Toumei Answer Juby

  • Toumei Answer [Short Piano Outtake] (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】透明アンサー

    Toumei Answer [Short Piano Outtake] (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】透明アンサー MP3

    Support me! The answer is clear. So I guess I never posted this to YouTube haha! Talk about forgetful... Nevertheless, this ...

    Tags: vocaloid, video, english, toumei answer, transparent answer, piano cover, english cover, dub, jubyphonic, sub, kanonon, kagerou project, kagepro

  • English Cover【JubyPhonic】Toumei Answer 透明アンサー

    English Cover【JubyPhonic】Toumei Answer 透明アンサー MP3

    Support me! This song. My god it made me cry the first time. I just needed to do a cover. So enjoy another prematurely ...

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  • 【JubyPhonic ft.Kathy-chanPVs】Toumei Answer/ 透明アンサー『English cover』

    【JubyPhonic ft.Kathy-chanPVs】Toumei Answer/ 透明アンサー『English cover』 MP3

    KATHY-CHAN AMVs/PVs::::. (I really need to get better programs ; u ;) So,out of all the Kagerou songs I have heard, Transparent Answer was one of those songs ...

    Tags: Transparent Answer, Toumei Answer, AMV, Jubyphonic, Kathy-chan, animerocker246, PV, English cover, English DUB, English version, Kanonon, piano arrangement, Lost Time Memory, Kagerou, Kagerou Pro, Nico Nico Douga (Website)

  • Nightcore-Toumei Answer(Juby)

    Nightcore-Toumei Answer(Juby) MP3

    nightcored by me sung by jubyphonic.

    Tags: Nightcore (Musical Group)

  • [MANGADUB] Transparent Answer

    [MANGADUB] Transparent Answer MP3

    It took a while, but we did it! CAST Myself as Shintaro Arietta as Ayano (

    Tags: kagerou project, kagerou days, transparent answer, jin, fandub, dub, ayano tateyama, shintaro kisaragi, kagepro, Anime

  • IA - Transparent Answer (English subs)

    IA - Transparent Answer (English subs) MP3

    The boy in this video is Kisaragi Shintarou. The girl is Tateyama Ayano. Shintarou is an extremely smart boy who was distant with the people in his class. Then ...

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  • Toumei Answer [piano vers] (English vers) 【Whisper】

    Toumei Answer [piano vers] (English vers) 【Whisper】 MP3

    LET ALL THE FEELS COMMENCE!! Also, please watch 'till the end of the video for a butt load of tears QWQ CREDITS: Vocals/mixing/video Whisper Lyrics Juby ...

    Tags: Piano (Musical Instrument), You, kagepro, mekakucityactors, toumei answer, oh god the feels, ayano tateyama, shintaro kisaragi

  • Toumei Answer [Piano Ver.] -My own Story-

    Toumei Answer [Piano Ver.] -My own Story- MP3

    Hey everyone. Em this video is for my old friends from a some years ago. It has a completely different meaning than the actual Toumei Answer song. I took the ...

    Tags: Kagerou Project, Mekakucity Actors, Toumei Answer, Jin, Shizen no Teki P, Juby, JubyPhonic, cover, for friends

  • Lost Time Memory (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】ロスタイムメモリー

    Lost Time Memory (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】ロスタイムメモリー MP3

    Support me! We're back at the start again, huh? I can't believe it's been 7 months since Toumei Answer, my first and ...

    Tags: lost time memory, vocaloid, video, english cover, cover, kagerou project, jubyphonic p, jin, dub, anime

  • Toumei Answer ~ Speedpaint

    Toumei Answer ~ Speedpaint MP3

    Mekaku City Actors ~ Really good anime~! Music: Toumei Answer by Juby Phonic Paint: Fallout Silver.

    Tags: toumeianswer, jubyphonic, falloutsilver, anime, mekakucityactors, speedpaint, kageroupro, kagerouproject, shintaro, ayano, shintaroxayano, mekaku, city, actors, Drawing, Painting, Paint, Speed, speeddraw

  • [oreo] Toumei Answer (English cover)

    [oreo] Toumei Answer (English cover) MP3

    Hi Youtube! Very nice to meet you! My name's oreo-otaku15, or just oreo for short... THIS IS MY FIRST COVER EVER!!! I had no idea what I was doing... really.
  • 【Tia】Toumei Answer 「English Piano Cover」

    【Tia】Toumei Answer 「English Piano Cover」 MP3

    I just realized I did a sad cover for Juby's birthday, that and I'm /a day late./ I'm so disappointed in myself. Anyways that's besides the point! I really wanted ...

    Tags: toumei answer, transparent answer, kagerou project, vocaloid, vocaloid cover, english cover, vocal cover, cover, sweet, tia, sweet tia, kagepro

  • Toumei Answer [ENGLISH VOCAL COVER]

    Toumei Answer [ENGLISH VOCAL COVER] MP3

  • 【B.a.D.】Toumei Answer - Short Piano Ver.【ENGLISH COVER】

    【B.a.D.】Toumei Answer - Short Piano Ver.【ENGLISH COVER】 MP3

    "How could I forget such a pretty smile?" This song is addicting, both to sing and listen to. |Notes|: Woo hoo! Another lazy-ish upload! I mean, I have been dying ...

    Tags: Toumei Answer, Transparent Answer, English Cover, Cover, Biscuits and Discontent, Piano (Musical Instrument), Piano Ver, KagePro

  • IA - Transparent answer 『透明アンサー』 | MIDI piano.

    IA - Transparent answer 『透明アンサー』 | MIDI piano. MP3

    Toumei answer. ○ My arranged. ○ Please do not make another Synthesia video. ◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑◐◑ ○ Mi arreglo. ○ Por favor ...

    Tags: PIANO, Synthesia, aregan, MIDI, Toumei answer, Transparent answer, music, vsq, tutorial, sheet, Shizen no Teki-P, ia project jin

  • Toumei Answer 透明アンサー [English] [Tanya]

    Toumei Answer 透明アンサー [English] [Tanya] MP3

    Yay! I love this song! Once again I will warn you it's like another feels factory, I warned you! Song: Toumei Answer (透明アンサー) Translyrics: Juby P Love your ...
  • Ayano

    Ayano's Theory of Happiness (English Cover)【JubyPhonic】アヤノの幸福理論 MP3

    Support me! I hope you're happy. If Toumei Answer didn't make you sob uncontrollably and Lost Time Memory just didn't ...

    Tags: vocaloid, video, english cover, jubyphonic p, kagerou project, dub, sub, ayano, IA, anime, jin

  • Toumei Answer TFMMV (Outtake)

    Toumei Answer TFMMV (Outtake) MP3

    Toumei Answar, Piano Outtake, TFMMV from Juby phonic, her song! If u liked this song, you should check out her other songs, more mv from me to come!

    Tags: Jubyphonic, TFMMV, ZolixeOlsen, Mosys

  • Toumei Answer SHORT Piano Dub [Galaxy♔ ]

    Toumei Answer SHORT Piano Dub [Galaxy♔ ] MP3

    This is the best cover I have ever done. It would me a lot to me if you guys listened to this. This is also the second cover of Transparent Answer I have done, the ...

    Tags: kagerou project, kagepro, jin, shizen no teki, vocaloid, ia, ayano, transparent answer, anime, piano, dub, english, cover, mucis

  • Nightcore - Transparent Answer

    Nightcore - Transparent Answer MP3