance

  • ♫ You Knew I Was Trouble When I Logged In ♫ - Minecraft Trolling Song

    ♫ You Knew I Was Trouble When I Logged In ♫ - Minecraft Trolling Song MP3

    Itunes: Composed by: (24RailWayCuttings) Subtitles: (UnstoppableLuck) Cover Art: ...

    Tags: UnstoppableLuck, Minecraft, Minecraft Parody, Song, Taylor Swift, I Knew You Were Trouble, You Knew I Was Trouble, Minecraft Griefing, Minecraft Trolling, Parody Song, Taylor, Swift, Trouble Parody

  • CAN

    CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! First Listen (Featuring the cast of DreamWorks Animation's Trolls) MP3

    First Listen of Justin Timberlake's "CAN'T STOP THE FEELING!" featuring the cast of DreamWorks' Original Motion Picture "Trolls". Get it on iTunes: ...

    Tags: STOP, THE, First, Listen, (Featuring, the, cast, of, DreamWorks, Trolls), Pop, RCA Records Label, Justin Timberlake

  • party troll song by D1ofAquavibe

    party troll song by D1ofAquavibe MP3

    this a real non-test video,music by D1ofAquavibe. For Richard Sack Music by D1ofAquavibe iTunes: ...
  • The Troll Song In Minecraft! (A Minecraft Machinima by EnderMovies)

    The Troll Song In Minecraft! (A Minecraft Machinima by EnderMovies) MP3

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  • The Happy Troll  (song) - by D1ofAquavibe

    The Happy Troll (song) - by D1ofAquavibe MP3

    If you have music questions, see my "About" page.*** The Happy Troll (available here): iTunes: Google Play: The video ...

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  • Troll Song Synthesia

    Troll Song Synthesia MP3

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    Tags: Music Synthesia

  • 10 Hour Video - Troll Song

    10 Hour Video - Troll Song MP3

    SUB and LIKE for more videos Rendering - 16 Hours Uploading - 20 Hours Trololo Eduard Khill (Official Video) Eduard Khill performs his international classic hit ...

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  • Troll Song (Minecraft Style)

    Troll Song (Minecraft Style) MP3

    New Video Coming up soon.

    Tags: New, Project, 30

  • Troll Song Remix.

    Troll Song Remix. MP3

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  • The Full Troll Song

    The Full Troll Song MP3

    Tags: troll, the troll song, full, music, call of duty, troll face, Call, Duty, Song, Modern, Duty (economics), Trolling (fishing), Cod4, Mw2, New, Montage, Montage (filmmaking), Lyrics, Filmmaking (Industry), Full Song, Industry (Quotation Subject)

  • The Trolling Derp Song !

    The Trolling Derp Song ! MP3

    The derp song with dancing trolling faces haha might be funny to some people but idk. ENJOY ! :) XAT: The song name is "The Derp ...

    Tags: Song (Composition Type), trolling, trololo, faces, derp, song, the, thatkidchris, 45, justin, berbie, New, Face, New Song, Love Song, Funny, Singing, Angry, Lol, Haters, UMad, mad, bro, Trolling (fishing), League Of Legends (Video Game), Who Are You (Musical Album), Mad (magazine), Video Game (Industry)

  • Black Ops 3 - Specialist RAP BATTLE! (Call of Duty Song)

    Black Ops 3 - Specialist RAP BATTLE! (Call of Duty Song) MP3

    What's up guys, we have an EPIC video for you all today! In todays video we bring you a specialist rap battle on black ops 3 brought to us by NerdOut! This video ...

    Tags: black ops 3 rap battle, black ops 3 specialists, black ops 3 song, black ops 3 parody, black ops 3, song parody, song, parody, specialists, specialist song, call of duty song, call of duty black ops 3

  • Troll Song 10 Hours

    Troll Song 10 Hours MP3

    PLS 1000000 VIEWS RELOAD THIS 1000000 TIMES Trollface 10 hours.

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  • Trolling Saruman

    Trolling Saruman MP3

    Saruman makes one final attempt to weasel his way out of Orthanc. Follow us on Twiitter:   And Facebook: ...

    Tags: saruman, trolling, trolololo, lotr, gandalf, lord, of, the, rings, isengard, aragorn

  • The Ninja Troll (theme song) ft. KYR SP33DY

    The Ninja Troll (theme song) ft. KYR SP33DY MP3

    if you have music questions, see my "About" page** I remixed KYR SP33DY's stealth shenanigans to my "The Ninja Troll" song :) "The Ninja Troll" song available ...

    Tags: KYR SP33DY, KYR, SP33DY, speedy, black ops 2, mw3, modern warfare, troll, trolling, ninja, defuse, ninja troll, remix, funny, dance, crew, d1ofaquavibe, Troll (Internet), Modern Warfare (Community), d1, aquavibe, montage, weregonnalose, theme, song, Theme Song, Montage (filmmaking), Angry