Trippy Songs

  • ►10 Trippy Songs (#6)◄ ►[Chillstep Special]◄ (Chillstep/House/Trance/Electro/Glitch Hop/Dubstep)

    ►10 Trippy Songs (#6)◄ ►[Chillstep Special]◄ (Chillstep/House/Trance/Electro/Glitch Hop/Dubstep) MP3

    After 5 hours of energetic club/party music, I've decided to slow things down for this video. This is the 6th 10-playlist of very trippy, chill songs. Enjoy :) Disagree ...

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  • Trippy ass song to listen to when your high!

    Trippy ass song to listen to when your high! MP3

    Posted this when I was 15 and started smoking, finally found old PW to this account. 900k views wow. Came across dubstep freshman year from a junior in the ...

    Tags: trippy, song, to, listen, when, your, stoned, high, cannabis, ganja, weed, marijuana, Dubstep (Musical Genre), Techno, Beats, Hallucination (Symptom), smoke, acid, shrooms, adventure, journey

  • Antiserum & Mayhem - Trippy

    Antiserum & Mayhem - Trippy MP3

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  • ►10 More Trippy Songs (#7)◄ ►[Trance Special]◄ (Trance,DnB,Glitch Hop,EDM,Trap,Chillstep)

    ►10 More Trippy Songs (#7)◄ ►[Trance Special]◄ (Trance,DnB,Glitch Hop,EDM,Trap,Chillstep) MP3

    This is the 7th 10-playlist of very trippy songs, beginning very fast-paced, and slowing throughout the video. Enjoy :) Caution: Songs of these songs may trip ...

    Tags: Drum And Bass (Musical Genre), Electronic Dance Music (Musical Genre), Trance Music (Musical Genre), Trap (Musical Genre), Glitch Hop, EDM, DnB, House Music (Musical Genre), Electronic Music (Media Genre), Electro, Chillstep, Dubstep, 10 Trippy Songs, 10 More Trippy Songs, Searingwolfe, Trance Special, Trap, Techno

  • Fantasy Mix - Psychedelic Trippy Stoner Music [Deep / Dark / Bass]

    Fantasy Mix - Psychedelic Trippy Stoner Music [Deep / Dark / Bass] MP3

    After several months backpacking around Europe, I'm back refreshed and fully inspired to make fresh Dark, deep dubby music for your listening pleasure!

    Tags: sublex, psychedelic, trippy, stoner, stoner music, deep, deep dubstep, dark dubstep, trippy dubstep, trippy music, stoner beats, high music, stoned music, trippy video, cannabis, marijuana music, dubby, dark dub, chillstep

  • Trippy Music to Listen to When High or Sleepy HD 1080p (Binaural Music)

    Trippy Music to Listen to When High or Sleepy HD 1080p (Binaural Music) MP3

    The language beyond words. The language of music. Join our community!-

    Tags: undefined

  • HIGH TRIP - Smoke Weed and watch this trippy video !

    HIGH TRIP - Smoke Weed and watch this trippy video ! MP3

    Subscribe for more ▻ [] Facebook ▻ [] Share your reactions with me on the comments ! Please be kind and ...

    Tags: Trippy, Health (Industry), Smoking (Quotation Subject), Watch (Industry), Road, Quality, Read, Jay, Funny video, ukraine, putin barrel roll, trippy video, weed, lsd, illuminati, montage parody, Trance, Cannabis (Drug), Psychedelic, optique, optic, smoking, high trip, high, trip, slut, mushroom

  • Trippy Comfortably Numb

    Trippy Comfortably Numb MP3

    As big fans of Pink Floyd, "when you're high" has assembled a special music video for one of our favourite stoner songs, Comfortably Numb. Now this classic ...

    Tags: comfortably numb, pink floyd, whenyourhigh, when, high, weed, music video, music, Cannabis (drug), trippy, mindblowing, stoned, mind, blowing

  • About You [directed by VASH]

    About You [directed by VASH] MP3

    Directed, Edited, Cinematography by Jeff VASH inspired by XXYYXX - About You FULL 1080p on Vimeo: @vash_one ...

    Tags: xxyyxx, music, beats, art, design, typography, cinematography, jeff, vash, smoke, models, smoking, girls, slow motion, hip, hop, rap

  • Alice

    Alice MP3

    Alice, by Pogo. Samples "Alice in Wonderland." MP3:

    Tags: pogo, fagottron, alice

  • TRIP VIDEO [2015] - [Songs Playlist] Best Trippy Vines Compilation "Weirdest Video"

    TRIP VIDEO [2015] - [Songs Playlist] Best Trippy Vines Compilation "Weirdest Video" MP3

    Credits: Trippy, FEBO, Wolf El Magnus, Nal™ & Loopz For Dayz ▻Vine: ▻HD VERSION: ▻NEW ...

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  • [Liquid Trap] 420 "Up In Smoke" Chill Music Mix by Graves - Smoking Music

    [Liquid Trap] 420 "Up In Smoke" Chill Music Mix by Graves - Smoking Music MP3

    Checkout another chill music mix by Graves here: *Click "Show More" For Free Download* Download Link: ...

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  • Borgore - Guided Relaxation Dub (trippy song)

    Borgore - Guided Relaxation Dub (trippy song) MP3

    Great song with beats and awesomeness..wile rlly stoned lay down close ur eyes and trip out. First time i herd this with my friend and i saw the craziest things!

    Tags: dubstep, borgore, guilded relaxation dub, trippy songs, loveemma09

  • Getter - Head Splitter (Official Video)

    Getter - Head Splitter (Official Video) MP3

    Get the limited edition shirt: Director & Editor: Liam Underwood Design / Animation / VFX: VisualCreatures VaporWave design ...

    Tags: owsla, skrillex, music, edm, dance, getter, head splitter, music video, bass, electronic, dubstep, trap, hybrid, bass music, video, getterofficial, getterdub, allegiance ep