• TLC Africa

    TLC Africa MP3

    FIGHT AGAINST OBESITY WITH THE WORLDS FAVORITE SKINNY TEA!!! Would you like to Gently Cleanse Your Intestines & Rid Your Body Of Parasites and ...
  • Liberia West Africa 2015

    Liberia West Africa 2015 MP3

    Update Slideshow video of how Monrovia, Liberia West Africa looks in 2015. Images from Beautiful Liberia" YouTube channel. Thanks for watching.

    Tags: 2014-15 Ebola Outbreak, Africa, Capital Cities, Color Image, Ebola, Epidemic, Fever, Government, Healthcare And Medicine, Hemorrhagic Fever, Illness, Infectious Disease, Liberia, Monrovia - Liberia, Politics, Poverty, Quarantine, Raw Footage, Real Time, Security, Slum, Social Issues, Virus

  • Death in Africa (part 1/5)

    Death in Africa (part 1/5) MP3

    In Africa, there's no natural death. Death does not arrive, is sent by God or sorcerers. The disease is not a natural fact, it is a weapon in the hands of some occult ...

    Tags: Strange coffins, coffins, Death Rituals, Rituals, Death, strange death, dying in Africa, Call of Africa, Call of Africa 4, African Family, Documentary, Documentaries, New Atlantis, New Atlantis Full Documentaries, Full Documentary, Fantasy coffins, Carpenters, Deaths, Dances, Women, Villages, Sorcerer, Pastors, Wizard, Aids, Blacksmiths, Music

  • Liberia Rising

    Liberia Rising MP3

    Liberia Rising ~ Delivering the Promise In 2005, when Liberians went to the polls to elect new leadership, they were uncertain about their future, but wanted to ...

    Tags: TLC Africa, Ciata Victor, Henrique Caine, Vernon Scott, Prince Montgomery, Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia Rising, Monrovia, Lofa, Liberian

  • Streets & People of Monrovia. LIBERIA. West Africa

    Streets & People of Monrovia. LIBERIA. West Africa MP3

    Liberia's capital Monrovia, Australian tourist on a motorcycle. Neighbourhoods: 0:00 Downtown 3:53 Perry Street 5:58 Johnson Street 6:35 Frances Doe General ...

    Tags: Liberia, Monrovia, Africa, West Africa, Travel, West Point, Congo Town, Waterside, Singkor, GoPro

  • Liberian Wedding Kebeh Kpanaku Leaks

    Liberian Wedding Kebeh Kpanaku Leaks MP3

    Minnesota Wedding.

    Tags: KabehWedVid

  • Liberia

    Liberia's Nimba Burr African Beat MP3

    Liberia Super star Nimba Burr African Beat.

    Tags: Liberia, Nimba, Burr

  • TLC Presenter search Africa auditions - Shanice

    TLC Presenter search Africa auditions - Shanice MP3

    Weird view but worth the watch.
  • Lion attack: American tourist mauled to death at South African safari park - TomoNews

    Lion attack: American tourist mauled to death at South African safari park - TomoNews MP3

    JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA — A 22-year-old American woman was killed and another man seriously injured Monday, after they were both pulled ...

    Tags: mauled to death, educational, Taiwanese animation, news, politics, tomonews, next media animation, american tourist, education, animated news, south africa, safari, tomo news, video news, lion attack, Taiwanese Animators, nma, when animals attack

  • Girl Has Football-Sized Tumour On Her Face: Body Bizarre Episode 6

    Girl Has Football-Sized Tumour On Her Face: Body Bizarre Episode 6 MP3

    Girl Has Football Sized Tumour On Her Face: Body Bizarre Episode 6 SUBSCRIBE: We upload a new incredible video every weekday. Subscribe to our ...

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  • SEEKEY4FED Mambas Liberia music

    SEEKEY4FED Mambas Liberia music MP3

    this is my first song i and the video is coming VERY SOON LIBERIA RISE.

    Tags: Liberia (Country), Liberia National Football Team (Football Team), Liberian Girl (Composition)

  • My 600-LB Life—Junk Food Junkie Marla Is Eating Herself To Death

    My 600-LB Life—Junk Food Junkie Marla Is Eating Herself To Death MP3

    Marla is so heavy she cannot stand up. Bedridden, her true weight is unknown but estimated at 800-lbs. Marla must face the facts about her health and the toll it ...

    Tags: Eating, Health (Industry), Food (TV Genre), My 600-LB Life, Diet (Industry), fitness, Obesity (Disease Or Medical Condition), reality tv, tlc, Junk Food (Cuisine)

  • Unity Party Landing - Monrovia, Liberia

    Unity Party Landing - Monrovia, Liberia MP3

    Unity Party Descends on Antoinette Tubman Stadium (ATS), September 17, 2011. Tens of thousands converge on the Antoinette Tubman Stadium in Monrovia ...

    Tags: iphone, apple

  • Liberia Nov. 2014

    Liberia Nov. 2014 MP3

    pictures around Liberia, Nov 2014 Some pictures from myself and others from

    Tags: Africa, Liberia, Monrovia, West

  • Monrovia Apartments 2013

    Monrovia Apartments 2013 MP3

    these are some Apartments in Monrovia for Rent for more information visit TLCAFRICA.COM/APARTMENTS FOR RENT.

    Tags: Africa (Continent), Youtube Capture, LIBERIAN MUSIC, Haiti, KANVEE GAINE ADAMS, Guinea, mobile, South Africa, Apartments, Accra, Apartment (Accommodation Type), Liberian Gospel Music, TRAVEL, Rent, MONROVIA LIBERIA, Kenya, Nigeria, Monrovia, klip, Pig, Ethiopia, Liberia, TLCAFRICA, Liberia (Country), EVINE NATT KAMARA, Ghana

  • Monrovia,Liberia April 2012

    Monrovia,Liberia April 2012 MP3 Photos Pictures from Around Monrovia April 8, 2012.

    Tags: Liberia, Africa, Monrovia, tlcafrica, travel, People, city, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Gambia, Abidjan, Sudan, Uganda, South africa, Congo, Togo, Benin, Zambia, Zimbabwe, tourism